The longest journey

The longest journey made, is within, not without. The longest journey made, is experiential from intellectual. It is the journey made into becoming, from belief. It is the journey made into knowingness from knowledge. It is the smallest step. And that step is from the head to the heart. For when love is all there is, there is the marriage of heart to head, and all is felt and seen as love. From that marriage is felt the reality called compassion.

And yet, even reading and knowing those beautiful words, gives you, a sense of beauty of it. The inherent knowingness that it does exist. That it is a reality that is attainable. Not a fantasy to be lost in. And yet it is what each of us work towards becoming. Unconsciously or consciously. Through spirituality or intellectuality. Through logic or art. Through any and all forms of outer expression, an inner blossoming is being made visible. A human becoming an angel in form. We each look for this. Not to quote from or to pipe it in the air as sounds. But to become it. To breathe it in and out. Each single breath. Each blink of an eye. The human angel is aspiring to become itself, fully, completely. Isn’t that beautiful to know!

And there goes my heart …

here you are breathing, reading these words…. and youve probably been through much of the day, giving away your heart to just about everything and everyone around…. havent you?! Now what do I mean by that?

All you do, each waking moment, is give your heart to everyone and everything around you. think about it. There is nothing else you really concern yourself with, is there? What is the next thing to feel? Be it any emotion. You do prescribe to it. You implement it straight away. Whatever the mood of the moment. You go for it. Anger? Yay! lets go for it. Feeling depressed, oh yes! Lets go ahead and experience THAT one! And while we’re at it, we are smiling, laughing here thinking, truly, THATs what we are indeed engaging in, in every moment of the eternal now of the heart. Thats what each beat of the heart is calling out to. Experience of every emotion and participating in the angelic joys of experiencing it all. Just for the fun of it.

So as you sit here, giving away each moment of your heartbeat even here, recollecting your day perhaps, your life perhaps, know that even my heartbeat is there with yours, loving every moment of it too.

Each waking vibration

So as you wake up each day, move from your bed, yawn, move into the bathroom, brush your teeth, shower, do you feel the movement of vibration around you within you, moment to moment, as a fluidity, as just something that moves and you are a flow with it. Your thoughts and mind may give this a number of names, words, vocabulary. But none of it is so. For it cannot be explained in words. Just an experience. Of everything at the moment. Some days there is more of you, present in those moment, not quantitatively ofcourse, but you feel strongly, more keenly if you will, of these every moment of each moment.

And as you move out of your own space, into the space of the others. Other humans, moving around in the street. You walk perhaps to your coffee shop, or your place of work. In a train perhaps or a bus or car. There your own vibration, your very own signature, intersects and interfaces, melds with those of other humans. And you start picking up your thoughts, judgements about them, at the same time, you are aware of their energies also. And from your vantage point of vibration, your feelings, thoughts, personality and what you carry within you, as you, perhaps you may feel drawn toward some, step away from some others. Like a gentle swaying swan in a stream full of swans, you drift among other humans, in a graceful energetic swaying. And so as you sit in this mixture of vibrations, your thoughts, emotions, attractions and repulsions, are so characteristic to you, who you are being at the moment, a collective called you, right this moment. So as much as you my dear soul, would want to call yourself singular and alone, there is really a collective of you, energetically walking around.Β All thoughts, feelings, some unique to you, some borrowed, some learnt by life experience that is so unique to you, some by understanding, energetically, the mental concepts you read perhaps, few from friends, society, parents. Can you feel the earth itself listening to you dear soul? As you walk on the ground, as the soft wind blows. As the breeze talks to you, as it enters you, breathes you, just as you breathe it. The unique smells in the air around you. As you pass by a stranger, that combined with the unique smell of the air and yours, isnt that a moment within a moment itself? Isnt that completely undefined and raw? If there are some instances that go beyond reasoning, logic and mind, it is these moments. And what are these moments, but everyday life itself. question is: Are you completely present in the flow of these moments?


