Concept of Dark and Light

Once again, let us spend some time in examining something about dark and light, that so many out there, maybe including you reading this, are struggling with, regarding what is dark and what is light, spiritually speaking at least. For the time being, we are not talking physics here, but metaphysics. Or are we? You decide.

In any case, when we mention dark, what do we mean there anyway? Dark as in evil? Bad? Unholy? Cold? Calculative? Manipulative? Pervert? And while you even read those words, you are perceiving that energy flow in yourself, in those words are, in themselves, heavy and seem to drag you down, do they not? Now, all of those are just words in english language really. So if a person knowing english is even uttering those very words in english to another who does not know any english, will still sense the energies of the words being spoken and “understand” that at some level as heavy and negativity attached to it, is it not? Even you could feel that here, as you read that, and sensed that too! Some have called is association. Yes there is that part too, for we associate a lot of words with the energies or memories attached to them. It is one of our cognitive and memory capabilities built-in. So when someone says the word “bad” you associate that word with the energies associated with it, matching it with all your known memory about what you know as “bad” and the energy comes to you, sailing in, effortlessly! So do the rest of the other words in that list above create some energy vibrations within you, of an associated event, or a set of events from your memory and nothing more. So, you might ask, if there is no memory at all, or let us talk of a person who has lost all memory, does she still associate those words with the energy behind it? I cannot answer that directly, since I have memories, but even then, I would stretch to say that the person would still sense the energy, without any memory of the language itself, for it is not the word itself, but a cellular stamp of energy that is carried within it. Language is just a carrier of those energies, which translates them into emotions, feelings, thoughts and projections, in a linear understanding. And yet, what humans communicate, really is, energy and not language.

You could apply all the above concepts to light also, cant we? Light as in kindness, compassion, generosity, gratitude and so on. There is, yet again, all the energetic associations of those acts which you were part of or engaged in, sometime ago, in your linear past, which bring in the energetic remembrance of what those words felt like. It is an association of a word with energy of that moment in past. Even your cells remember it. Each one of your hundreds of trillions of cells remember it. All of the feeling you have had, up until now and later too. That is one part of understanding dark and light.

The other part that humans will associate dark is the unknown, unseen, hidden, covert, the one which hides and does not stand revealed, and does things from behind the scenes. In this context, light would be something that is direct, seen, perceived, observed and which one is aware of, consciously. This becomes then, the perpetual effort of humans to grasp within their understanding, all things unseen, invisible and unknown and any number of things that a human considers to be beyond their current perception or conscious awareness. And because all the unseen, unsaid, covert, hidden, falls in the realm of conceptual energies, it becomes a thing which humans cannot consciously control and manipulate, so most would end up classifying that as dark and light being the opposite of that. But even there, light is misunderstood, for then, light would be the antithesis of dark, in this context, so light would be all that is seen, felt, understood within the cognitive thought process itself, basically all that is in 3D, which, we all know is very limited indeed. Could it be, that humans were once able to cognitively access with complete choice and control of all that was unseen, unknown, hidden, with respect to 3D, and all other dimensions of existence beyond 3D also? Assuming that there was such a time, then within that reality of humans, there was no such thing as darkness, in this context, now would there be? For humans could feel, touch, manipulate and control all that was not visible to the naked eye too! All the dimensions that existed, all the mysteries of metaphysics, controlling forces that control everything in 3D, miraculous manifestations in physical reality and others, were, for humans, an everyday thing? Could that be possible? If you feel this is a fairy tale… think of this aspect you are living now, here, today, in your daily life and project something backwards with me. If you were to go back in time, with your cell phone, to Julius Ceasar himself, how would you explain it to him? Where would you start? The concept did not exist in humanity at that time now, did it? Maybe Julius ceasar would himself call the cell phone evil, dangerous, dark and so on. In essence, humanity has grown into the consciousness of manipulating invisible forces like electricity and magnetism now, and we use it everyday, in all the gadgets now, do we not and yet what if humanity had once been able to communicate with all dimensions, even beings from other places, and there was no real mystery or magic to it all, in much the same way as julius ceasar would have with your cell phone?

Everything in humanity, has always been presented by humans in spirituality, metaphysics and even science and mathematics, with a sense of foreboding, fear and anxiety, to all concepts, ideas and realities, that does not exist within the collective human consciousness of the moment. And yet, there are always a few, who first tune into this new idea, new concept, seemingly and bring that into human consciousness. Be it Einstein or be it the Witch in the forests. The principle is the same and has always been that way. An idea or a concept always enters human consciousnes in trickles, one at a time, and slowly makes its way to the masses, societies, countries and eventually the whole world, till it becomes an accepted reality and there is no real mystery or holy, unholy or godly or ungodly about it then. How does this relate then to dark and light?

Dark then becomes, a sumtotal of all that human consciousness has still not tapped into and light becomes something that humans have and use it everyday, in the context of unknown and therefore fearful. It is a built in instinct of physical survival that all of us terrestrial animals and us humans acting from that space, fear something new presented to us. Even an animal would apprehensively regard some new object presented to it. Caution, fear and apprehension is always there as a part of survival instincts.

The shifting energies on the planet are bringing to humans, a conscious awareness of all quantum energies, and access and communication with other dimensions. Humans everywhere are now beginning a communication with beings in other dimensions, some on a regular basis. To many this seems scary and taboo. If you are finding yourself in that bag, just remember the analogy of julius ceasar and cell phone. It would help you understand, that is it nothing special about one human or another to do this. It has always been the ability of each and every human to be able to do this and much more. As the energies accelerate and shift more, more of this will become available and accepted within humanity as a whole too.