Infinite or Eternal

With all the new age spirituality in its infancy, developing and shining forth from so many beautiful lightworkers, new spiritual schools of thought, spiritual evolution taking place all around us now, some stuff surely needs to be revealed and brought to light, every now and then. This is simply one of those.

There are schools which believe in the eternalness of human soul. And obviously, with this as the base thought, all the science, practices, meditations, processing, healing work etc that they bring about, expose and reveal the aspects that are eternal. Timeless. For Eternal, translates to time and all aspects and boundaries within time. Or the concepts of time itself. And so all time bound and those out of time bound parameters are brought here into play, with these schools. So if you find yourself in a whole set of new or old spirituality schools, there is a thread among these schools. They use and also go beyond time. They play with time. They can bend time. They can morph or change timelines, events, circumstances, that use, time. The sciences as well as spiritual practices that have evolved before in such schools and even today, in the form of new spiritual thought, have this thread of continuity. And its all about time. Eternal. Eternal, relates to both being beyond time itself as well as bringing that knowing, into the constructs of time. It is not simply about escaping into a zone without time. For all time is us. Within us and without us. We are the owners of this. And so as owners, just like owners of anything else, we can do freely what we choose with it. We can go into the deepest of sciences about time itself and go beyond the wildest expectations of science or any wildest science fiction itself. All astrology, planetary aspects, galactic times etc are some of those sciences that evolve from the study of time itself. That’s one.

The other is space. Infinite. Relates to space. These schools, again old and new, continue to work with, evolve and develop all sciences and spiritual laws and practices that relate to space. Being infinite. Being the infinite being. Being the space between the molecules, the electrons and the nucleus and so on. These schools use space, explore spaces, go into the abstracts of chemistry, biology, consciousness itself and explore spacial aspects of whatever is being explored. Space provides intricate knowledge and understanding of how matter and physicality itself moves, morphs, changes. As everything happens within the context of space itself and nothing would exist, without the presence of space between any two entities or points, so the secrets within space, are, if anything, as enormous as time itself. The modern day equivalents of these space sciences and spirituality, work very well at physical levels, quantum physics, quantum entanglement, presence of an atom or beings being in two places at the same time, So the owners of space, work with going beyond the limits of physical space, secrets of going infinite in all directions, ad infinitum.  They can bend space, go from the smallest to the largest aspects of space or work with both, simultaneously. Since all matter and form is held within space, space science that are evolving within mainstream science as well as spiritual sciences also have a profound aspects of work that bring to the table. Thats two.

The new sciences, that are yet to emerge, will combine both aspects. For even thought space and time are two aspects of creation and beyond creation itself, they work together within this reality and beyond all realities itself. In the context of what has been explained about both above, the new science will emerge in time, as this seed of thought is planted right here at this time. There does not have to be integration or separation regarding space and time. There does not have to exclusivity or inclusivity about both either. There does have to be the bringing of the minds of both schools of thought together, and lent that free reign of exploration and see what new sciences emerge in all areas of human thought, wisdom and consequently living, loving and enjoyment.

Demystifying the Hindu Mythology

Alright. I shall do this, just this one time. And this is also upon a request of a beautiful soul that I know. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother. Seriously. I mean there is much to be gleaned in the way of all that is already present within the vast texts of knowledge, wisdom and science present within what is popularly known today, as the hindu relegion, that one does not need a blogger to decrypt it. Hardly at all. All I present here is my truth of it. That is all. Take it for what it is worth and use your own intuition and knowing. Hopefully, it will demystify what you, the hindu have been born into, and remove all the mishegoss (yiddish for complicated nonsense leading to complicated lunacy) that has been propagated around a wonderfully refreshing science and also, hopefully, remove all the drama, the dogmatism, the warped delusion of what is there, and turn young indian youth, who are born hindus, into something more wiser, than the current confused and self-righteous pricks that are currently thriving like virus in a host. Enough of the venom. Let me get to the understanding.

