Self or Others

Thats the basic contradictions angels are faced with. You and me. Its been the dilemma of ages even here, within the monastic traditions or the charitable ones. Its been the eternal quest. Do I live for my self or the others? Wars have been fought, blood shed, to know the true answer. And the quest for the one truth is at its heart, but leaving that aside for the moment, why can’t we be happy, just with a simple truth of it all: Angels are about self. And only in full knowledge of that self, comes the so called selflessness, which is nothing more than an expanded self, which in itself is self in its completeness.

There is truly nothing to fight or endlessly argue about here. One is a limited sense of self and one is the expanded sense of self. But in all, its the perspective of self that is identified with, that is in question and sought. If the perspective of self is expanded to an all knowing, creator self, which can create, at will, universes ad infinitum, then all is answer and there is no more question. Or so we would assume. For questions itself is an answer expanded and vice versa here, in the context of limited self and expanded self is it not. So what would an expanded question then look like? Who am I?

in fact this is what the human asks, many times when they have just learned to stand on their two legs without falling. Who am I? The I that is there, is now starting an expansion, a journey, which in itself is beautiful. The journey of that question leads from one answer which then transcends into another answer, which goes ad infinitum, until one discovers, the very depth of that simple question itself, which assumes various dimensions and forms.

And so we angels, really start from self and end with self. In whatever perceptional limitation or lack of we can truly admit to ourselves, this is all we do. Its like your heartbeat. Or your breath. A flow. A Yin and a Yang. The constant pulsating of life and love itself. And we finally become one with life itself. And realize that life and love are the same.

Freedom from Old

Yet another aspect of these changing energies on the planet. Humanity has been in the moulds of history, culture and the societal structures and behavior patterns that parents pass down to their kids. All kids follow or are expected to follow the path laid out to them. These are parental and ancestral barriers, which then would translate to society, culture and so on. After all what is society but humans in clusters. So everything really emanates from that core unit, called family. Incremental changes have occurred throughout human past, but now, we are stepping into a reality, where individual will break out of this mould entirely.

The breaking out of this mould is happening everywhere on the planet right now. It shall continue to this way. Until all the pent up energies of the old are released from physical form, ancestry and the earth itself, this process constitutes what is popularly termed as “cleansing” within the new age spirituality. But the interesting part comes, where it starts to show, in cultures, in individuals, in social networks, where the young generations across all borders are sharing their views, discarding structures and belief systems which are no longer applicable or are outdated in the modern context, how they can build a better and simpler world, which is not scared of its neighbors and other humans, for they see a commonality between them. where they accept their uniqueness at the same time embracing each other in love and compassion rather than suspicion and fear.

So freedom from old, results in an internally liberated human being. Not something that is externally visible or can be seen under a microscope. But an individual who has shifted from within. Broken and released their own upbringing and fixed structures of belief. Not all will do the easily. Old souls will do it in a split second. In fact they would have been doing this all their lives, knowing deep inside, that “something was very wrong ” with the structures and beliefs of their society all along. So it becomes intuitive, inborn. Not something that is learnt in a university or a class. Freedom from old, creates a human, who is internally available, open and is now able to address, in a very direct way, any and all issues, face to face, without collecting ideas from the past and pasting it onto the next challenge. Instead, it will be dealt with, again, intuitively, from that vast source of inner knowledge that we each have. There would be no mind or mental concepts necessary here, for that would only mean, the past. Intuitive concepts, would fuel the mind with fresh energies, new thoughts, concepts to create a surge in humanity. This is intact creating a new human being. Who will discard just about every old concept to begin with. For it cannot work in the new energies. New human will then have no need to itemize them or make them into fixed structures of another belief system, as they did in the past, for intuitive source is infinite and is every shifting and changing dynamically, moment to moment. When the need to create beliefs and society structures vanishes, so will the barriers of human separations across countries, cultures vanish completely. For they only relied on fixed belief systems. Humanity will morph into this giant conglomerate of free floating humans, moving across all planet, freely intermingling with each other as they wish, constantly flourished with new ideas and concepts, born in love and compassion and a firm inner sense of security and not be bogged down by fear and insecurity of the past. This would create at large, a world without borders, humans without definition or meaning, for what is the need for meaning, when there is none to be found and more importantly, when none is felt necessary. For humans will then move beyond seeking security, into adventurers of ever expanding new.

