Maybe it is in the purview of these so called new age esoterics to define such terms as co-creation, when, we have yet to grasp what is creation itself, you might say! How can we even begin to define co-creating, when we have yet to fully understand creating? For the prefix “co” implies in itself, that we have to do it with someone else in the picture or more complicatedly, many of them. This is how you were even taught in schools and by your parents is it not? “you have to get along with the others”, “you should learn to live with the others” and to some of you, perhaps, that was puzzling in many ways, for you were still wondering what to do with yourself in the first place! You were perhaps trying to figure out who you are, before you start helping anyone else, is it not?! Did that make sense to you then? For some of you, it makes sense even now, today as you read this!

Even the word creation, implies two involved right there, is it not? For in the act of creation, there must be a creator who does things around, moves things around, perhaps what you might call energies around, in order for something else, that is being created to show up in reality, may it be a physical reality or a conceptual reality. And reality itself, in this context would be, perhaps, referring to something that wasn’t there a moment ago, that now is. And so we are talking here then, of a reality, that is locked in time, is it not? For if we say “a moment ago” it is linked to time related understanding. Nevertheless, let us get back to creating. So in just you creating, and assuming there is no one else, as in a person around you, you are still two involved, you, as the creator, and your creation as the created. And you say how can that be? My creation is a dead thing, inanimate, a painting or sculpture or a scientific invention perhaps. Well yes, it does not have hands and legs and movement and breathe and for that definition of life, ofcourse you are right. What if your creation was as alive as you are, and yet breathing, eating, drinking, maybe even copulating and producing more of itself somewhere else? Bizzare concept you say. So in this act of creation then, there is you and there is your creation. And both of you are dynamically locked into becoming one another during the act of creation itself. In just as much as you are shaping your creation, the creation that is you, has moved into another reality, away from your consciousness, into the consciousness of the whole, that is to say, you brought that concept in you, into a reality of the physical or conceptual itself. This paves way for many things to happen simultaneously! One being, that you yourself move on, after your creation, for it has left your consciousness is it not? Is it any wonder to you, then, that no sooner has an artist, or scientist or a mathematician completed his or her creation, quickly moves on to something else? Once the hunter has hunted, he moves past the kill, does she not? And so the creation stays there static with the static energy of that with which it was created, in that time space reality in which it was created, whereas the creator has moved onto the next act of creation. Does this mean, that the creation is a noun and the creator is always a verb and can never be a noun? Its just a thought.

Now to talk of co-creation, it normally implies, creating with another human being. Now this gets a bit complicated, for each human has their own agenda of what they wish to derive out of the creative process itself. For each is a verb, constantly moving, melding, morphing in every changing moment of time. And so how does it feel, if one car on a freeway, going at a 100 miles an hour and keep altering its speed ever so slightly, co-create with another car which is moving alongside it, at 100 miles an hour and does the same?! Do you see the metaphor here? The expectation that the human being is static, which is implied by the very word human-“being” which means, a human just is and never ever changes, is a fallacy is it not? What if you are just being human and nothing more? What if everything you ever did, just constitutes that and nothing more? Let us get back to the two cars yet again. Each car and so the driver in each car, is calibrating, choosing her own speed, moving faster or slower or even changing lanes sometimes or even taking the next exit on the freeway perhaps and going in a completely different direction altogether perhaps, co-create with this other driver, who is engaged in his own creation?! Maybe he wants to go straight and not change his track, maybe he wants to take the next exit and not the one you took? And so he has his own free choice which he uses, in just the same way she uses in her car, to go in which ever directions they choose to, isnt it? So where is co-creation in all this? How is it even possible you might ask? Are they then, as they say “two ships that pass each other in the night?” If that is the case, are we on a planet of 7 billion creators, who are really all alone and doing their own thing, driving their own cars, in all possible directions that they choose, and keep changing those lanes when they choose?! That can be a very bizzare traffic exchange indeed, is it not? And you say, this is chaos and confusion, personified! There is not a remote possiblity of doing anything harmoniously here? Are you looking for harmony? Harmony itself implies, that all should do one single thing, be on one track, walk through their entire life like a bunch of hypnotized individuals, who follow a single track from birth to death, isnt it? Even if we choose harmony that way, which it is, as you can see, all humanity was up until now, on a fixed track, never moving, generation after generation, like a hypnotized humanity, is it not? And even if you choose harmony for a second here, the question then becomes even more critical: who should harmonize with who here?! If all humanity have to entrain (quantum entrainment) to one idea, one suggestion, one relegion, one way of living, one good and bad, one right and wrong, whose ideas of these should we entrain to? And so we got into the right and wrong of it, isnt it? If there is a choice, between this or that, it is just choice, but in order to get people to entrain, something was made “correct” and something else “incorrect”. And so do you perceive by this very logic, that the very idea of harmony, creates more illusion, more separation and rejections, than there was before, when our traffic of 7 billion was going all over the place? While we are still with the 7 billion traffic going all over the place, in the place each one chooses at any moment, tell me something else here, are each of those 7 billion more happy in whatever they are doing now, this way, even though the overall scenario might seem chaotic to someone who seeks harmony, because there is such a level of programming there (!) that they cannot simply see it this way, are each one of those not enjoying it? Their life? Every moment? What if it always existed that way? What if there was no wrong or right way to live at all, and it was just someone’s created idea and nothing else? Also then, could it be, that if this 7 billion odd traffic that is moving in all directions, is now more creative, more perceptive, more joyful, for they are doing whatever feels right to them, something that is more real to them, than all the earlier kind of living, where they only forced into being treated like the created static things which are just ideas of someone else? Could it be then, that the lie we are perpetuating all along in humanity, is now being broken down, and each one of the 7 billion traffic have indeed started moving in all possible directions and this, seemingly, to all who wanted harmony, seems chaotic, when in fact, to each one of those 7 billion, feels like, a breath of fresh air, freedom to choose whatever, whenever and just for the pleasure of it? Is that what is happening on the planet? Indeed, is this the so called awakening going on?

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