Track of Time

Time and time again. How many of us have used that statement in our everyday life?! And so, what is time? The clock? The measurement of movement to get from A to B of anything or anyone? More importantly, what is time to you? Less? More? Never enough? Too much of it? Never quite the right time? So many of you, have been through almost all of those questions, at different times, now have you not? Ironical, that even that is in time, is it not? Another funny question for you: does time itself have time for itself? What if you are one with that clock or watch you are wearing? How would it feel like, to be one with it? You can do it right now , if you wish! Just become one with your physical clock. What does it feel like? Was it movement, or no movement in there, for you? If there is movement in there for you, what are you moving towards, you might ask? Or if there is no movement at all, within you, then what was indeed that perception of time you had earlier? For if you have become one with the clock and there was no time in that moment, time does not exist for itself too, is it not? Could it be, that this is the proverbial statement that most ancient mystics made, claiming that there is no such thing as time, in absolute terms? Let us discuss some more.

Let us say we have a thing called time. Let us also assume it is linear, a straight line, which goes endlessly towards somewhere. Now, that concept would present itself to you, in your mind, as perhaps an endless road on a desert somewhere, where you cannot see the end to it, but just a ever vanishing point in the horizon, would it not? Let us call that the track of time. So in this track of time, you are here, wherever here, means, standing, looking ahead of it. You have to be somewhere on this track of time, for you are here, now, even reading this, is it not? So in this “here” on the track of time, you are looking straight ahead at a “there” which is the track itself becoming a singular point on the horizon. And the scientist would have you believe, that you are looking at such a time, where you are here, you are looking at time without end and it just keeps going on and on, ad infinitum. Because the more you go on this track of time, forward, the more track is produced and yet again, the track itself always stays in the horizon as a singular point, does it not? Now here is something, that perhaps that even scientists have not thought of yet, or maybe they are. Let us turn and look back. Just turn around on this track of time. What do you see? Even from the “here” wherever you are, you see an endless track of time, moving in the other direction, ad inifnitum, and converging as a point at the horizon, which was your back, sometime earlier. Now, the track of time has suddenly become, infinite, in both directions, has it not? So it can be said from this experience, just of linearity of time itself, that time is moving, in both directions, for infinity. Now, for the sake of simplicity, if something has a back and a front, it must be a closed thing, or in a circle is it not? Do you have a back and a front of you, in physical body? Ofcourse you do, and so you are complete as a being, is it not? You close upon yourself and you are complete that way. In just the same way, if time is going forward infintely and coming from my back, infinitely, this is a circle of time, is it not? You could say, this is the “body” of time itself, is it not? There goes the linearity of time itself! So time isnt really linear, but has a back and front, which means, it is closed, and in a circle. Ok, so now, in this body of time, which is an infinite circle and you are standing on this track of time, and you can choose to look in the front, or at the back, walk front or walk back and move along this track, or stop at anytime you wish to and just observe too. So just on this circle of time, you have the choice of experiencing time, or no time, depending upon your choice being, whether to move or to stop. Also it is your choice to experience going forward or going back, is it not? So you can have the forward movement or backward movement in time. But we already established few seconds ago, that we are on a circle of time here for it is having a front and a back, and it is closed. In this regard then, where are we now? Are we in our past? Or are we in our future? And as this is an infinite circle of time, how much have we moved and from where did we even start, you might ask? Is that even possible? How can one have a starting place in an infinite track of time? Ofcourse you know this is impossible! There is no finite starting for something that has no end? It is as absurd a concept, as saying, finite things, have a possibility of existence in an infinite universe! Even infinity goes both ways does it not? So even infinity has a body? What if infinity is both time and no time itself?

Let us get back to the track again. So there was no starting point for you, and no ending point for you and you are travelling back and forth, as you choose, in this circle of time itself. Now let us talk of this track itself. Is this track singular? All the while you were imagining a single road, and you are standing there, without any references, looking front to a horizon and looking back at the horizon behind you and you could choose to move back and front at any time and move in both directions any time, right? Now let us see the track itself. Why is that singular? Now that we see ourselves as a person on that track, and we have established time in circle, in both directions, ad infinitum, we can also look “sideways” right? What about the “scenery” when you look “sideways”? Now there are things to your left and things to your right of this track of time where you are, right? how about building another track of time, parallel to this one where we are standing? It could be, right? So let us create another parallel track of time. Now, we have to start building this track here, for it did not exist before and we can keep going ad infinitum, parallel to this track of time, only to make it an infinite circle once again and come back to the same place where we started building, right? And so we can say, we created two timelines or rather two timecircles, did we not?! What if such a thing were actually possible? What if everything you and I are doing now, is on one timecircle and there is another timecircle that goes parallel to it, ad infinitum, which has a different set of possibilities and outcomes, for it belongs in a different timecircle, in which the “scenery” now looks slightly different than the one we were on before? And what is this “before” here anyway? for we are now out of time, coming on the timecircle, so where is the question of “before” and “after” here?! And while we are on this parallel timecircle, we can see the other timecircle we were on, and see all the events and scenery of the one we were on, as if we were an observer, isnt it?! Nice! Now, is it possible that we construct a third one, which intersects these two timecircles at specific places? Ofcourse it is. And so we build that one, in much the same way as we built the second one, only this timecircle, has a meeting ground to the previous two timecircles, is it not? So for a “brief moment” there is a commonality to these timelines, is it not? So some events (or scenery!) on the other two timelines are “common” to all the three timecircles that are there now, is it not?

Now how many such timecircle tracks can we build? Ofcourse the answer is ad infinitum. And how many intersections or parallel timelines and sceneries can we create? Again the answer is infinite, is it not? And in this space of infinite timecircles and infinite sceneries around us, what would be the next thing then, you ask? What indeed? It is your choice, is it not? Which track do you want to step into, to experience the scenery you would like to experience? Each timecircle ofcourse has a unique scenery to it, is it not? Could it be, that this is how you change realities? Maybe changing the timecircle you are on? Could it be, that it is as simple as choosing to be on it? After all, it was your choice to create the second timecircle too, was it not? Now, another step further to this, for this message. All the while, we were making tracks on a plane, or perhaps on this imaginary ground, were we not? How about up and down and all around? Now, how many timecircles are there? Or are we now, in ad infinitum, timeglobes?

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