The earth itself

Right now the earth itself is being made known to its children. The one who has taken birth over and over in a land, put the salt of the angel in the soil there, is calling out to her children to rise and claim the land as it’s own. Each into his or her own land. True children of the land. Not what history or political preferences dictate. This a song evoking sentiment, is echoing love of an ancient kind in the hearts of men, women and children and through the wombs of women of the land who gave birth to children there for eons and eons.

This being seen in the news now. Every land is and will go through this process of claim, until each land has its rightful children as its owners and there can then be peace in the dirt of the earth at last, which has been absent for a long time in so many lands. Then and only then can we shake hands across the borders and say “I welcome you with open arms. I salute you add a brother as a sister. And I shall hold you in love and compassion not to take away from you what is truly yours. And yet, we shall build an earth together which is grand. Where there is nothing but peace and harmony for all times.”

This song is so long awaited, it echos ancestors, ancients. The land they tilled. The earth they tasted from birth through the milk of the mother, till the thousands of deaths they died through all the roles they played there, the warrior, the shaman, the priest, the prostitute, the mother, father, skillsman. Mother is calling to her children. Profound peace is being made. And the children will respond to this calling resounding and with open arms come to their mother. It’s a circular bond that begins that elusive thing we search called peace on earth 💜

Opening Originality

It’s a fad to many. To speak of original thought, concept, even original ideas of fashion, art, poetry, paintings etc these days. A fad truly, for the concept of originality isn’t really present in any of them, but merely a rehashed version of something from the past of human history. Some would claim that it is impossible to indeed create something original, for we always have to borrow something from the past in order to create something of the future. Could this be it then? Let us explore.

First something simplistic. Originality, would by very definition of the word point to something that has not existed before. And so it is unique and unprecedented. It appears into reality as something that was not there before. And so first of all we have the term itself, which is relative, that is to say it exists within Time. Original, therefore is presented as a concept, idea just to compare it with a past timeline. Original then first has to be a concept or an idea, which then is further developed into anything further, be it a way of live, a law, a scientific application, maybe even organized religion or such. Original does not involve itself, with application of using already developed tools, such as the current living standards, practices, tools and techniques we already have at our disposal. For that would constitute what is called evolution. What we are today, as a human race, is a result of continuous evolution that has happened over course of millennia. So evolution is different from originality. Originality, as we are speaking of here for the purposes of this brief examination, is the creation of something unprecedented in the past. It is important to note that, for many confuse Evolution with Originality and therefore the claim that nothing original can be born, for we have to use the past to create the future. The tools are to be used, which were born of evolution, and yet we create something from them, which was never there in human civilization before. Like a light bulb for example. Like the creation of new art forms, as artistic form of expression itself, not just painting or poetry, but something that inherently did not exist before as even art. In this day and age of fantastic communication tools and the fifth landmark called the Internet; there is a tendency for humans to equally generate and share very powerful concepts, paradigms and ideas, which are all original thoughts. This is the engine of powerful creation of the future. If we take all the collective of blogs out there, and the ideas presented there, and crunch them with all the ideas presented by minds of the past, I am sure we will come up with a tremendous base of Original thought. This is good. For it is a catalyst for other minds. An inspiration perhaps. An urge to create more Original thoughts and concepts in all directions from science to spirituality and everything in between.

Now a step deeper. What about the origins of an Original thought? Where does this come from? Wherein lies this source of origins of any original thought itself? Every human reading this knows that this would transcend the realms of cognitive or reasoning faculty of the synapse. It does not come from the brain. It has to come from something “beyond” into the physical apparatus, called the neuron. And so it is an inner knowing of every human that this originality is always transcendent phenomena. Many shy to accept it, others fight the idea. But all are aware of it and know the source to be mysterious place. And yet this mysterious source of all that is Original, feels like a familiar place, for we all visit it, with what we call intuitive thought. It can come to a painter, who dreams of it. Or a poet who strings the words, using this mysterious infinite thesaurus, self-actualizing itself into a poetic words and expression. And so even as we use the same alphabets created before, same paints that we used before and same piano or violin that was invented before, we can compose an entirely different original masterpiece that is original and does not have a precedent in any aspect. Not style, not presentation, not idea, not note, not delivery or structure. So this realm of originality is using evolved tools, ideas, inventions to create something completely original which did not exist in the past timeline.

