The Energy Of Disempowerment

Have you ever wondered, just how many humans, around you just seem to be swimming in a pool of disempowered energy all the time? Every and Anything gets them down. Many feel beat up by their life and they would tell you, from their heart, that it is because of what has happened in their lives in the past, or are happening now. And you know they feel it powerfully within them and many times, you see them acting and moving themselves to places, events and things around them, to solve that problem or issue. It becomes their defining moment, at least for the time the problem of issue persists. These are powerful energies, when a human is confronted with something external or internal, that drives the energy to move that human, from a place of stillness. So are they really right in thinking that those energies are pushing them around? Or is it that they are just feeling disempowered temporarily and the situation will pass away in time? Many self help gurus who have made millions with their bestsellers will tell you, that it is simply a state of mind and the more you make it habitual to think positive thought, that habit itself fuels a positive attraction in your life and it will bring in positive situations towards you. Sounds wonderful, logical isn’t it? How is it do you think they made their millions? And so many of you would have bought and ate a dozen of such books, spend a lot of time in book stores in the “self help” section of it, browsing for the next best idea, that thought, that would help you permanently in an empowered state? Haven’t you noticed, even you, or among your friends, that even buying, reading and recommending all self help books are a sort of addiction in themselves? You can never seem to get enough of them, and yet, the situations that crop up in your lives still continue to bring you down and you reach for those books once again. I am not trying to bash up the authors of such books, who do a wonderful job for the society, but I am getting you behind the wheel of the energy of you, feeling disempowered in the first place. The “it” that no one seems to talk about. Could it be more simple than all those books put together? Could it be that the answer within you lurks through the very questions you need so desperately to be answered? Let us see.

The energy of human disempowerment, has a human history to it too. And once we are done with this message, you might investigate more about it, and I urge you to. Humans have not always been disempowered beings on this planet. There is a timeline to this too and it continues to this very day. The energy within all institutions, be they government, financial, educational, corporate, all propagate this energy and seek to maintain and sustain this energy. The exposition and the story of human disempowerment is not the subject here, but it is more of a solution than presenting the problem. What that means, is that the human disempowered condition is not an absolute. You were not born this way. It is not even in your nature to be this way. In fact havent you observed, that since you were a kid, all, starting from your own parents, trying to stop you from doing any number of things, and were, at some point, really scared of you, for you were feeling all powerful and would even go to the extent of trying and messing around with things which could potentially be dangerous to your life too. What was your quotient of empowerment, if you will, in that state as compared to today, as you read this? Was your grip of reality more strong and positive, naturally then, than it is now? So, other than meeting and greeting a lot of humans, starting from your own parents, who were completely in a disempowered state, you did not do much else really, to become a “them”, here, now, isnt it? It isnt really in your natural state of being. And so that becomes the birth of all you rebels out there, does it not, of catch phrases like ” I was born intelligent, education ruined me” and so many bumper stickers like that you see floating around. Rebels who have a more stronger inner empowerment or old souls who are breaking out of the clutches of this energy. It is an energy that propagates itself, until a human decides to just move into a different kind of energy. That is all there is to it. So if disempowerment is not a natural state to be in, some humans must have created and propagated this energy within humans and humanity itself and the fact that it continues to this day, should tell you, that the group of humans who are engaged in this, must have some self interest and an agenda in maintaining this human condition. So you can say, that the energy of human disempowerment is an artificially created paradigm, one that has no absolutes and cannot stand upon itself, as truth.

The energy of duality plays its own part in disempowering a human being. We are not going to elaborate it here, for it is covered in other messages, but duality and the energy of separation creates a disempowered state for a human. And as we discussed before, we are multidimensional beings, which means, we are not singular beings at all. We are a collective in our essence of being, so we are used to being connected to everyone, all the time. Isolation is not a natural state for a human being. Isolation creates fear, depression and anxiety of the highest order in human beings. Is it any wonder to you, that even the most hardened criminals, when kept in isolation for days or weeks, growel, beg and cry out for taking them out of isolation? For it is not a natural state to the being. This is what I mean by pointing out, that togetherness is an absolute state of you, as a being. You are the collective, just you. And so anything within you that seeks to separate yourself from the one next to you, is that very energy, that seeks to disempower you completely. The very idea, that to be uniquely you, you have to be separate from another, or “do something different” is redundant in the face of empowerment, for human empowerment comes from unity and as a collective, for each of us, even individually, is a collective being and not singular at all. This is absolute and no artificially created human energy that seeks the continuation of separation, can or will stand up against such a premise of absolute truth. In this light, havent you noticed something simple in your everyday life? When you have a disagreement, a point of contention, an argument or even the extremes of shouting, screaming and all the human drama around any incident or subject with another human being, you cannot walk away from that situation, with you, within you being in peace?! You still feel the restless energy of resolution of that moment within you. You might walk away from a situation feeling like you are the winner of that argument or hate, never even talk to that person again, and yet you are in it, energetically participating in it, even while you are alone and it is seemingly quiet around you?! That is because you are used to feeling a connectedness with the other human, a connectedness in love, in unity in cooperation and not in separation and duality. Is it therefore, any wonder to you, that you feel love, beauty, happiness and joy, only when you are bonding, nurturing and caring for humans around you, or for humanity at large?! This is you. This is the nature of your multidimensional aspect of you. It is in your being. And it is beautiful!

