The Power of Vulnerability

There is something profoundly beautiful and exotic about any human being, when they are being human. And one of the many aspects there, is that of vulnerability. So profound and pure this is, that each of us reading this, were born this way, totally vulnerable, totally open and all aware and in total allowance of everything and everyone. When there is only that level of allowance, which each of us has had the experience of, as a babe in arms, there is an allowance without any restrictions placed. An awareness that has no stops or limitations. There is just observing, and the act of moving unashamedly and merging with whatever appears. Within this vulnerability, there are no boundaries or fences of ego and all the egoistic blocks of needing to be right and not wanting to be bad or be in fear of blame, shame and guilt. It is a space of experiencing pure being. Vulnerability is like that. It is the core of true intimacy with everyone and everything around us. Vulnerability of this description, creates space of all allowance, perceiving and sensing, without the unnecessary urges of judgement or labels. One of the immediate sensing that arises out of being in such a vulnerable state, arises true intimacy of self and all around you. For you would then be touching what can be truly touched. It is like everything in nature. Vulnerable to everything and everyone.

Humanity, so far, has had the innovative creation of judgement like guilt, blame, shame to impose a very strong barrier against accessing this power of vulnerability. This barrier of judgement of self and all around, is what is creating and sustaining all disease and suffering within each human. For it is blocking something very inherent and potent in every human. It is blocking all flow of life itself within the physical, mental and all bodies of the being, called human. When we are vulnerable, we allow all to pervade us, to be and receive from all around. Vulnerability is the acknowledgement that we are truly part of the whole that we are born into. Everything that the opposite of it, called judgement, does, is to question and resist whatever is. A being in judgement cannot, therefore, by definition, expand into that space of vulnerability, where anything is possible and you become possible to everything around. This society, now, as you can imagine then, is a truly sick society, full of the need to even wear clothing, some to the extremes of covering each inch of the body that can be possibly exposed to view. Now, contrast these cultures and societies to those so called “uncivilized tribals” who live as natives in forests, cut of from the mainstream cities, towns and villages. Haven’t you noticed they are mostly naked and do not have any shame of their bodies? Even they have a need to cover their genital area, which goes to show, that the need for being judgmental about sex and genitals, goes far beyond what we consider psychology or human nature itself.

Vulnerability provides the space of openness. It allows for all hurt, all affection, and everything inbetween to show up. As you can imagine, most of you even reading this, even at the thought of such a premise would get utterly scared and resist that very idea. For the ability to receive hurt, pain and suffering, be that of thought, feeling or emotion is something we are taught to resist and react to, rather than sense and allow. And so we are taught all precepts of judgement very carefully, but are rarely given the tools of allowing vulnerability in our lives. Have you also observed, that everything in judgement is contraction and in vulnerability is expansive in its feel? Is it any wonder to you, why so many live in complete sadness and lackluster, lost looks of people on streets, for they are entrenched in incessant cyclical thought, feelings and emotional barrage, which they must indulge in, if they are to entrain to precepts of judgement of self and everything else around and outside of self. In contrast, when being vulnerable to all open streets, rivers, offices, towns, public places, malls, airports, homes, hospitals and just about everywhere we walk around, allows for a wider scope of sensing, perceptions, enables us to connect all around us, all smiles, all confusion, all joy, all tears inside and just about every imaginable human thought, feeling and emotions that are swirling around, become available to you, energetically. How much experience of life itself, is possible then, in that space of vulnerability, as compared to judgement? Are you living more in vulnerability or trying to shirk and withdraw from everything and everyone in the narrow box of judgments that you bought into? One of the reasons so many humans, even reading this, are afraid of vulnerability, is because they have the awareness that it will also allow you to feel all pain and suffering there is around. This would then, create a selective filtering of what you wish to perceive and sense and what is it you wish to exclude from your universe and therefore, it creates, once again, judgments does it not?!

As ironical as it may seem, every being is born into vulnerability and would truly give anything to become and be that vulnerable, once again and yet, it is only each one, that blocks it. And yet, each one assumes, that the other does not want it and propagates this ridiculous game, that has cost humanity all beauty, grace and receiving that they can truly be a gift to. It is as ridiculous as 7 billion human beings, are now busy hiding what they are from one another. It is the truth of 7 billion playing “dont tell anyone, it is a secret between you and me” game, with all 7 billion!! It may never be spoken of, heard of, even written of or talked of ever, anywhere in humanity, and yet all want it, know they have it, can choose anytime to know, be and receive it in totality and yet each is running around protecting themselves from all receiving this gift!

The new energies that are now flooding all and everyone, now allows each to open that door of allowing and receiving in total vulnerability, once again. And so many then realize, it is not what they aimed to get from the outside world at all, but only to allow, what has been, is and will always be, something that you never lost and always had.

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