One step even more deeper. Where can we create originality which does not even use tools, ideas etc from the past? What would that originality look like then? That would be an area perhaps, where the idea or concept is giving birth to new tools itself. It would perhaps be a time in our human past, where wheel or a light bulb is developed. When that which we define as tools, itself is defined or brought into discovery via inventions. So one could say in this context, that Originality itself is an evolution of sorts, where inventions of today, becomes the toolset for tomorrow to building more inventions as tools which becomes more sophisticated original works and forms of tomorrow. Does originality then become the grassroots steps in the process of human evolution itself? 

Another step further. What gives birth to Originality which creates the Original itself? In other words, what gives birth to anything that is original? The transcendent aspect of life. Now that goes beyond all cognition and it is something to which one can only give pointers to. It is that which is not linear. It is lateral, inside, outside. It permeates everything and everyone and it is multidimensional. It is within you, outside of you, it permeates your being and everything you know and you do not know also. It is the very essence of you itself. 

The Sensuality of Consciousness

So as the new energies are broadening the awareness of all here, now, it seems that these wider sense of awareness, be it of self or of others or about the energies themselves, there comes a point, when we are faced with the challenge of integrating all parts of ourselves. Integration. As opposed to separation. And these are often individual, as you know. You have arrived at a point, truly, where all your search for trying to find that one truth, one rule, one mantra has truly failed you and led you on a path that is like trying to chase your own tail, going round and round in circles, has it not?! But now, the awareness being rewired and readjusted to the new energies, these seem to be centered with self. Your Self. And so, as your self, your I AM self, is truly becoming more aware of all your desires, choices and actions, they morph into being termed by you as energy movements in various directions that you, as consciousness are being at any given time. The point where they are truly troubling, in a sense, for you, is that your mind is trying to grasp this. Which it truly cannot. Even these words are being read by your mind, one word at a time, and what you are reading here, also has two parts, one your mind, and one the true message behind it which your self is reading , here, now. Mind cannot ever hope to know consciousness, for the mind itself rests within the bowl of consciousness. It is the contained within the container of consciousness. And so consciousness being larger than mind, makes you wonder, what other things are hanging around, within this bowl of consciousness, other than your mind, does it not?! And still, you are trying to capture that with the mind, which is not possible at all, but what other partners are there to mind, which sit in the same bowl of consciousness? I leave you to ponder that. Not by these words, but by sharing something within these words, that has given you, that concept.

Meanwhile, there is sensuality. The essential nature of consciousness, which also beckons you, as you become this wider awareness of self. This bigger you, now, wants to embrace more, do more, be more, have more in all ways, always. And you fight this. You fight this, for you need the singularness of the familiar world of security and predictability that you have built around yourself in your daily lives. Job. Partners. Business. Family. Friends. And so on. You have to understand something here, dear old soul. The consciousness that is you, is, by nature, sensual. It wants to experience, expand and express. It wants to know and become more of itself. In all ways. It does not care, about your mundane sense of attachments, other than to know and feel, by all those three means, experience, expansion and expression of itself. And how are you going to go about that, if you try to lock yourself up in this limited box of experiences that you call your daily lives? And so these new energies are being rather “Pushy” about this, and are so much in the face of all humanity now, in a way that would seem like they are forcing you out of your comfort zones, your securities and the stuckness that you were in, all along, without even knowing it consciously. And now you are seeing indeed, all of this. It is you with you, in essence. It was all along. Only now, you are more aware. More keenly aware of this, than ever before. And it does not leave you. Once you grow into something, you truly, cannot go backwards now, can you. Expansion is that way. Your consciousness is that way.