The ancients in india, have come to great understanding and knowledge and wisdom. This has been documented in what is now known as the hindu mythology, vedas, upanishads, the smritis, shrutis etc. Although the complilation is vast, it isnt necessarily complicated to understand or know. For it is documented in the very vedas ” If all the Vedas are known, and one has not found god as a result in any way, all the vedas are all useless. If one has found god, all the vedas are useless anyway, since there is nothing else to be known”.  Yet what is to be said here, is that the geographical location of india and tibet became the spiritual center of all wisdom and knowing ad millenia, because the life force of the planet itself, centered around this region. This divine life force of the planet, which we are all integral part of, gave access to all knowledge and wisdom, while in human form. Now that has shifted to south america, from india and tibet, so things would be different in that context. I must mention that fact, since many in western world and even in india wonder, why are all these gurus, saints, yogis etc, center in india all the time. Is this a WallMart for spiritual stuff of the world? Guess not. There was a good reason for this and it has nothing to do with indians themselves as a race (which they soooo like to beleive) or there is something special about them, or they are greater than others etc etc. It has to do with the energy of the planet. I know. Ego shattering to the indian hindu.

The vedic texts, bring forth three aspects which can be used by humans, to access all the creative forces, in them, outside of them, around them and beyond. These are: the mantra, the yantra and the tantra. All three of these are interlinked, interwoven and cannot be really separated as we shall examine.

Mantra is the science of sound. Sound produces vibration both within and without. Science is also discovering that now. How resonance and dissonance of frequencies of sounds, affect various internal organs, as they affect movement of molecules, chemical reactionary physics involved etc. Mantras bring forth that knowledge of sound. All sounds in the science of mantra are constructed out of what are called beeja mantras or seed sounds. Sanskrit language itself has sounds that form the base to use and form these seed sounds, as consonants and vowels. From these seed sounds are constructed phrases, which invoke with intent, a set of creative forces or aspects thereof. These are what are popularly called as mantras. The design of the mantras itself stemmed from a channeled wisdom, gleaned during yogic meditations, which form a part of the tantric tradition, we shall see shortly. Mantras are not constructed by logic or reasoning faculty. They are merely channeled and received by yogis of ancient india (even india as I term here, is not really the geographical location with boundaries of current india, but that is another topic altogether. Hint: what if india was all the world at one time).

Yantra, is the science of geometry. Shapes. Solids. Curves, Circles, Parabolic and Hyperbolic energies. The energies embedded within all geometry that is within all creation, right down to crystals, fluids, molecules. The science of Yantra, expounds that knowledge, wisdom and power behind the energy of all shapes and solids. Again, at a seed, level, it starts off with basic shapes, circle, square, triangle, curve and integrates each one of these into more and more complex shapes, solids etc. These shapes, when integrated and used with certain mantras, invoke certain aspects of creation, forces, energies etc. So Yantra then, becomes a science, which is incomplete without the use of Mantras. Again, like the mantra, Yantras are also channeled information by ancient yogis. In fact, Mantra and Yantra, both are gleaned simultaneously, not separate, since both are integral to one another. This is popularly known in the hindu parlance as “mantra dhrishta” or one who “sees the mantra” and so has full knowledge, scope and understanding at the deepest level of creation.

Tantra is the science of human. Tantra, integrates the divine masculine and the divine feminine within each of us. Tantra, shows a construction of the human being, right down from physical to etheric levels and further down into the yantra and the mantra level. It exposes the human being, being made, in the image of god. The physical human body, since it is physical, has all yantras and mantras embedded in it all the time. It is how the complicated functioning in physical reality, of an entity who is really non-physical, can sustain and survive within. Tantra, expounds the integration of divine human into physical human. So in this context, the Tantra, integrates human, yantra and mantra all in one. This science, is also known as Yoga or union. It is a picture of union of everything. God in human form. And using the science of Tantra, which integrates both Yantra and Mantra, has emerged Yoga, and the yogasutras, which capture the sensuality, beauty, love, masculine, feminine and all forces and aspects of creation, all into human form.

