Your Higher Self

This has been so confused in so many spiritual circles and with lightworkers, so I would like to give some aspects for you to hear. It is not necessary that you understand then, for, once again, this is not in linearity at all and it is a multidimensional aspect of you that listens, truly that is all there is to it. It is no mystery here. These are all truths that you have always known, at some level. So let us discuss.

Your higher self, is the higher vibrating aspect of you. It is not above you, it is not away from the “lower” you. Your higher self, knows everything about you, what you do, each moment of each day and is always with you. Even saying it is with you, is a linearity, for it IS you. It is not even an aspect of you, for it is the totality of you. The totality of you, here on earth, and all the lives you have lived here. So your higher self, knows your Akash completely. And your higher self never leaves you, ever. It is you. It is the divine you. You could say, that your higher self is you, which is divine, which longs to communicate with the 3D you, here in corporeal body, living your everyday life, paying bills, working, playing, singing, cooking, doing the dishes, laundry, making career goals etc. For it is in all of this, with you, all the time. You can say, it is your angelic self, but an earthly companion, so each time you arrive on earth, your higher self is your partner in everything from cradle to grave. Every single lifetime that you live here or are ever going to live here on this planet. This is, in its essence what the higher self really is. In its simplicity. Now, the implications are enormous for each soul, as you can imagine. Let us discuss some practical aspects, of what it might feel like, when you start touching your higher self and what it may feel like, although this is a generic explanation only. Do not assume that if such things are not happening with you, that you are off track. Each soul is unique so is each higher self of that soul. Just the way each path is unique.

What happens, when you start touching the higher parts of you? What, indeed, is a higher vibration, you might ask? There are aspects of you that are divine, those moments when you feel connected with the world around you, like love, compassion, passion, joy, bliss, ecstasy etc. Each soul knows this within their deepest intuitive level, so it does not really need much explanation. None of this needs any explanation, for each of you is this. All this is, is an expose. At the same time, within corporeal body, each of you has a survival, duality aspect too, as we have spoke on in other messages. Both of these aspects of you exist simultaneously. Why can’t I feel my higher self? What do I have to do to get to the higher self? It is a rhetorical question of sorts, for the higher self, is just that. It is a self. It is you. It is not a place you go to. It is not a goal to be achieved. It is not a movement in time or space. It is just you, vibrating higher. Does that mean, when I am in love, or joy or compassion, in am with my higher self? Yes! Indeed you are, and you know you are too! Those powerful moments of love, compassion, joy that you experience in your life, are the moments, when you are vibrating at the same level as your higher self. And when you get back to your survival mode, eat, drink, work etc, and such, you can literally feel yourself in those moments when you “descend” from that loving, pure connectedness state “down” to the earthly plane of existence, do you not? It is the reason for usage of the term “higher” self. Because you feel a powerful vibration within you, joy, ecstasy, love, chills running through your body, hair standing on ends, with joy which makes you weep like moments of reunion with your mate after a long time, like the mother having the first look at her new born child and there are just so many in each of your lives. I just wanted to present the energy of what it feels like to be with your higher self in simplistic terms. This has happened over and over again, through all humans, through all of humanity’s existence, for the higher self of you is that way, it longs to connect with you and stay connected, for it is the divine complement of you and it always vibrates high. So what is different now, you might ask?

In these new energies, the higher selves of many souls on the planet are being opened up to old souls, to start with. Not that others are not feeling it, they are, to varying degrees, for they may not be much into esoterics or spirituality at all, much less know any of these terms or the full aspects of them. But old souls on the planet, the ones who have been here so many times through so many lifetimes, in so many cultures, races, religion etc, taking turns in different genders, roles and understanding all soul aspects of human life upon earth, are the ones who integrate faster with their higher selves in these new energies. That is the difference. It is something like, the higher selves of each human on the planet is knocking that door to the corporeal self of each, but it is the old souls, that are opening that door and letting themselves be integrated with their higher selves. This light, this higher vibrational energies when they start integrating with the corporeal body, everything changes. Even the chemical balance in the blood, the sleep patterns, the eating/drinking patterns, the sense of balance, and there are so many you can research out there, in the list of “ascension” symptoms in so many websites. The whys and hows are not the subject here, but this is more of an expose of “what it feels like” so that those old souls who are going to read this, or are going through it, might draw a little more comfort in the fact that they are not alone in this unprecedented phenomena on the planet. That is right. It has never happened like this before on the planet, so you cannot go digging for it in old esoterics, for those civilizations never went through it at all. So when something unprecedented unfolds, it is quite a challenge to understand it, let alone accept it, is it not? In fact, many old souls are fighting this a lot too. For many feel invaded, intrusion of privacy so to speak? The feeling that they are never alone and there is someone watching them, is all because they are integrating with an aspect of themselves. There really is no “other”. It is all them. It is you. You with you. So why does it change chemistry and the corporeal aspects of me, you might ask? It is simple. When we say vibrating higher, it also means, that the very chemistry needed in the body, to hold these kind of emotions need to be balanced, adjusted and recalibrated to a new level. Your body chemistry vibrates in resonance to your emotional and mental states all the time. Haven’t you heard of the healthy mind in a healthy body before? Mind and body are always intricately linked and if you are going to start integrating with emotions like love, joy, bliss and compassion to a more degree, more amount of time as each day passes, and if the earth and all planetary energies are assisting and prodding upon those very energies of integration, it follows that body chemistry starts to adjust to hold those kinds of energies too. Is it any wonder to you, that you feel like eating, drinking different things than before? Being around the company of different sorts of people perhaps? Changing your lifestyle, your mate, your relationships perhaps? It is all happening in ways, that only your higher self understands and knows what you need and when you need it. So it is not something that your 3D corporeal body or logic can do the planning beforehand you see. Even if you see it logically, how can a multidimensional aspect which is far more larger a field of knowing, not know what is happening in 3D and guide you accordingly? It is silly even to consider it.

We spoke of love, joy and compassion as the emotional states that one integrates with, when touching higher self. Another aspect is thoughts and inspirations. These are mental aspects, which are really a resultant from the emotional aspect which are released first. How many of you are finding yourself very creative, ideas coming in all the time, of all types. How many of you are discovering new talents within you, that you never dreamed of existed at all. Some of you are becoming artists, learning new languages perhaps, painting new paintings, presenting new ideas and concepts perhaps. All these are releases from your higher selves, into your mental constructs. So you might say, that you are integrating mental concepts from your own higher self into your corporeal form and structure too, and you would be right about that one! Some are feeling that dormant energies within them are waking up all of a sudden. Maybe dreams, maybe psychic faculties, channelling, clairvoyance etc too. All of this stems from the chemical balancing and adjusting within the brain itself. You can say, many parts of the brain which have been sleeping for very long are now waking up suddenly within you. And it is integrating with your emotional state too. Both emotional and mental states are being balanced and moved in a graceful way. Balance is the key here, for any unbalance between the two would be detrimental to you and your higher self knows this completely and knows how to recalibrate you to a higher level in the most perfect way, in a way you can handle all the changes and releases that come along the way.

All this sounds well, but I am not an old soul and I do not connect to any of this message at all, I hear some say. Well, we spoke of human consciousness intent before. That is the key here. The new energies are promoting connecting with the higher self. You can say it is for sale! Are you going to stand around and miss the opportunity here or are you going to get on it, and make it happen for yourself?