And so these three things, expansion, experience and expression, make your consciousness a truly sensual being. And so you would avoid yourself a lot of unecessary pain and suffering and searching around in circles, if you just understood that real nature of you. The sensual one. The one who wants to feel, touch, taste, smell, hear with your senses in this body, the one who is the master of all of them and makes the choice of what to experience, how to express and chooses that experience at any given moment. Avoid the pitfall of trying to separate your sensuality, from the old worn out ideas of going into denial, self deprication, penance, chanting or following discipline, all the processing that you endlessly carry out as a ways of disowning something that you truly are. True denial, old soul, is not accepting all of you, is it not? True denial, is disowning this reality, as some illusion and making something else a reality is it not? This is an age old battle of concepts within humanity, deeply buried and one that will not go away easily, and there is a good reason for that. Negating all your previous attempts, all your past life energies that are with you even here, now, resisting these very truths, is the one that does not want to accept, the foolishness of what you did all those other times. The truly easy thing to realize is ones own foolishness and it is also, truly, one of the most difficult things for one to accept for oneself. The only place, then you will arrive soon after this, is there is nothing to forgive, no one to blame, or none is really foolish at all. It has all been about a journey. Thats all. All the qualifications and summaries and judgements are merely your own mental creations. All the hurt there is, is for the fact, that you could have had it so much easier, if you had just let go of it all, and embrace this true nature of your self.

And so as we leave this space of knowing, old soul, why not go today, allow yourself to be all of you, without boundaries, routines and all the ifs and buts of your mind, all the planning and allow yourself to be sensual. All of it you truly came to experience here. Now claim it and enjoy it with all your being. And know that you are loving you profoundly, by doing just those very simple things, if only, all of you, is present, experiencing, expressing and expanding, in those everyday moments.

A Civilization of Celebration

Everything humanity has always been or done, is centered around celebration. From cradle to the grave, all humans do, is celebrate. Look at your own life. What do you indeed live for?? it is celebration at every opportunity, is it not? You celebrate your own birthdays too. Even Marriage, Death, New borns, everything is a celebration. Every astrological event is a celebration. Every crop harvest, every planting season is a celebration. Every song to sing, every tradition to uphold, every ocassion is there, all for the sake of humans getting together and creating an event of a vibration, called celebration. It is the signature of human civilization, right from the most remote tribes of Africa to the most industrialized, urbanized city in America, the essence is the same. Celebration. And so in these new energies, how does this translate to and what profundities are involved in there, you might ask?

It has been the urge of human to create harmony between themselves and other humans. Celebration event is a practical development of such an innate instinct in each of us. The call to bring together all humanity, let it be in pain and suffering in the form of revolutions, or be it everyday event like celebration of life or death. And yet, humans never even pause to consider what is it that brings humans in this way, unique as it is to humans only on this planet. No other animal celebrates any event. There is no signature left to any event by them. For other animals, it is just a happening, like the wind blowing through the trees, or the rain coming.

Humans on the other hand, create energy. The celebration event is one, which creates a signature on the crystalline grid. This is the calling humans really feel and have always done so. It is a calling. It is innate. It is in each of you reading this and all other humans too, whether they know it or not. So in this new energy, when the crystalline grid and magnetics are themselves evolving, new humanity is being birthed and in that, where is the celebration aspect seen? It is being currently seen everywhere in all countries, which are rising up in their claim to freedom. Humanity is celebrating the aspect of rising to the occasion of claiming their rights to freedom of leading, governing, expressing, leading, working the puzzle themselves with their own two hands. It will go much further than that.

The new human will find ways to implement celebration into everyday lives. More as a deliberate act of creation and in a purposeful way, knowing their responsibility in creating more positive energy on the grid. This is a responsibility to all future generation of humans to come. It will be seen as such and efforts will be made in that direction too. At workplaces, all work will become a celebration aspect, rather than work. When this is brought about, there would be more play and more participation and involvement by each and every soul in a workplace, since it is building upon an innate wisdom and joyous participation of humans, rather than a sense of duty and obligation, which is an older, dominating and controlling energy. Do you see that difference in energy?

Humans in relationships will do so, for sake of celebrating love and nothing else. For what else is there to be accomplished or tasked between any two humans? Man and his mate, would be only committed to celebrating their love, in songs, in mating, in joyous co-creating and all other aspects, that have not even been conceptualized yet! New paradigms will emerge, with the central idea of just pure celebration. New traditions and ceremonies may be born of this. Older traditions would no longer serve here, for they were only based in fear and not in love. All love wants to do is to celebrate, is it not?

The governments and leaderships will actively encourage all forms of social and individual participations and events of celebration everywhere let it be sporting to music, dance, festival as it is now, but will move it to everyday work and play also, since only celebration creates positive life nurturing energy of the collective and unleashes a whole new power in which all are enhanced, past all limitations, just by the sheer energy of the crystalline itself.

