Quantum Entrainment

So you have been listening perhaps to songs, get chills when you listen to your favorite ones, do you? Or when you sing songs in your church or temple or mosque, or pray and you get those chills running up and down your body, do you? Or maybe when you are just taking a walk in the park, walking by the sea, feeling the breeze against your face, your hair and you get the chills, when the breeze talks to you, do you? And there are so many instances like these in our lives, when we are “in the zone” , or “feel connected to all” and by many phrases we express them, talking about them to our friends, family, isnt it? What are these moments anyway? Let us explore here.

We talked about this briefly before about the quantum nature of us, as beings. As human beings, we have a physical part and a quantum part. These quantum parts, are named so, for they follow somewhat similar attributes of what quantum physics called the entangled state. Where there is no physical location or time, binding upon it. That is to say, wherever you look for it, it seems to be there. This is confusing to the mind to grasp, for our training in education, since we were kids is to linearize everything, and put it within the context of a very narrow reason and logic. Can the mind be quantum too? Ofcourse it can. Anything that the mind can even conceptualize is within the scope of its access, but it requires training and trigger to actualize it into beingness. We do it all the time, each day, when we are dreaming in our sleep at night, dont we?

Our quantum nature permits us to be in entangled states with everything around us. So, in fact, we are in quantum entanglement state with everything, all the time. Have you noticed, when you go to a place, maybe a mall, a movie theater, a park, a beach, or your home or any place at all really, your mind, your being and your emotions, all collectively, begin to recalibrate to the energy of that place? It is like an automatic thing that goes on, all by itself! You dont need to DO anything at all there, now do you? It is like an always ON thing in you. Each and every place you step into, you have this recalibration going on within you, a mechanism, if you wish, that adjusts and balances itself, to suit the mood, the energy, the thought, the feeling of the place you have stepped into. It is the same energy, that you see on the freeway, that all cars, are going at the same speed, as if they are all hypnotized by each other to move in a rythmn, almost like the cars were not moving at all, but the road is somehow going past all of them. Or when another person yawns and you see them, you yawn too. Or you feel the energy and feeling of another person standing next to you in the elevator, and you feel their emotion; you walked in happy and joyful and this person who walked into the elevator had heavy, depressing emotion about him or her and you felt it immideatly?! This even has a collective effect and is it any wonder to you, why you dont like certain malls, certain types of concerts, parks or any particular area, for it does not vibrate with your energy, you might say. There is that strong mismatch between the your energy and that of the other place! Many times you walked into a room, feeling joy, bliss and a lot of love in you, and suddenly you find yourself, in the midst of men or women who want to talk to you, they too feel love for you, some might even want to get to know you more. And you might have wondered, what is that? How did that happen?!

We humans are entangled with each other, in our quantum parts. So part of us are always in constant communication. How? As we just said, in a quantum state, there is no location or place in space where you can point to and say “this is where it is” with certainty. It is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. There is a part of you and a part of me, that is always there, always. It is the same part of me, and the same part of you, that becomes even one with these messages and knows it is true, without even knowing each other as physical beings. And so the message itself is quantum, is it not?! And so are each of you reading this, individually, one at a time, wherever you are, entangled with each other, merged with each other, in the quantum parts of you, for quantum messages have that quality about them, that allows for such a level of communication to happen. It isnt in linearity of the language itself. It never is. And so all humans are in an entangled state with one another. It is the reason why even group of humans, in a country, seem to agree with one another, feel comfortable with one another, even carry on friendships and disagreements with one another for decades, for they are entangled with that thinking and thought process of one another. It is the reason why hate begets hate, anger begets anger, not because anything is wrong or right, but one starts feeling what the other feels, automatically, without any reason or logic, isnt it? When your child is upset, do you “get” the upset immideatly?! When your mate or your friend is confused or sad or joyful, you feel it instantly, dont you? It is the same in individuals, as it is in the collective called state or country. This quantum state is a unifying aspect of humans. And so what happens is, in that quantum state of us, humans do , what is termed as entrainment. They entrain with one another. Entrainment is a term used to describe how groups of things, even objects like clocks, seem to synchronize with one another, without any physical connection with one another. Modern science cannot explain this, although this exists. Different clocks, put together in one room, will start calibrating themselves and all will, very soon, tick in a rythmn and balance themselves! This is known. Just the same way humans in a party will do, and all will dance to the same music, move their bodies in rythmn, to entrain with one another. This is graceful and beautiful aspect of us. This is the part of us, that is naturally empathetic, in harmony, in synch, all of the time. Whether it is a place, people, events, anything at all. Quantum entrainment of humans, has been there all along, even used all along by many, to entrain a group of humans into belief systems, ideas, philosophy so that all start working in that structured paradigm of living and loving. Humans all throughout history have been abused, misused, controlled and manipulated too, using these very same laws of quantum entrainment. Mass Media uses them all the time too. It is why they show so much negativity all around, so that all humans watching it, entrain with it, and feel whatever they see and remain in this dumbed down state. For all of you who watch TV you know that feeling very well dont you?

And now comes the new energies on the planet which is awakening all humanity from this slumber of millenia. how does that relate to quantum entrainment? In the most profound way you can possibly stretch your mind to. Let us examine some. Let us say, you dont even know what awakening means, or could not care less about spirituality or relegion or any such thing ever. Let us say you are the type of person who is only interested in making bags of money and buying fancy cars. Now, the awakening energies are quantum and ties in the quantum parts of all humanity. That being said, that soul who is awakening and that soul which wants to buy fancy cars and a huge bank account, are all linking up, so to speak, in this quantum state. Can you even imagine what would happen then? Do you really need answers here, or is your mind now racing at the possibilities that each of just those two humans would “get” from each other? And the beauty is, they wont even know where that “idea” or epiphany came from! If you ask each one of them individually, they would just say something like “hey you know what, I just had this brilliant idea…..”. Now you know, they are picking up on someone or something else, somewhere, somehow and are entraining with that person. Can you imagine now, 7 billion of us here, doing that to one another? Whose idea is it that you are picking up today? How did that come to you? More so, can you imagine what would happen, if more number of humans awaken to their quantum selves, and more of humanity “just getting it”? The dispensation of knowledge and wisdom on the planet itself, then, would become quantum, does it not? This is the reality that we are all moving into. Is it any wonder that people, common people, everywhere, are seemingly becoming powerful and claiming their freedoms, financial or political? Where do you think they are entraining their sense of this power from? Could it be, that their own leaders are entraining with their people and now the people are waking up and saying “that is enough!”?! Do you now see, how the humanity awakening is really happening, and even is on your evening news on TV? The good news is, quantum energies are benevolent and empowering and all pervading. There is no structure or linearity to it, that can any power or authority can grasp. They can only choose to work with it, or leave the stage, for in the new energies, there will not be any scope for them to stand up to something, that they, themselves are indeed contributing to?

Now here is a puzzle then for you, the old souls reading this. Where do you feel you are getting this quantum energies from? What are you entraining to? For you are all the forerunners of creating this new reality and everyone and everything is entraining in an entangled state to your power and presence. And so I leave you with that thought to ponder. The answers would create more entanglements, that is why!

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  1. So if we decide to entrain to the Light and higher vibrations, that is what others will entrain to through our energies, meaning that there will be more and more people waking up.
    Brilliantly put Arun, thank you! 🙂
    Love and (((hugs)))


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