I shall leave it here, since each of the above, as you can see, is a work unto itself and runs into volumes of knowledge and information. However, the important thing to note here, is all information was channeled in a divine connected state, from that very substance which is in each of us humans. What humans do or are going to do with that knowledge in physical reality, is a matter of free choice. The science is the same. It is the science which can be used for white magic or black magic. The science by itself as no preferences. Preferences and choices are made by humans. What kind of use a knife is put to, is in the hands of the knife holder. Knife itself has no preferences by itself. Vedas and the entire gamut of sciences of ancient india are this way. The same rites and rituals and sciences used for the good and well being of all, are also being used for manipulation, control, deceipt right now. It is the baggage of india. It will come out of it someday soon. With wiser humans, a wiser hindu who knows better and chooses better.

The Wide Open Space of Allowing

This day, there is an opening. A wide open space of allowing. Not of Accepting. But Allowing. Now what does this mean??

Come with me, to this wide open space of allowing. Where everything is beautiful. Everything is allowed. To be. To experience. To choose. To drink in. To breathe. To exhale. And just expand freely into each moment, each second, as you become your environment. As you become your surroundings. As you become the energies of those around you, be it walking in the street, working at your workplace or just you, private by yourself. Whatever it is you are in, just allow. Allow. Allow. Allow and continue to just allow. It is all unfolding beautifully. This allowance is a gift. It is from the sacred space of all that is within you, all that is around you, and even beyond. For what comes from beyond is also what is here. Now. So just breathe it all in. Expand into everything. Every problem you can conceive of. Every constricted space is now opening up to a greater awareness, called You. Only if you allow. Thats the free choice. Beautiful you are! Magnificent you are! Joyous creation of the universe and all universes and even beyond all existence and non-existence, You are! Breathe from that space. Nothing unreal can truly touch you. For it simply does not exist! Oh how lovely you are! How beautiful you are! I love you !

The Energy of Money

This has been a long time coming. Its been on my energy horizon to deliver, but like everything else, the time has to be right. And last night, on a chat with one of my soul friends, it came together, in a channeled way ofcourse. This energy is for all, more predominantly for all lightworkers, sensitive souls who are involved in deep healing of humanity, of earth; and who constantly involve and develop newer ideas, process, clearings etc to allow for personal abundance in their lives. Be it their business or self employment etc. Doesn’t matter what the desire or the goal is, the energy delivered is for all here.

The energy of Money, is simply an exchange of energy between humans, one to another. It is a flow. This flow of energy, results in energy exchange and as it cascades from one human to another, through all currencies, exchange mechanisms-financial or economic, institutions and corporate structures, until it reaches its final destination: the Earth. The recipient of all Money is the Earth. And when we speak of Money here, it shall mean only energies. For what humanity is constantly creating is energy, via the means of flow called Money. All goods, services, tasks, ideas, structures, beliefs, are all energetic systems, for which money is a facilitating medium. In a simplest metaphor, it is like a river, that arises from Earth in a mountain top, flows down the hills and valleys, drops down to plains and estuaries, into the Ocean. All along the way, it provides, nourishes, builds, creates and sustains all life, all beings of Earth, and melds into the sea only to be cycling back to the source and flowing yet again. Money is such a cycle of life. The currencies, monetary mechanisms and instruments, are merely a human made mechanism, through which this exchange of energies take place.

How to invite abundance into my life? What is the posture to be assumed? How much do I need to be happy? Is abundance of wealth an endless exercise or does it have a full stop?

As spirit is not really concerned about “how much” or “how long”, since all these only belong in a physical reality and have no absolute bearing, this does not really matter, and is only a matter of free choice, which we call desire. It is, as you know, a variant from one person to the next.  However, a spirit is also a being of joy. And in a physical reality, the energy of money has to move through a person’s life, in order to be in the flow of goods, services and all the creations and sustenance of the human. So in this context, money becomes then an instrument of joy, flow, creation, sustenance and dissolution of materials to and from a persons life. And from a spirit, it desires money to be present only as a means of inviting joy, beauty, flow and creation into the life of a human. This is an important distinction to bear in mind, as we shall explore further.

Many lightworkers are still in a state of allowing, being in invitation of money into their lives, trying to process and clear everything that was related to past lives perhaps, past planets perhaps, Karmic attributes and energies perhaps, and yet, there does not seem to be a flow of money into their lives, at least to the extent they desire. This is simple to understand why, if we knew what posture are they adopting when it comes to this energy of money. Are you assuming, that it wont? Are you in doubt? Are you, in a metaphorical sense, opening the doors of allowance, just a crack or are you breaking the doors wide open to allow? What is your energetic posture on this?