The last one, and this is more for lightworkers and those seeking in spiritual circles too, for it haunts their very premise of what they feel and touch inside as their truth. For some of the most rigid energies that are carried forward, are ironically, by the most devout, religious and spiritual humans, if you noticed? The humans who are not at all into any of those and could care less, can be easily moulded and can adapt to a new idea, much faster than a person who holds fixed belief systems and faiths, if you noticed! The idea of god, creator of universe, multiverse, angels, guides, godheads, sacred geometry, philosophies about spiritual metaphors and there is an endless plethora of these around, enough, even for the lightworker or spiritual person, to spend their entire lifetime, lost in a maze of words, names, trying to decipher the energies behind all of these, let alone the purpose of it all. You, on the other hand, started with the simplest of enquiries, as a child. Who is God? Why should I worship God? What is worship? What am I doing when I am praying? And all those questions you asked as a child, did you not.How does this relate to disempowerment you ask? It has everything to do with it. For everyone, not just lightworkers, but I say more for them, since they are more rigid than their plainspeaking humans around them. The moment, from which you were told, that god or creator or by any other names in your culture you were born into, is external to you, more powerful than you and you should worship it, kneel before it etc etc, you were indoctrinated into a culture which propagates disempowerment and nothing else. From then on, it has been a non stop ride in that same energy. Do you see how profound that can be? So is it any wonder that the god known in most cultures has the same attributes that humanity does. Gods have wars, rewards and punishment, Do’s and Don’ts, even names! And then walks in duality and separatism. With which comes in whose god is right or whose is wrong. Even ones who agree everyone has one god is fighting over which one is right or wrong! That energy of disempowerment which asks you to look external for something bigger, larger, undefinable, all powerful, all knowing, all loving and one who can punish, put you through trials and tribulations, heaven and hell and all these ideas, only sets up a stage for you, to continually be seek outside of you, reason, logic, concepts, ideas, pictures of angels, demons etc, for something which is internal to you, pure and has nothing but energy of love and connectedness. Making something more powerful than you are is, in the same vein, making you powerless and helpless and yet most humans just do not perceive this. Do you see this in you or around you in other humans? Why do humans kneel before god in the first place? Helplessness? Guilt? Shame? All inculcations of a society that lives mired in duality, separatism and endless riddles of seeking divinity external to oneself. Do you feel the most powerful energy of disempowerment hidden in there? What is a human truly trying to get in touch with then they pray? What are they praying to? A concept? A set of ideas? A human being that lived sometime ago? Do you feel the disempowerment energy buried in there?! Now, what does a human being feel when they fall in love with another human being? All the joy, all the connectedness is there, everything is beautiful at once, all the birds seem to be singing a choir just for you, even the air that enters your nostrils smells lovely, you glow when you look in the mirror, you smile for no reason, laugh for no reason. In other words, you are being you, completely in there, your true nature, your connectedness, your divine self. And in those moments when you are completely in love, there is no confusion, there is no concept, there are no ideas, no angels, no demons, no heaven or hell or any riddle or puzzle of spirituality, is there?! All you know, that you are in love, and that, in itself, is enough is it not? If you do nothing else, but walk away from this message carrying that energy of love, and knowing that it is you, your nature, your own divinity that is always there within and it is the creator himself, herself within you, this is enough. You, are enough. You do not need to worship anything or turn over your power to anything or anyone. Ever.

The new energies on the planet are awakening the humans. All of them. In varying degrees. And these new energies are breaking apart and dismembering all aspects of human disempowerment, we spoke of so far. And that is the good news you can celebrated on, is it not?