The Gender Confusion

So the energy that shows up, shows up and it is time that we take a second look at our genders, male and female not masculine and feminine. Now why do I say that? For the first confusion is that male and female which are a bodily gender, genitalia and what the gender, as a body, contributes to physical creation, attitudes, procreation, copulation, hormonal fluctuations and all the energies embedded therein which defines our present perception of the male or female body of the gender that we are born currently into and our response and request of the opposite gender bodies that are before us, physically. That is a mouthful. Let us take it further. What about masculine and feminine? Masculine and feminine are absolute energies and not attitudes of the male or the female in any present incarnation in a physical body. These energies are present everywhere, in much the same as space is present everywhere and anywhere. These energies are the motive energies within creation, which push and pull to create life, creation and all possibilities that exist. Yes, you can say, that the male and female bodies, naturally, left to themselves, indeed have a perfect masculine and feminine energies within them. And so in this regard, you can also stretch saying that we are all born into a template of a perfect male and female body, right from our birth. What, you might ask then, causes the difference in different men and women they way they are, not just culturally, but just within families itself? There are layers and layers of energies built up, upon the top of this perfect masculine and feminine template that we are born into, which makes us unique. What are these? For one thing, it is our own Akash, our living crystal template, combined with your genetics, lineage, race and all other features thereof, all of which are in other messages here.

And so the masculine and feminine energies, lay enmeshed, embedded and entangled, if you wish, alongwith, everything that you are, your essence, which truly define the unique you, that you see in the mirror everyday, that you experience as man or woman or a male and female. This is what makes each of the 7 billion on the planet, unique and special in their own way. When it is said, in so many places, perhaps in your own culture, religion you feel is right for you, spirituality in whatever form you wish to call it and make your own, or by the masters that walked this planet in so many cultures and places that “you are unique and there is no one neither will ever be one like you here ever again, ever” they were not merely saying something beautiful or sacred, neither was it just a pep talk! Do you get this? If you just get the enormity of how much you have, as you, within you, as a whole being and how much really your body is as unique and special, as is your being of consciousness, just you, will be staggering to you, let alone the “others”! Now there is another aspect I wish to bring in here too. Some concepts perhaps you have never considered.

In the world today, this is more open, for there is media like internet which connects so much of consciousness of the family called humanity that the dissemination and understanding of you, as you is profound and exponential! Now, you are aware perhaps that we have gays, lesbians, transgendered and all kinds of gender confusion, even in that area. What most struggle in 3D is to explain this phenomena of how that happened? To place into context of an accepted 3D reality, of how a man is attracted to a man or a woman to another woman, even to a meta-physician is so difficult, since the explanations always have a limited base of 3 dimensions to it, limited by beliefs, attitudes, likes and dislikes, wrongs and rights of things here. And the reason why many, even who are blissfully gay or lesbian would spend enormous amounts of energy and time in guilt, anger, hate and rejection of all those around them, who are “seemingly normal” and fit into the accepted, known track of reality that they have known all along and have been in their cultures and societies everywhere. Some even tend to think, that these kind of preferences of sexual attraction within same gender, only happens in other countries and not their own. Perhaps they should re-examine how much is going on, under cover, in secret rooms, hidden relationships, within their own neighborhoods, towns, cities and cultures. Societies in which everything appears “normal” and “very straightjacket” type, are usually the ones who are most repressed, where there is a profound fear of social ostracization, isolation, repression and consequence. And so in such societies, where people claim that, everything that perhaps “only happens in America, UK, Australia, or only in western societies etc” should take a second look at themselves and I shall leave it at that.

More importantly, some interesting questions come up, and let us bring the energy of that here. Could it be, that all gays and lesbians are just those people who were of the opposite sex in the previous lives and the wake up of the Akash that is going on now on the planet of everyone, is bringing these energies to the forefront? Could it be, that each, as is appropriate to themselves, where they are, and to whom they are attracted to, even as a gender to the same gender, are more in touch with their own akash and their partnerships with those others, that they might just be finding it the most natural thing to do? For in 3D Akash does not exist let alone it be recognized anywhere in even most mainstream religion of the world? Can you imagine how alone these souls feel and just how private they have made something that comes so naturally within them? Could it be then, that a man who finds himself attracted to another man, is experiencing the woman that he was in another lifetime? Could it be then, that the woman who is engaged in sexual acts with another woman, actually is feeling the man she was, in another lifetime? What does this energy mean for you? If it is bringing up some memories, some feelings, some AHA moments for you now, it could very well explain all your past longings and partnerships, even if you never thought you were a gay or a lesbian, now would it? How many lives have you switched genders really? Do you understand women very well, being a man? Do you understand men very well, being a woman? Could it be that that is how you indeed understand the opposite sex very well, for you might have been one in some lifetime before? Could it be then, that you have, as a gay or lesbian, come to this lifetime, here now, in the same gender, but to prove this point, that love and affection, do not necessarily mean about genitalia and reproduction, but of genuine caring, honoring, living your truth for who you are, true respect beyond any cultural conditioning, or religious entrapment of ideas and artificially created structures of limitation? Could you, whoever you are reading this, the gay, the lesbian or the transgendered, be really having this grand a purpose for you being here, as a soul, that you decided to do that? If indeed, that is the case, you also might ask, how powerful indeed then, you are, and what else could you create in this world? How much can you own, now, what you always knew and acknowledged as your truth and move into the more glorious, magnificent being that you really are?!

Those of you, who are not gays and lesbians reading this, now, can you acknowledge this as a possibility, even though there is no proof of this in 3D, for the Akash is not in 3D, and more so, can you even honor them even more? Can it also give you an opening to a possibility perhaps, that eventhough you are not sexually a gay or a lesbian, even then, that you could have spent so many lives, men as women giving birth through their loins, women as men holding the sword to kill another? If indeed that could be so, and if indeed there could be so many switches that you have had, that you carry both genders in your Akash and you understand both men and women very well indeed? How many times in your lives, then, have you been able, to “naturally” explain why this or that person in your life, thinks that way, as a gender that he or she is, when in fact, you should have really no concept of it at all, if you have never ever been that gender, is it not? How much part of this message are you accepting and what are you rejecting in this message itself, for it has the propensity to bring out powerful energies that are already there, as an energetic you, that hides?

In these new energies, all these are coming to the forefront of millions of humans all around the planet, in each path, that is honouring, revealing, profoundly humbling and so many feelings for which there are even no names yet. It would help enermously therefore, would it not, if we just pause, before we create an ignorant judgement, through our own limited perception, of what truly is or exists or who is that mysterious soul, or souls, that are around you. Indeed, it even makes you, the most mysterious person there is. To you.

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