Are you in a posture of “everything is coming to me all the time”? Or are you in a posture of ” There isnt enough in my life, no matter what I do, work, process, clear”? Is your door of allowance wide enough, that even a soft breeze that blows across your face, as you walk by nature, allowed? Is that abundant enough for you? Or are you still caught up in the currencies and fancy cars or the bills that are stacked up in your face? Where are you in this energetic puzzle? Or are you lost in puzzles of mundane existence to ignore the flower in full bloom? Is that flower in full bloom a picture of so much abundance already present in your life right now? Or is that negative bank balance or credit card bill overshadowing this scene in front of you? Is the first cheque defining your extents of abundance criteria or is there no end in existence to the possible cheques that are always there? Are things always there? Or are you creating any? If things are always there in the world and simply because you are currently not the recipient of one or more of those things, does this make you sad and crumpled in spirit? Are you in the energies of claiming something or someone? And if you are, what are you claiming from? What is that posture anyway? Are you in an energy of pushing things away? From what and who? What posture would one find themselves, pushing things around in circles? Where does that leave you? Is this game fun? If you’re not feeling it as fun, why are you still participating in it? After all, its your game and you can step off it anytime. Are you trying to finish this game or this life? If so, what are you trying to finish? Why do you assume there was a start? Whatever is happening right now, around you, are you in this  or not? Are you completely in it? Is whatever around you, things, your thoughts, emotions, just this moment, not abundant? Or is abundance for you, still mean that car, this house, that special he or a she or kids or pet or etc etc? What are you drawing from this energetic whole that you are immersed within and without? And if you say nothing at all, what else is there outside everything that is? Now, are you feeling foolish and small reading all the above, or does the grandness of who is reading this escaping you right now? Is who is reading this open to all that is and willing to just receive everything without any bias?

The energy of money, is the flow of energy between humans. It is the energy of gifting and receiving. Not an energy of push or pull or persuade. Not an energy of manipulation, deceit, calculation and profit. Those are human created concepts from a limited perspective, not understanding, that money itself, is an energy flow of gifting and receiving. The gifting is receiving and the receiving is gifting also. It is not the normally understood way of gifting and receiving. If it is truly understood that all gifting is in fact receiving and all receiving is also gifting and that energy is really a river of flow, can you imagine the heaviness of all the strife and suffering that goes on in the world dissipate completely? All the goods and services, love and caring, compassion, growth, prosperity, is all gifted between one human to another, connected in this huge web of interconnectedness called Humanity. We share each other’s space, time and energy. It is why we humans are gregarious. We exist to gift and receive and be in this dance of flow. The energies of strife and suffering around this is a created concept, which will eventually collapse on itself, for it does not support life. All current monetary system is based on debt, while Nature’s way of doing it is one to plenty. There is no debt. Its only gifting. And we are receiving. And in the means of receiving, we are gifting her with our energies and blessing. It is time to adopt and build a model, around nature’s way of gifting and receiving into the finance, economics and banks, for the true financier, really, is Earth.

From Sameness to Uniqueness

Humanity has always been searching for new definitions of existence. Rediscovering new ways of thought, perceptions and paradigms to live by. One of the patterns that has been consistent with human thought that has been carried over from the old energy, into the new, which has to be left behind in human thought, is the idea of sameness. The idea, that we are all the same. Hence, we must enforce upon each other, a kind of commonness. A kind of sameness. In living, laws, structures of society, even in religion. The resulting imbalance caused by this thought is very obvious before you. The need to be right. The right to enforce and control. This is predominant everywhere in societies around the world. Religions around the world are vying for control and sameness. We are right, they are not. Our god is right, theirs is not. And so it has been all along. This need to be right, stems from the need to introduce sameness. The need to introduce sameness springs from a primal fear. The fear that one is in fact completely alone in this world. Alone in the sense of uniqueness. How can there not be someone similar to me? Is there no one who truly understands me in the exterior world other than myself? This primal fear, has gripped the human condition. It is time to let go of this now.

