Knowledge, Wisdom and Love

Knowledge is in the purview of your mind, reasoning and logic. All that humans have ever created on this planet, in the way of sciences, be they human sciences, understanding the physical reality in terms of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy etc are all born out of this ability of human being to translate their consciousness into a string of words, language and linear explanation, which then becomes knowledge. Haven’t you noticed how much acceleration even this learning curve, so to speak, has shot up, since the discovery of the atom, which is so new, just from the beginning of 1900s perhaps, which is just about a 100 years? In the scheme of a larger time frame of thousands or millions of years, this time frame itself is insignificant? Be that as it may, let us then talk of knowledge itself, for it lends to us, the tools of not only becoming more comfortable and in control of our surroundings, but also the transfer and promoting all the learnt knowledge itself, by means of language, as information to the next generation of humans, who then use this gift, to create a newer and more well understood sciences, more knowledge and a better understanding than the generations before. And so knowledge has its own place within the context of humanity, while in a linear way. And then is it any surprise to you, that humans have praised knowledge itself, they laude the souls who graduate from universities, who work in the field of knowledge enhancement, like scientists, doctors, engineers and so on. The honoring of souls, with an honoring of knowledge itself, who pursue fields in educating themselves and pursuing knowledge of any kind, is part and parcel of humanity, and has always been that way, has it not? And this is beautiful. Honouring of that which is helping each and every human being on the planet, for their next generations to come, solving the puzzles of physical knowledge of things around us, that surge human enablement, to an ever increasing potential of new discoveries, all the time. The human that worked through late hours, creating the first light bulb, through trials, physical challenges and the rest of it, and finally creating that, which helped to illuminate some poor farmer’s house in a remote village in India or Africa for example. Do you see, just for this moment, as you read this, that what you create, as a human fired and inspired by field of any science or knowledge that you are, that what you create, you have very little idea with now, of just where or how far it reaches in its potential, do you? And so the honoring of this aspect of humanity itself is appropriate is it not? And isn’t it ironical, that all souls with this gauntlet of knowledge often find themselves asking the question, what is it I can do better about this? What part of this puzzle am I not seeing clearer? And they work on it, in appropriate ways to their lives. Asking questions about that, which no one before them would ask, daring to cross mental boundaries of their knowledge forefathers, who left them with their life’s work, for they did as much as they could, leaving them an inheritance to carry the torch of knowledge further from where they left off? And it is beautiful.

Wisdom has a more human aspect to it and not necessarily does it study the physical aspects of world around, like Knowledge would. All that humans call wise can be translated to mean, more responsible, is it not? Although it is not the kind of responsibility that is preached or can be taught by means of a language at all, is it not? And you see this, constantly between any older and younger generation, even within a family for example. You can see the older generation trying their best to pass on the wisdom that is theirs, through their own lives, to their child and even though the linearity of the language is there, even though the knowledge is there, somehow, the wisdom never gets passed on, does it? This is a woe of so many parents, who read this, for they would love to see the children, somehow, take on all the wisdom of theirs and implant it onto their children, so they do not spend their lives and precious moments therein, to relearn all that they did, by the way of their own wisdom. So that they maybe more happy, by skipping those steps that lead them to acquire that wisdom. But since wisdom goes beyond knowledge itself, into the human realms, is it any surprise to you, that all wisdom, comes from experience and not from linear language, which would give knowledge, but never the wisdom which goes beyond knowledge? In some ways then, you could say, that from the realms of knowledge, of learning, of using the mind in its faculties we are now moving onto an area where, even moments, where that knowledge was acquired by the human, now constitutes wisdom. It is not just about the knowledge that the human is acquiring, but the human himself or herself who is doing the acquiring of it, in each of those moments, that would come within the fold of that person’s wisdom, does it not? So wisdom is happening all of the time with each human being on this planet. Age becomes irrelevant then, in this scope, since wisdom does not need knowledge, but experience itself. Wisdom only builds upon experience. So even the infant who just burnt his little fingers, touching hot food, has acquired some wisdom about that fact, with, further on, without any language or teaching, he will not do the next time. So one aspect of wisdom is experiential. Wisdom is also learnt, but only by experience. And since knowledge itself becomes an integral part of learning exercise, wisdom wraps around that too, but it is larger in context of humans themselves. And it is individual. Each and every one has to grow into wisdom of their own, for it is only gained from their experience and not from any teaching or language itself. Is it any surprise to you then, that all the wisdom of the ages is there, written for each and every human who can read, in each culture and race, for their next generation to read, in the form of scriptures, texts, philosophies etc and yet, the next generation of humanity relearns it all from scratch, probably puts their proverbial fingers into the fire, yet again, to learn the shoulds and the should nots of it all?! And so you might read all the books out there, all the wisdom from authors, spiritual people and the rest of them, and yet go out, and have an argument with someone in moments after you have read it, do you not? For reading about wisdom and even knowing at some level, that those words are very wise, does not make you somehow acquire them and make them permanently your own for you to use it, in practical, everyday life way, does it? And so this makes wisdom a thing that most humans really do not like, for they want to have shortcuts to everything! Each of you, would like the wisdom of the ages, right now, if you had to wave a magic wand, do you not?! So the very thought of having to go through the grind of life, so to speak, to acquire this invisible, elusive thing called wisdom, seems to be a puzzle to so many! Why do I have to make so many mistakes over and over again to really get it, so many ask?! Or why did I not learn it the first time itself, one asks after making the same mistake for the 100th time, but this time, learning it and getting out of it completely? If you can learn it from the 99th time of repeating that mistake, you could have very well learnt it the first time too, is it not? And this brings about an interesting aspect here, is that many humans you might have noticed, make mistake only once and move on. They never seem to hang on to things. Are they wiser now? Or are they childish to just run away from things? Only the individual knows, isnt it? There is no real rule by the book here, for wisdom is unique to the individual and can never be really linearised to a book. Is it any wonder to you then, that no matter how many volumes about god or spirituality you write or talk about, that no one really would become any wiser because of it, but it has to touch them, from their own depths? Although there is one aspect of wisdom that is transferable too! Not by books, not by preaching on the podium, but in a different way altogether, and which is not in 3D. Have you even sat beside a true master, a spiritual master or a true yogi and just enjoyed the experience of being next to them? Just sitting in silence next to them and nothing else? What if you were to sit beside your prophet or your master right now, what would it feel like to you? You feel their wisdom, do you not? Even without them uttering a word you would. You can say, you feel their wisdom. You can see it in many strangers eyes as you walk by in your streets too. You can look into their eyes, or walk by them and you can feel their peace and serenity that comes out of their wisdom, do you not? This is not linear at all is it? Some of them might even speak very simple sentences to your seemingly complex problems of life, and yet you feel the profundity in their words, do you not? And so the depth is not in the words, but it is something that vibrates your very cells, with a remembrance of what you truly desire in your heart, is it not? So we move from knowledge, which is linear, to wisdom which then, becomes a non linear method of transmission itself, isn’t it?

