Expansion of Consciousness

Everything that you have done, not only in this lifetime, but in what you would call past lives, and in other dimensions as well, as other “you’s” has resulted in expansion. Expansion of consciousness of you and therefore of the collective. Astronomers see this in the macro physical universe as an ever expanding universe. what makes you think it does not apply to consciousness itself? What if consciousness itself is an ever expanding concept? What if any concept presented, only leads to more concepts in an ever expanding circle of concepts? Does this happen in time and space? Or is it beyond time and space? Well, what if both time and space themselves are expanding to fit in the realities created by ever expanding consciousness itself? Does this relate to only consciousness, as in ones reading this or does it affect even physical reality? Well, the fact that you are reading this, it is affecting you and the fact that you are not singular but a collective, it is affecting all the rest too, would it not? So the fact that you are reading this message, it is simultaneously being “read” by all those beings you “were” as well as all those connected to you, here, now and in all those time space realities also, would it not? But, you might ask, how does my current life, my current linear past, account or fit in into this concept of expanding consciousness? That is the simplest of them all. Has everything you did so far in your physical life, added to your learning and experience or not? Ofcourse it has! You cannot possibly subtract anything from consciousness itself, even if, physically a person has a complete memory loss through an accident or something of a brain disease, even physically the cellular memory of that loss is still there, and your consciousness is holding that memory too.

This expanding consciousness, you may call life, nature, creator, anything or any number of labels you wish to use, but know that it is all encompassing. It has no distinction of tastes and preferences. It does not even have choice. This is what makes everything and anything possible in reality, be it physical or conceptual or any other universes. For something to be, to be created, to exist, even as a concept or a mere idea, it has to have a space or a vessel that can hold it within it, would it not? So the real question would be, what is that vessel which can hold, something as abstract, as a concept or an idea, you might ask? If such a vessel would be called consciousness itself, than truly, it implies, that the vessel of consciousness must have no boundaries indeed, for there isn’t any limit to any idea which can be conceived by any of you, at all, is there? And so there are no boundaries to consciousness itself, for, to hold an infinite set of possibilities in any reality, physical or non-physical, this vessel called consciousness has to become an ever growing, ever expanding type of vessel itself, would it not? Which brings us to another interesting question here. Was it then, that consciousness had a past, in which it was less and now it has expanded to become something more? You would say that in linearity ofcourse, since you might say, I am more wiser now, than I was, when I was a child ! And so is that the consciousness grows and expands really to fit the infinity in due course of time? Again, that would not be possible conceptually, since infinity itself is a concept and nothing finite can expand to encompass infinity itself now, would it? Infinity itself is a concept and a reality at the same time, and so is beyond concept and reality at the same time. You can say, that infinity being what it is, holds the bubble of finiteness within itself, does it not? And so the very concept and logic of you being finite and have to join or move towards or become infinite, is redundant, for it assumes two universes, one finite and the other infinite, which can co-exist simultaneously. How is that possible?! Infinity, because of what it is, can hold finity, but not the other way around, by the very logic of the concepts itself. And so anyone who is calling you limited, or fixed or finite, themselves are in ignorance of their own illogic, are they not?! Even you, each single moment of each breath of your life, even here in physical reality, even you, who are creating the wrongness of you, sharply in contrast to the rightness of you, already have all the wrongesses and rightnesses you could possibly create.

And so another interesting question then becomes, how many wrongs and how many rights can I really create, as this magnificient creator that I am? Even looking into your linear past, there are so many you have already created. Try expanding that box, with more wrongs and more rights! You say I cannot? Well you are, all the time, with or without your own awareness of it too! Maybe every wrongness of your incoming breath is made right by the rightness of your outgoing breathe. And maybe in this balance your consciousness is giving itself to all there is, here, now. And maybe in this space, is the purity of you, as the observer, as the enjoyer of all joy, pain, suffering, disease and love. And even as you observe that, you are creating an expansion of consciousness of all here, all 7 billion of them, are you not?!