It is time to embrace the uniqueness of each human soul on earth. Each is born unique, is blessed unique and has a unique energetic contribution in life, love and all pursuits. Each soul is uniquely divine. It is time to celebrate this uniqueness, rather than attempt to squash it into an ideological sameness. If all were to be the same, there would not be any need for 7 billion unique souls on the planet now would there? if only a single type of plant or animal is sufficient to maintaining balance and need for sustaining life on the planet, why would there be a need for so much diversity in plant and animal kingdom? In much the same way, each human soul is unique, unto itself. And yet is here, as a blessing and a contribution to the whole. We should never attempt to convert or understand another human being. It simply is impossible. For one, each one is unique, so where is the question of understanding. Second, understanding is not an essential component in love and compassion for another human. In fact it is one of the hindering aspects to love. Understanding creates room for judgement and separation. For understanding is merely an attempt of intellect to dissect and categorize. In the case of a human soul, this is a doomed exercise, since there is no way to make this happen, without measuring only against another human thought or belief. So it invariably centers on mind and not the heart. It creates room for control and conquering, rather than loving and compassionate acceptance of what is. It makes room for constructing and sustaining a society that lives and works from the head, rather than bless and unite with one another from the hearts of each.

Yes we are each unique. We can proudly be so. We each were born so. You are unique too. Each one reading this. And so be blessed. Be the grand unique soul here now, who has no parallel. You have no one to compare against. You are completely alone in that. Don’t be afraid. No need for fear or doubt or worry. The good news is you make your own future. Chart your own course. You have the full right to do so. And yet know, that the next one to you, your family, friends, each is unique too. So if you’re proud of your own uniqueness, you would also be proud of their each. Do you see how you can love and accept another more easily this way? Do you see how peace on earth is possible if we stop all this enforcing and controlling trying to make everyone the same? There is no need for all the strife. Just an acceptance of a simple truth. And who better to teach the truths, than the beautiful nature that has always been around us through time immemorial. With so much variety, so much diversity. Do you see the plants in the forest fight for superiority? It is time you owned your own sacredness. And yet love and accept the angel next to you in human form. Its time to be unique and stay that way.

The longest journey

The longest journey made, is within, not without. The longest journey made, is experiential from intellectual. It is the journey made into becoming, from belief. It is the journey made into knowingness from knowledge. It is the smallest step. And that step is from the head to the heart. For when love is all there is, there is the marriage of heart to head, and all is felt and seen as love. From that marriage is felt the reality called compassion.

And yet, even reading and knowing those beautiful words, gives you, a sense of beauty of it. The inherent knowingness that it does exist. That it is a reality that is attainable. Not a fantasy to be lost in. And yet it is what each of us work towards becoming. Unconsciously or consciously. Through spirituality or intellectuality. Through logic or art. Through any and all forms of outer expression, an inner blossoming is being made visible. A human becoming an angel in form. We each look for this. Not to quote from or to pipe it in the air as sounds. But to become it. To breathe it in and out. Each single breath. Each blink of an eye. The human angel is aspiring to become itself, fully, completely. Isn’t that beautiful to know!

And there goes my heart …

here you are breathing, reading these words…. and youve probably been through much of the day, giving away your heart to just about everything and everyone around…. havent you?! Now what do I mean by that?

All you do, each waking moment, is give your heart to everyone and everything around you. think about it. There is nothing else you really concern yourself with, is there? What is the next thing to feel? Be it any emotion. You do prescribe to it. You implement it straight away. Whatever the mood of the moment. You go for it. Anger? Yay! lets go for it. Feeling depressed, oh yes! Lets go ahead and experience THAT one! And while we’re at it, we are smiling, laughing here thinking, truly, THATs what we are indeed engaging in, in every moment of the eternal now of the heart. Thats what each beat of the heart is calling out to. Experience of every emotion and participating in the angelic joys of experiencing it all. Just for the fun of it.

So as you sit here, giving away each moment of your heartbeat even here, recollecting your day perhaps, your life perhaps, know that even my heartbeat is there with yours, loving every moment of it too.