Love is. Love is the is-ness of everything that knowledge and wisdom have within them and goes beyond even them, does it not? Do humans who focus on knowledge have love? Oh yes, they do! They love what they are doing, as they are doing it. Do wise people have love? Oh yes they do! They too are loving every experience that comes their way, and they feel more loved, every step of the way, as more and more is revealed to them, each waking moment that they walk. So you might way, love is the cauldron in which all this stew is being cooked, is it not? It is the very vessel of all human experience and purpose then, is it not? You can focus and compartmentalize love, if you wish to, and say I only love this or I only love that and that is ok and appropriate for you. You can unfocus love and say I love all that comes my way, if you wish to, and that too, is as appropriate for you as the next person is it not? So love then, just becomes, what is, for it is physical at the same time non physical. It is quantum, at the same time it is limited, depending upon how you choose to perceive or receive it, does it not? Is it any surprise to you then, that some people around you, seem to be basking in love most of the time, in their life, and yet others do not? Is it their perception that is limiting their ability to receive love? Many times so, as you might have noticed, for they seem to be the kind of ones who would compartmentalize love itself, saying this is love and that is not love. Such an attitude of separation, is the very thing that would keep them from the very love they desire, as you might have noticed many times. Many times, you can see your best friend and what they would love too, and yet that very friend seems to be resisting that love. So they are keeping that love from themselves are they not? This is one of the things about love that troubles so many. They try to compartmentalize love, put it in boxes and call this love and that not love, not realizing, that whatever they have put outside the scope of love, will limit their own capacity to feel love. And because the universe itself is biased in love, it keeps bringing those very things to their life over and over again, so that they would love it finally and put it within their framework of all things they love. So is it possible that all we humans need to do, is adding more and more things on our love list? What would happen if you did that? Well for one thing, you would stop hating or not loving or creating opposites of love of more and more things and people around you, is it not? If love is unifying, then the very idea of separating or compartmentalizing is an antithesis to it, is it not? If love is the is-ness itself, then you can be focussed and unfocussed about love itself is it not? Which means, you can love one thing at a time and in the very next moment you can love many things too, does it not? And many times you have found yourself, bouncing around in love of different things. Many times different loves at different times in your day, months and years of your life perhaps. The feeling is the same, the objectification might be different. Just like the feeling of knowledge or the feeling of wisdom. And yet love runs like a thread through both, is it not? So if love is that common thread of unity that we can use, as humanity, what would be the possibilities, that lie before us, collectively, as a society, if we start releasing the ideas of structure around love, like love has to be this way or that and just let it flow everywhere and anywhere at all. What if we decide, individually, even in your life, as you leave this message, to just let love be everywhere around you, to hover around you, in you, in each and every moment of your life? What would happen then? For we just said, it is both individual and collective, so you have as much power as an individual as does the collective. And so as you decide, to release love from shackles of singularity and calling this or that as true love and excluding something else as love, your scope of loving increases and because love is, what it is, your capacity to love itself increases exponentially. This is the benevolence of the creation itself, that a high vibrating aspect such as love, can multiply upon itself and increase itself, without any external need or presence. Is it any wonder to you then, that when you feel that love within you, that you randomly start loving so many other things all at once and even though none of it makes sense to you in your linear mind, for your heart, it is all well, and everything is just perfect and ok in those moments?! Many call this love insanity, for it does not make sense to a rational mind to be in love at all. For love is not linear, as you might have already guessed.

And so what will you take away from here? Would it be more knowledge? Would it be more wisdom? Would it be more love? Would it be more knowledge about wisdom and love? Or would it be more wisdom about knowledge and love? Or would it be more love about wisdom, knowledge and love? As you see, each will do their own, and it is perfect the way it is, is it not? Its a good time to celebrate your life with all the love that is right there, everywhere for you, just waiting for you to see it then, is it not?

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