Everything up until this point in our human civilization, was based on mistrust. Look around you. Do you really, honestly, inherently trust the human you see, as you walk out of your home? Everything starts there, all your protective, survival built in mechanisms kick in no sooner you’re faced with another human, maybe even within your home with the people you live with, family etc. This has always created an agenda based interaction, one human with another. There has to be a conversation, a talk, body language perhaps, between two humans. There is an air of mistrust and survival energies, that guides this whole process. For a human does not really know what the other is thinking, feeling. So it is really like two humans in a completely dark room who are standing next to each other, cannot see each other and now are forced to deal with each other, without truly “seeing” the other. This inherent blindness, has consumed so much of energies, personally and as a collective of human race, through civilizations. So much time, energies, resources, emotions, ideas, philosophies, forms of governance, leaderships, the concept of a leader and followers and so on, have only evolved, with the base as this inherent blindness, one human to another. All our financial, governance and all the police and armies we institute, are built around this very mistrust. Why otherwise would humans need to manage or control humans at all in the first place? Mistrust was and is at the bottom of all this. Mistrust is what is the underlying information we have even been feeding our children, generation after generations for millennia. And that, therefore, propels a society, built on the assumption, that this situation of blindness will continue ad infinitum.

There is cause for hope. There are these new energies flooding the planet. This is changing this very foundation of mistrust. Suddenly, humans are beginning to open their internal eyes. Suddenly, there is a light in the dark room. Suddenly, they are beginning to see for the first time. Suddenly, there is a lessening of fear, and doubt, because one human can see other human. Suddenly, they are beginning to notice, that they have the same type of fears, needs, desires, hopes and dreams. Suddenly, they are shaking hands with each other, instead of raising guns at one another. Suddenly, there is a slight relief of the burden they carried for thousands and thousands of years on earth.The burden of mistrust has become lighter. The snake on the road, is now seen closely, only to be realized as a rope and not so fearful after all. Suddenly, there is less mistrust. Suddenly, there is revolt; against all ideas, institutions, armies, ideas, governments, whose very foundation was built on mistrust, for they do not see the purpose in that anymore. Suddenly, there is no need to obey a leader, a manager, a general, a CEO, a dictator, a banker or men of power and authority, simply because they have been assigned such, by a society that was built upon mistrust, in a bygone era of blindness. Suddenly the eyes are opening and there is light. Suddenly, the humans are seeing, perhaps for the first time every, the mess that is lying around, the cesspools and rotting garbage of old ideas of deceit, control and manipulation that surrounds them, in every society, country and continent of earth. Suddenly, they want to clean up the mess, they see in this new light. Suddenly they are beginning to clean up everything.

Suddenly, the light on the horizon, there is a dawning of an age of trust.

On Exploration

Yes, we Angels love to explore! Thats another innate characteristic of the Angels that we humans really are. Maybe, finally, this would explain to all those hopelessly addicted to the exploration bug, that it is in your nature as a being (not chemical heredity) to explore. Left to each of you and every human that you know, you can probably pick at least a couple of things, if not more, that they would have loved to explore at one time or another. Nature, Art, Painting, Music, Hunting, Golf, or just about anything that sparks that innate nature to go out there, and experience it, learn it, perhaps even master and teach it.

The nature of angels to explore also answers the broader question, the existential question of “Why Am I really here?”. This question isn’t solved or served much by finding purpose or significance, which is like a cat trying to find its own tail. In fact the question isn’t meant to solve anything, for it isn’t a puzzle to be solved. The urge to explore anything, subjective or objective or even an abstract, merely is a nature of an angelic being. It simply is. There is nothing there to conclude or to summarize. It just is there to be felt as a nature of the being. Angelic beings like all humans, will always, always have this. For it does not come from heriditary lineage, but from the Angelic lineage. what appears in this physical dimension then, is only a translation of a quality that already is present. Only this time, it is within the context of physical reality. Of the 3 dimensions.

And so explore without boundaries, for there will always be this excitement within you, to explore any and everything. It is beautiful. It will surely bring a lightness of being, a more fulfilling experience of living in physical reality itself. Without any meaning. Without any conclusion. Just for sheer joy of being a born explorer that you are!

New Food for a New Day

Let us finally breathe and accept our innate nature as humans, to desire constant change in our everyday lives. Makes it far more simple and easy to accept doesn’t it? Its like the change of breakfast, lunch and dinner we need each day. Would love to have change of that every single time. Well yes, some we would love to repeat. our favourites. But change is the quintessential part of being human itself. It is exhibited right from the time we were kids. Change. Change. Change. Same is boring. Angels are this way. Angelic beings are always in for adventure and constant change and excitement. That is a true sign that we are not cows or sheep, or anything like the animal kingdom, that can have the same grass with the same unquenching relish, for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, for generations on end and there is simply nothing they every complain or one fine day just sit there and not eat anything at all, simply because they are bored!