As it progress more and more, this celebration will be obvious in all earth, plants, animals, seas and the forest and mountains, for they will all drink from the new energies that humans are creating and will respond accordingly. Celebration creates that energy, of all collective into one strong reverberating communion of angels, who can alter, permanently, the very charecterization of how future humans will work and play in a particular area. Is it any wonder to you, that most festivals and rituals of the same nature, continue to propagate themselves in each society, state and countries of the world, through centuries. The children of the children, in a given area, celebrate the same event generation after generation. That is how powerful it is, and imagine what it can do, if we humanity truly recognize it, as the one of the common thread that connects us all as humans, irrespective of our culture and biases.
And so what are you celebrating today? What have you not celebrated or are avoiding to celebrate in your life? It maybe simple, but do you understand now, the significance of just this very simple human behaviour?

A New Paradigm of Cooperation

So as we move into the new energies, we as humanity, both individually and collectively are revisiting a lot of old precepts that we worked through in the old world. This is of course a natural course, for one cannot move ahead in the new energies without altering or completely getting rid of some of the old ideas, for it simply shall not work in the new energies. In addition, we have to bring in new paradigms and tools that would be more in harmony with the new energies, as it only makes sense to do that.

For all of the old world history and whatever that has transpired, it has been a primary objective of each human tribe to have cooperation within themselves and with other tribes, for security. This was the prime objective. The old human, has fought against nature and against one another for eons, merely to have security. That thing which causes fear in the hearts of men, the cold and unforgiving weather, the seasons, the food and water to survive in the face of all this harshness and unpredictability of nature. The old human, survived and secured. Most of all society rules, trade, wars and battles were centered on those two concepts: survival and security.

The new human in the new world and more importantly, the new energies, does not need these two precepts to work by. The world today and the new energies are leaning more towards cohesiveness and correlation which are within the belt of cooperation and not based around security and survival. Cooperation is a wider, a more expansive net, which not only caters to survival as well as security, but goes beyond those, into realms of a practical approach to compassion and creativity. Contrary to what you might think at the moment, cooperation does not have to be against survival and security.  Cooperation requires in integration at all levels and not just food, shelter and basic survival instincts of humans. Ironically, with cultures and belief systems created more of survival and security issues for humans and less cooperation in the old world, when in fact each culture, within itself, gears itself towards an approach that is all out towards cooperation and yet when it came to maintaining the same approach towards the movement of energies between two different tribes, it became translated to territories, states, boundaries, separation, wars and standoffs.

Paradoxically, it is the very same survival and security issues that are once again going to bring about cooperation between cultures and belief systems, in the new energies. Like the knife, the very same thing that killed earlier, is now going to start cutting vegetables. It is merely a shift of what the use of a concept is to a human or a whole group of humans, which will make a difference. For with that necessity of survival and security, humans are now ready to let go of all the standoffs of centuries, battles and scars of old to create the new era of cooperation. Integration of cultures is becoming slowly the norm as humanity from one part of the world, jets off to live and bring up families on the other side of the globe. Until all colors of all tribes are mixed up completely, there would be only a human and no sense of tribe itself left. For after all, it was the very concept of two tribes, which brought about all the differences there was. When there is only one tribe called humanity, there then exists no enemy and nothing to defend.

And as the traffic of the new consciousness moves in that direction, the new energies, will bring about new paradigms, new ideas, as all cooperation enhances creativity in all walks of life. Enhancement would become the new driver, rather than preservation. For the very concept of preservation, is born of insecurity and survival. For the hue of creativity to become brighter, requires all relinquishment of survival. In light of cooperation and enhancement, all survival needs of all are met as a given merely to enhance creativity, which would become all that humanity, the one tribe, exists for. Money and Trade would then be rendered as mere instruments of cooperation and compassion, rather than a tool for survival and security.

The new consciousness enhanced by the new energies on the planet, will “see” this as clearly as daylight. The consensus among masses would be immoderate and immediate. There is no single point of start, no single messiah, and no glorious one government, which can bring about such a paradigm shift, for it involves all tribes, everywhere.  It involves new energies move and shift consciousness itself into a new direction not merely new school of thought which has sprung up in some isolated school of belief or a university somewhere. The new energies are such, and can you feel it moving there already, even as you sit and read this message and watch the news on your morning news?