Concepts of Creativity

Let us, for these moments, discuss what has been widely talked about; the subject of creativity. In that very word itself there lies embedded two aspects, that is the verb form of creativity which translates to a human being, engaged in the very act or actions that create or the other aspect of it, the noun form, creation, which is a study of everything other than that very act of creativity itself. And so right in the beginning itself we have two here, the creator and the creation. This very act of separating the two creates all life, all creators and all creation itself. And so this message, right there, is complete in itself. But for the sake of rambling on, and linear explanations, let us form a discussion about creativity itself, in concepts only, for each can be talked of in volumes of text, by themselves, and yet each human knows this, for a human is none other than both creator and creation, all at the same time.

Creativity, by definition, is opposed to repetition. If something is being defined and boxed as creativity, or a creative endevour by a group of humans in 3D, it is the act of recognizing a quality of uniqueness. Something that was not there a moment ago. At least within the limited 3D context of the humans you may come across, where you live, your parents, friends, teachers, bosses and so on. And so creativity breaches the oldness of things and brings in the new. Now the new itself cannot be defined yet, for it has not come within the framework of human consciousness itself, that is to say, it has not happened yet. If something has not happened yet, how can you begin to define its qualities or characteristics? And so the new can be anything at all. And so creativity, you might say, pushes the envelope of creation itself, that is to say, creation being defined as that which is, is broken out of its static presence, and here enters the creator and brings about something new, which did not exist in creation before. A simple example would be, the first human who invented or created a wheel. Before that creation, and even before the idea or the concept of the wheel entered that human’s consciousness, the wheel itself did not exist, anywhere. When I say anywhere, I mean within humanity and human consciousness, for the purposes of this discussion. In this context, you might say, the human that first created the wheel, first created the idea of a wheel, conceptually. You might also say, that from a set of infinite potentials that ever existed, he pulled out that concept, which is a wheel, and brought it forth within his human consciousness and manifested it in a 3 dimensional reality and a wheel was born, and you would be right about that too. And this is for some, who want to check if they are being creative or not. Is it repetitive? Then you are obviously not creative. That is the first concept.

Creativity, by its act, creates a parallel attribute along with itself. It creates joy. For it is the nature of the creator to create with joy. Whatever is that, which is being created, has joy associated with it, in the process of creativity unfolding itself. Although there may be a fleeting joy and satisfaction in the receiving of the creation itself, the most joy, the most bliss, that is manifested at all levels of the human being, is during the process of creation itself, if you noticed. Is it any wonder to you, then, that all humans who are engaged in creativity, that is to say, in breaking through acts of repetition, as we discussed before, are happier more amount of time, feel joy, to a greater degree than the moments before they started engaging in their own creativity?! The source of this joy, comes from the nature of the being itself, not just the 3 Dimensional physical human you see in the mirror, but from the essence of your being itself. The very act of you, engaging in your own creativity and producing, as a result, a creation, in itself is putting you, squarely, within the complete framework of your own being and that is why you feel the joy. It is you, powerfully, completely, in those moments of creation, getting in touch with who you really are. And this creates the feeling of joy, which is nothing else, but you, feeling the completeness of you, as a being. This explains why so many, who are engaged in acts of creation, are so many times, engrossed in the process to such a degree, that they lose all survival mechanisms completely. They don’t feel hungry, don’t eat, drink, or even go sleepless nights in a row, any care for health or a complete disregard for social appearances of make belief. For in the moments that they are in touch with themselves, none of the survival rules apply and all that becomes of paramount importance to that being, is being with themselves in that very process. This is the second concept.

Creativity is driven by the engine of inquiry and intent of the human being. A human being, who is not asking any questions, not being curious about this or that, or just having idle curiosity and no intent of engaging in the acts of creation, then, becomes a non-creative person. And such humans, you will find, is indeed, a sad and unhappy person. For there is the absence of joy, that state where one feels connected to one’s own being, one feels happy to be alive, so to speak. And so it is inquiry and intent in themselves become very powerful energies, do they not, for they drive the process of human becoming more joyful; for they start creating, and the creation in itself, then, becomes a catalyst to create even more. But since there are two here, let us examine one by one for both are unique.

Inquiry, starts by just asking questions. All sorts of questions. The more non-linear the question itself, the more powerful the energy of creativity and in turn, more powerful the creation itself, for the very nature of the human being is non-linear. All inquiry begins by the simple desire to understand the cause. The causality of things, concepts, ideas and creation itself. It is the whys? hows? wheres? of everything and every no-thing that human engages in. In that context, you can say that all those in spirituality and metaphysics are asking larger question of creation and creator of the creation itself. Sciences ask questions about how things in 3 dimensions and world around us work and develop around that. Art and music ask questions in a non-linear way, through color and sound which are quantum in themselves and so have no linearity of language in them. All are a search for cause, implemented in different ways, both linear and non-linear.

Intent is developed by the human consciousness in a much more complex way, for it is always there, and yet does not quite seem to manifest it, as and when they desire. For intent is multidimensional and even though human consciousness can create intent, the type of intent we are talking of here, is the kind, which dissolves any survival consciousness and a singular purpose of fulfilling that intent. When all you are aware of and desire to move toward, becomes that singular path of intent itself. That kind of intent, generally becomes a challenge for the human, for now the human has to become multidimensional to access it. For once that kind of intent is given, the rest of it follows by itself and it almost becomes a routine after that and the creation then, is just a normal sequence for that human. It is something that logically follows and not something surprising at all. And so since intent is multidimensional in nature you cannot approach it with the singularity of the mental intent alone. It requires all multidimensional aspects of you to integrate and become one with it for that kind of intent to manifest. That is to say, in simple terms, you have to become the intent itself. You would have to become this walking, talking intent itself. And so the creator who has become one with intent itself, then becomes a universal attractor of everything that the intent is intending to bring about and then all realities, all dimensional and indeed the creation itself participates in this intention and manifestation happens. Is this then any surprise to you now, that so many of you intend so many things, to create so many new things in your lives, and yet you practice and practice intent and you never quite seem to get there?! For you are just using linear aspect of you, to achieve something which is multidimensional in nature and mental intent is just a small part of the big picture here. If you are one of those indeed getting any of this, then you will never be the same again! For your multidimensional self, which is listening to all of this, and it is making perfect sense of all of this, is changing your very cellular attributes, right now and creating something new of it!

So the human is always creating. The human is born a creator. Creation then, does not become something that you do, make time and place for, get material things to start establishing an environment for it and get caught up with all the pedantics of it, but instead, it is what the human being IS. Both at the same time. Both the creator and the created, all at once. And yet, there is that energy of dispelling a mysticism about creativity itself here for the circle is now complete and you are now far, far more enabled, than when you walked into this message itself, is it not?

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  1. Very nice concept “Human, himself, is the creater and the creation….at the same time!”
    You explained the multidimensionality of human SELF in very elaborative way. It’s clear that you have explored your conscious centres very deeply and you are now in a state of explaining the unexplained.
    Nice post 🙂


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