The Addiction of Conclusions

Havent you noticed, how you have that incessant drive to conclude or give a full stop to everything that you do? each day? So let us examine that, its origins, its implications for you, for you for us, and therefore for everyone around. In effect, all planet.

So what drives all of your non-stop urge to make a conclusion of everything?! Is it security you need to feel about yourself, that now you are in control of those very things that you concluded? Do you need to feel safe in the arms of your preconceived conclusions of before that you made and you strive to drive yourself to the conclusions that match your previous conclusions about everything? And if indeed, just one of those two is ringing some bells in your head right now, how indeed is it then, that you could ever create something new, when all you do, all the time, is make conclusions about things, from a set of preconceived notions and borrowed ideas from your parents, siblings, friends and everyone around you? Or is it an addiction of drawing new conclusions which somehow would please you, and create an environment of you being back in your “comfort zone”? Or is it that you find yourself all the time you think you are creating new ideas, concepts which help your daily living, yet keep bumping across same issues that life itself and the people around bring you everyday and you are left wondering why is it, that these come before you, when in fact, you thought, you created a new reality?!

The urge for concluding everything is an addiction in humanity, if you noticed. There is a need to conclude about everything. Starting from those very basic questions like.. What is life? What are you? How are you? Who are you? Why are you here? down to very basic stuff like, what am I feeling now, where should I go now etc. Functioning from the conclusions of everything never ever creates a room for something new in your reality, only perpetuates everything that already exists. How can anything new enter, when you have 10,000 conclusions ready to come out of your mouth about what is? What is, has no definition or words or language, if you noticed! What is, is just what is. It has no conclusions, yet it has an openness about itself. Each moment has an openness and a vastness about itself, where anything and everything is possible and is forever unfolding. Being with moment, and not concluding anything at all, makes energy to move and nothing is blocking that energy. All possibilities open and everything is possible, when you have no urge to conclude anything at all and just be and flow with whatever comes along. Have you tried this? If not, go ahead, try it and see. You may be very surprised at what you perceive! For when you are without conclusions, you are open yourself to everything that is. And so in those moments, the kinds of energies, awarenesses that come to your awareness and perception, are amazing. In the world around us, at the present moment, dont be surprised, if you find a lot of insanity in everything and everyone, when you come into such awareness and openness. In fact, you who are reading this, at some level even know this and so you shut yourself off against such level of awareness, for somewhere in your knowing space, you know that you would end up perceiving and knowing too much stuff for you to handle, too many insanities and unconsciousnesses that are around in all humans around you. May be you might perceive your own insanities and limitations of all conclusions that you have been operating from?!

And so what would it take for you to change that, just a quantum bit today? How about just not concluding anything at all, and just being open to everything and all and see how it works for you and what shows up in your reality. May be you might get an opening into some issue you have been working on? May be you might make a breakthrough in all areas of your living, in a cold second!? And maybe just maybe, you are opening all doors now, after reading this message of even those possibilities that you havent even yet considered, but are of your greatest joy in your life, from this moment onwards, only if you just consider, living without conclusion, even just for today.

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