The Energy of Karma

It could be labelled as probably one of the hardest things for a human being to face up to. It could be even more difficult to deal with for a spiritual person or a lightworker, much more than those not interested in anything to do with spirituality or the so called new age movement afoot. Karma. It has been known as an energy, in some of the oldest cultures on the planet too. And what is the energy behind that? Let us examine that for a moment here.

Karma is a push pull energy, that you bring in with you, when you are born. It is a collective energy of all your past lives, which you are living, right now and it is a self propelling energy of resolution. Resolution of what you might ask? The resolution of all energies that you lived so far, which remained unresolved by you. You, in the esoteric circle, know, that any energy that human generates needs to be resolved. Joy needs reciprocation with joy. Pain needs reciprocation with healing. Hate needs to be resolved with love. Division needs to be resolved with unity. In other words, each human comes to this planet and creates or builds an energy pattern on the crystalline grid, which stays here, permanently imprinted and waits, till the same soul returns in another lifetime. Now the signature is unique to that person as Gaia remembers as well as one which is in your Akash, and so as you come back into the crystalline, as a new fresh infant, you pick up all the energy pattern that you left last time around and use that as the starting point for this lifetime. So all your resultant Akashic Energies are with you, now, here in this lifetime. This is why the term past life is redundant. For if you are really living all the energies of all the past lives, here and now, it is not really past now is it, for you are still living it here and now. So Karma is that energy, which pushes and pulls you into situations, people, families, issues with health, prosperity etc which build around you, with you as the central player in it. How will you react to that person who pushes your buttons? How will you react to the issues you face?

And so karma becomes profound in itself, does it not, for it begins to be a definition of what many humans would give about why they have become the way they have become in their lives. Most, in fact would say, ” I am this way, for my life has shown me, put me in situations, with people I have known or meet”. In other words, they are saying, that they were dodged and chased by Karma around. And its true. They were. Maybe you were. Maybe you are now too. Many are happy and content in this prison too, for it is all they have known through all their past lives anyway. It is an old system and has existed on the planet for millenia. So you might say, the energy of Karmic purpose itself has a residue on this planet, energetically, which all souls are used to, and just seem to move with it, without even questioning it or giving it a second look, assuming things like “this is how life is supposed to be” or things like “that’s the way it is”. Haven’t you wondered, how some humans, maybe your friends or family, continue to be mired in their dramas, have same issues with a number of people seemingly unrelated, never seem to get a handle on things around them or stick to the same attitudes all their lives and consider their lives to be completely static and unmovable? Now you understand where that whole thing comes from. It goes very deep, does it not? So, you can say and see around you, that most of humanity itself, carries around their lives, day to day, living and working the Karmic Energy itself, which pushes and pulls them in all manner of directions. Karma does not ask you before delivering does it? It simply puts things in front of you, for you to deal with. How many of you have started out to get something done in your everyday, and something totally different happened or some person across the store counter with a bad mood that day or a bad attitude, completely spoilt your day, that day? Karma is like that. It does not care about your feeling or your goals or you in general. It is an energy resolution mechanism, built in, to resolve itself, one way or another, at one time or another, in one life or another. So, it remains and surfaces in your life, in the form of a human or a situation to deal with, to get a resolution of some residual energy that still needs resolution.

A karmic energy, once resolved, does not pop up again. Not in that attribute at least. That is one of the good news. Most of the times however, we are still so embedded in the karmic energy residual of the whole humanity itself, that it is quite task to be aware of it all the time, let alone acknowledge it as such and work with it. But there is some more good news here and that is that in these new energies, you have the ability to drop all karmic energy that is chasing you around. For, the new energies are of mastery, and victimhood cannot stand up in the energies of mastery for they contradict one another. What I mean here is, as we saw before, karmic purpose has an energy of victimhood written all over it. It is not an empowering situation when one is just pushed and pulled by energies that they cannot even comprehend when and where it is going to arise and what is really need to be done to resolve them, if at all, that day, that moment, they have the balance to even look at it that way! Do you see how it is a very impossible situation to live your everyday life this way?!

Now we are within a profound shift in planetary energies, which is empowering to the human and not to karmic energies. So, you have, within this energy of mastery, the ability to drop all karmic energy that circles you and move forward. And within the context of all presented above, just feel what this could really mean in your life, everyday! There is no more push and pull, no more buttons getting pressed! Situations still arise in your life, in the people around you etc, but you do not feel the tug of reactionary impulse in you any more. What happens around you, may not be necessarily be happening in you. See that energy? Isn’t that more empowering to the human being? Most of all, what could it mean to you in your life? It is not that life around changed, it is not that situations, or people or your even your family changed, it is just that you stopped being pushed and pulled around within, inside of you, by their own karmic purpose. So, you can say, even dropping of Karma is an individual imprint. It is not a collective exercise at all. For, you will observe, that even as you drop all karma, there will still be karma, chasing those people around you, no matter what you say to them, advise them or support them like. Dropping Karma, sets you free. Not necessarily those around you. And it is a permanent attribute, for once the energy is dropped, there is no need for that karmic energy or attribute to surface again, ever. And have you noticed, that even in esoteric spiritual circles, many who have indeed dropped it, have more value, for they know the profundity of it, and they avoid creating new ones?

How do we do this? Again, it has to be a multidimensional exercise which will seem inordinately simple in 3D, but it works and it works very profoundly. Give it a shot. Remember we talked of human consciousness intent? That is the key. Sit with yourself. Silent. And give intent to drop all karma that you came in with. Whatever it is that you do, to get into that calm, serene space of you, you with you alone, meditation perhaps, Tai Chi perhaps, anything at all, that you collect your energies back, center yourself and just be. In this space of your sacredness, just give intent, not to anyone or anything as such. Just a simple intent of declaration of you dropping all karma. The more profoundly passionate and emotional this intent becomes, the more you will find the release of karma, showing itself to you in your daily life. Energies of Mastery are here already. This shift is already here, already happening. Not some day in the future. Now. Here. Break free from Karmic energies and run your life, the way you always dreamed of. Unencumbered. Free. Joyful

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