It maybe change in any and every direction and dimension we can possibly conceive of. It is the staple of angels for a change in clothes, places, people, partners, diet, music, type of living, ideas, inventions, whats nice and not nice, whats good and bad, whats evil and whats not etc. The change has to be there. Generations of humans come and go. Civilizations will come and go. But with each step of a generation, the collective of human angels, will change. something. anything. but change is a common element. The only thing that perhaps changes, is the concepts of what to change within the context of what is socially acceptable by the human civilization at a given time and culture.

So let us celebrate this human angelic trait. New food for a new day. The freshness of life that the angels claim as their birthright. And bring an ever expanding awareness and new light, where there was none before!

The Crutch of Significance and Purpose

Its one thing to just live life and quite another, to live it through the eyes of peers and society. Starting from our mums and dads to every other grown up that you faced since you were a little kid, everyone has told you to do things, in order to gain acceptance, to “be someone”, to have a purpose and direction in life. Although the intent of those kinds of advise were in good faith and did give direction to walk into, there comes a time, and I am presuming it has for you also, either in the past or now, that you are faced with something similar. A situation, where one has to actually, and energetically leave all that you learnt behind and charter your own little path-and find something that uniquely characterizes you, who you are as a unique person in life, not a faceless person in a mindless civilization. This even psychologists, psychiatrists and sociologists recognize and the human being’s innate quest to seek out something unique and personal. Like a personal signature, a stamp or a mark that one leaves behind, in the hope of seeking a glory or a name. That one is not totally obliterated in the sea of humanity and the tides of time that will leave absolutely no footprint of any of you reading this. Ever.

This is a deep quest. To be known in this world, after the human identity is gone. Wars have been fought, untold crimes committed in the name of “being someone” in this world. Having a name. Are we then to believe that this is a glorious concept to live by? And if you come to the place of “what direction to take to?” it would only be repetitious. For anything original can only arise out of creating something anew by a human being, as a creator energy.

Leave that as it may, the direction to do something in life, merely for the sake of significance or for the sake of having a purposeful living is definitely, a crutch. For starters, it completely stops creativity while encouraging duplicating what is already done or known. The pursuit of significance, creates reasons. Reasons for wars, disputes, politics, brainwashing people, groups, religious organizations and many times entire societies, to call humans into action. Pursuit of significance, leads to pursuit of exemplifying identity or an ideology and creating philosophies or logical constructs, just for human participation and an arbitrary concept. There is nothing real to be achieved in chasing ideas no matter how intellectually stimulating or orgasmic it might sound in the beginning. Its merely an idea. And to argue, is simply a means to battle ego. Its the beginning of violence against the inherent beauty and love which is all around and within us humans. Be insignificant. Be pointless. Be a nobody. There is no one to please and nothing to gain or loose. Suddenly, there is no baggage. No claim. No pursuit. Its all living and breathing in the now, being with humans in joy and laughter and love. Not competition or argument of any kind.

Purpose. It all started with being useful in the moment. Again, everything starts from parents and moves on into greater circles of our influence. In order to make us useful in the now, this moment, our parents taught us to have a purpose. Again, it is an attempt in giving us direction. A meaning. Not to undermine this noble intent, one should, after a while, leave all purposes behind, if one has to truly claim one self. The self only resides in a realm beyond any purpose. Anyone telling you, your purpose is this or that is simply selling you something. An idea, a marketing campaign, maybe even an ideology of some sort. How can one person’s ideology become your purpose in life? Simply because they are better salesman than you? Word or language skills? Obsession with living in purpose is a disease. You walk in the streets, you see humans, walking about, with purpose. And what do you really see? People walking in a trance. People with mobile phones or cameras or some kind of gadget. No one smiles or really looks at each other. No greeting. No shared moment. But if you stopped anyone and asked, they would definitely have a “purpose” for whatever they are doing, now won’t they?! Thats the disease I am speaking of. Creating a disease of usefulness, a direction all the time, an addictive bind of constant movement without any pause. This is the trance humanity currently lives in. Live without purpose. Live without direction. Live as a being born free and free to choose as per inner guidance, not external marketing of a purpose.

Once you’re self sufficient in your own way, able to sustain, survive and enjoy your earthly enjoyments, the two things you need to immediately decide in removing out of your vocabulary and life, in all the spare time you have in your life, is Purpose and Significance. That is truly taking control of your life and your personal freedom. Away from society, away from your upbringing and culture. Just you.