The Akashic Inheritance

Have you ever observed, in your lineage, you, versus your immediate parents, that you may have really nothing or extremely few things in common with them, other than the genetic factors, hair color, eye color, height, weight maybe and just about any physical features, food tastes perhaps etc. Most of these are in the physical realm of inheritance and are very well explained even by modern medicine and genetics of today. The parental or the lineage inheritance. Sometimes it is even your grandparents to you and you may have more in common with them than your immediate parents themselves. And that is also well known and well explained. This is the inheritance factor in 3D, in direct lineage of physical. Here we are going to add a layer to that, something which you have observed, but it has not been quite explainable, and because it is in a multidimensional mode, you have to get out of 3D for a bit and “step out there” so to speak.

There is something called your Akashic inheritance. We have spoken a bit about your Akash, in other messages and here we shall go into more depth of how it affects you and moves you, internally, towards a particular propensity or actions. This has to do with, what in linear terms, you would call your past lives. Lives lived in the linear past, by the clock. So you lived a number of lives before and that energy, is imprinted in you. You brought that with you this lifetime. Now, it really does not become a past life, if you are carrying it all the time, even in this lifetime, is it not? And if you are carrying it right now, how is it then being displayed or how do you indeed recognize it? It is those few or more things, in you, within your personality, that you know does not even belong to your immediate family or even your lineage perhaps. Things you like. Places you like. Maybe even food, clothing, culture and people? Have you ever been drawn to places and people you are not culturally connected to? Have you gone to other countries and felt deep connection? Or even looked at the photos of other places and it seems familiar to you and it feels like you have been there before? How many times have you had this?! These are the very energies of past lives, that are alive and kicking within you as you come across them? In the new energies on the planet, these are waking up, more each day now, and surfacing into your conscious memory, dreams and thoughts, so watch for these energies. Do not be startled or alarmed unnecessarily by them, for when your Akash begins to open up, the connections and disconnections to past, present start melding in ways, that can seem very crazy to you. And each of you is individual. You have no idea of how many past lives you have really do you? This isn’t something you can consciously remember, for it is all buried within your very cellular structure. And yet, you seem to feel familiar with people of other races, cultures, places, even connections with total strangers, people you may meet and become friends or mates on the internet, soul mates, twin souls or whatever you may wish to call them, all part of the Akash opening up to reveal the energies buried in there to be exposed to your conscious self this lifetime, the one with your face on it right now. Has it ever even happened, that you look in the mirror, and don’t quite see the person who used to be there? What do you feel is happening in your mirror each day, other than those grey streaks of hair you observe and think you are aging? Akashic inheritance goes far more deeper than living in the comfort of your current 3D life, residing in the comfort zone of your current home, family, parentage, knowing you are like your mom or dad, things of your race, culture, choices in food and drink. They may be around you. The people perhaps who you know, who, one fine day, being meat eaters all their lives, have stopped eating meat completely, for they suddenly could not handle any of it and started causing them stomach upsets. It maybe your friend who is going through this. Or just the opposite. There maybe a vegan who suddenly starts gorging on meat of all sorts wondering if they are suddenly disembarking from spirituality itself! Or there might be an inner prompting for you to visit certain places on earth, perhaps where you have never ever been, perhaps countries that don’t even speak your language and you just feel like going there, maybe visit. Maybe certain types of music of your choice you suddenly feel cut off from and new music enters your life. Maybe you were listening to metal all your life and suddenly like tibetian singing bowls! It is more common in the energies of today than ever before, and so if you are the one reading this, and such strange phenomena has not started happening with you yet, do not be alarmed if it starts off all of a sudden.

So what does it do? The Akashic Inheritance? It is the energy from the experience of your past lives, which is appearing, releasing into current one for many reasons, in case you are wondering about the purpose of it all. Firstly, it is to connect with a broader aspects of you. It is not just the you, you know as the face in the mirror or your current life associations. So for those of you, who never believed in past lives, this is your first introduction sign that you had one! It is your wake up call. It is to introduce you to your own energies, lives you have lived, people you have lived and loved with before, who may now be in different bodies, different places, different events altogether. The connection of you to the older you, is happening now, here, so that you develop a more deeper sense of who you really are, a multidimensional being, capable of sensing, feeling and living those very lives, right now, here, in 3D, even though none of that lineage is applicable to you in any manner at all. You do not possess any physical characteristic or features that they do, their culture is very different to what you know, maybe never even speak their language, although you might be finding that many in fact suddenly get urges to learn foreign languages too. The scope and possibilities of what you may or may not connect to is so vast and so deep, as you might be feeling here already, that we cannot even begin to give any credibility to what you might be experiencing this very moment with your Akashic inheritance opening up to you. It is individual. This is important to remember, for you have no idea about you, let alone those around you, their mysterious pasts and this is another reason why it is brought forward. That, even knowing a bit about Akashic Inheritance is not enough, you must respect each path, for some might be feeling nothing at all too, and that too is perfectly ok. Second reason why Akash is opening up to those of you, to whom it is, is for the purpose of examination and reflection. Observe what you are feeling, thinking, dreams and so on. Do not be in a rush to judge yourself or others who speak to you about this, for it is not brought forward for the sake of your earthly judgements and proud proclamations at all. Instead, it is for you to be with those energies, in your own quiet sacred space, observe them, learn from them, for those very energies that surface are you, aspects of you, just showing themselves to you. Many times, it will be helpful, if you have the attitude of a movie goer. Just have that attitude as if you are in a movie, watching it unfold. For it is your energy. Something which you have created. Technically and in linear clock, you have lived that in the past, but yet, it is here, with you, now, energetically and has started tapping into your physical realms, your tastes, clothing, etc. This in itself, can be a challenge for many of you out there, since the events and energies that surface can be very poignant, sometimes in the form of the worst recurring nightmares or outlandish dreams, places or people you have never met appearing or connection to total strangers on the streets as their eyes meet yours and all these are very personal and you cannot even seem to put these in words, even to your close friends or family members. This is the zone in which you might feel very lonely in this journey indeed, for not all seem to be feeling or sensing what you do. Take heart. There are many out there like you, and yet they may never be in your physical proximity to where you are.

The buildup of Akashic openings get more profound and yet more simpler and easier to accept as the energies accelerate, so take heart in this. Know that Gaia knows this and is responding to your awakening within and is cooperating with all of it, each single moment. The most difficult thing, in such moments is to avoid talking to those around you, who have no clue about what you are going through, and hence this message is directly to you, if you are one of those right now. Do not be in fear. It is your Akash. It is your own energies we are talking of here. It is your own life that you have lived, experienced. What can be fearful about that? Follow your intuition, what you feel like doing, where you feel like going? Follow your innate, what you feel like wearing, when you feel like sleeping, what you feel like eating and so on. These two should make the journey very smooth sailing in themselves. For all those old souls, who have been on a spiritual path for long and are now having their Akash opened up to them, it might feel like all those meditations, headings etc no longer seem to be working for you. And this is ok too, for the process of awakening is not a linear one, that is there is no real sequence to what should happen, doesn’t matter who or which website tells you whatever. Only those aspects of you wake up, which need to be woken up and when your own multidimensional self is in charge of the process, all you become is a player in the matter and you are not in charge of it anymore. Rest in being out of control and do not be consumed by trying to control it, else you would be messing up your biology, sleep patterns, digestion patterns which might affect your work, play etc. Go by your own inner promptings to all extents possible. For it is you coming to your own surface, so there is no second who knows better, but the multidimensional aspect of you.

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