The New Paradigm of Purpose and Play

Who are you really? What is behind all that searching, seeking, looking for health, wealth and everything else that you could possibly seek for joy, pleasure, bliss, love, affection etc? Who is that, who does the looking, feeling, thinking, reasoning, logic and everything else? These are the typical questions that all mystics, seekers through the ages have asked themselves. And there have been volumes written on experiences of theirs describing their journeys, their findings, the songs they sung, the rhymes they composed, that poetry written and indeed, you might ask, what was the proverbial “it” they were all trying to communicate to humanity?

If there is any definition of you, that you seek outside of you or even from within, you are indeed looking for that mysterious something, that is in you and yet outside of you all of the time, is it not? wherever you go, you find you there. Even where you are not, you find yourself there, if you choose to go there, isnt it? We have talked of quantum entrainment and quantum identity before, and following both here, your being, has the ability to merge and become one with just about any idea, concept, physical reality, emotional reality or even an abstract reality. And so tempted as you might be, to say, that there is a driver, and that driver is driving this car called me, in my corporeal body, could it be, that even the body is driving you at the same time? Could it be, that everything about you and whatever you do here, in this thing called your life, is a collective of energies developed in events, of your life? And if that is so, then what purpose does it have to be served here, in this life, in this form, for me, to exist, doing whatever I am doing, each morning as I wake up, to a reality, which sometimes shifts and changes, sometimes seemingly very static and routine, yet at other times moving and shifting very quickly? For we humans, are very purpose programmed, and have quite forgotten play since we were 2 perhaps, and so that blinding purpose hangs around us all the time, does it not? What does this do? What do I do with this? How can it benefit me? How can it benefit another? How can it benefit the planet? And other endless questions, all about purpose there, is it not? You can even ask “what is the purpose, of my own soul, to exist at all?” is it not? And in a linear way, there is degree of depth or height, whichever way you choose to perceive it, to questioning itself, is endless in all directions (considering the track of time), is it not? And other than me, there are so many others here too, each one with the possibilities of more types of endless questions in endless directions is it not? That makes it even more complex and cumbersome to get to the “purpose” of it all, doesnt it? And so, if you noticed, the very act or decision of getting to a purpose is a loaded action full of heaviness attached to it, is it not? So if we leave the purpose bit out of it, and if we assume, that there is really no purpose in my own or any and all of those around me, including everything other than humanity on this planet, and including the planet itself, what else might be possible then?

Let us try to go from the beginning here for a moment. From childhood. All you could think of then, minus all purposes, was play. The act and participation in a play. It is all you were drawn to, was it not? You could even skip meals, skip all studies, school, not be consumed by what you are wearing, looking like, or what anyone called you and for what purpose, isn’t it? The only heaviness perhaps you experienced those days, was the voice of the elder around you, calling you back home “for a purpose” doesnt matter what the purpose was, studies, eating or sleeping etc. How many of you, reading this, have now, accumulated a lot of heaviness, as you read this, for you are now touching all the purpose based heaviness that you have carried along for so long, driven incessantly by those around you, since you were a little child? How many of you, leaving that simple play, have lost the eye for the beauty around you, that flower that used to look so nice does not anymore, the smell of the air that used to be so nice in the rain, now is just a burden for you get wet and allergic to it, and so many such things. The simplest of things which were all beautiful, all nice, all for your play and touch, ended up being dead, unnecessary, childish, immature, without purpose for you, as you went through your years did you not? Is it any surprise then, that you found yourself, going from pillar to post, searching for yourself, in spirituality, in relegion, in self development, in money, in houses, in relationships, in this or that, when all you needed was to play with you and the rest of them around? Isn’t it also more funny, that even the rest of them, would give anything, to just have more of play themselves? How fun was it then, living with play? How much fun is it now, living with purpose? You know the lightness and the heaviness in both questions, don’t you?

The new paradigm of purpose and play is a sort of meld between the two, that is to say, the new paradigm that humanity shall adopt shall be one, where the purpose of human life, is to play. Entire way of human living, society, sciences, lifestyles, cultures will be developed around this centric. For it is enhancing and experiencing of being human rather than human being. Play is what we are, by our very inherent nature. Humans will become obsessed with more play and making everything into a play and all purpose for our existence would be to play with our own existence here. If purpose is removed, then even the concept of use and misuse is removed, for there is no self gain required in play is it? There is no element of using this or that for my gains and profit, now is there? The very energy of gain, benefit, to use of something in creation, is born out of a singular concept of thinking, that is to say, if you are playing with a collective, the whole object is to create fun, laughter, love and joy in the beingness of human, is it not? It is not riddled with expectation of a return, but rather of a benevolence of giving a smile and laughter, is it not? Living with purpose generates the energy of use, misuse, proper and improper, control and manipulation, for this is an artificially created reality of living and not something natural to being human at all, is it not? And it is this living for purpose of that “something abstract”, may it be for people, places, society, money, and so many other constructs, that has left humans throughout civilizations running around in a rat maze, looking for things where nothing exists, spending lifetimes chasing their own tails, leaving them empty and inept for creating simple joys of being, has it not? The new paradigm of purpose has it, that purpose of human being, is to be human. The new paradigm of purpose is to play. As new thought forms, ideas, and creativity of humanity is unleashed in this area, all society will join in, and naturally too, for it is being human to play, to create more forms of play, all attributes of play will come into focus, everything we do, even as work, would be a play of more creative ideas and ways to play better. This is the new way forward that is before us.

Humanity has carried the baggage of purpose based living for too long. It is time to drop all these artificial constructs of society and move into beingness. And where would you take this message? Is it personal for you yet or not? How are you going to play today? Where indeed, would you start? If not, what purpose are you using to stop you from playing? Play with these questions, your own being will bring you more answers, would it not?