Living in Inquiry

All of you reading, have been asking questions, even since you ever started talking. In fact even before that as an infant, your eyes, even though they did not understand language is full of questions. Have you observed this aspects in a child’s eyes? It is full of inquiry. Curious about who you are, observing silently, without a language! And so you started your journey, even in those very beginning moments in inquiry did you not? Questioning, inquiry, is one of the hallmarks of being human. Curiosity, is inherent in all living beings. Even animals are curious, if you noticed. For those who have a pet dog in their homes, know of this. Put something new in front of the dog, it might tickle its curiosity, it explores it with paws, maybe bites into it, looks around it, kicks it and tries all the “dog things” with it! I am not speaking here, of such a curiosity aspect. I am speaking of an inquiry aspect, which is unique only to humans. Now how is curiosity any different from inquiry process you might ask? There is a small difference and yet it is all the difference which differentiates humans from just about every other species on this planet. Curiosity is always idle. It is temporary. Fleeting. You might just look at something, examine it for a while, move on. This even your pet dog does. Inquiry on the other hand, is a process, of questions followed by more questions. This only a human can do. And so even as a child, you were this curious one, always questioning things around, questions followed by more questions, doesn’t matter what answers were given, there were always more and more questions to be asked and you did ask them, did you not? And so what is the energy behind this human inquiry and let us watch those energies here together for a bit.

The attribute of inquiry, has some very profound energies about itself. First off, it assumes that you do not inherently know about what it is you are inquiring about. The very fact that you are asking the question, even you assume, that you do not know something fully about that yet. And so it becomes a time dependent quotient of learning does it not? In the sense, that some of the questions you asked as a child, you still do, yet your understanding about those very questions, are different now, as you read this. Maybe, if you come back to this reading a few days, months or years later, there will be that incremental change in your perception yet again, and even this message will not quite make the same sense to you, is it not? That is the way so many things in my life has worked, I hear you say. Yes of course. So one of the things that inquiry itself assumes is ignorance. The one inquiring, assumes, that he or she does not quite fully understand it yet. This one aspect alone, makes the very act of inquiry a circular reference of questioning, does it not? In the sense, one can infinitely ask questions and more questions about just a singular thing, and nothing else at all, and still there would be more infinite questions about that very same thing. Does not matter how many answers there are to whatever it is you are questioning, there are always more and more questions possible, is it not? It is one reason, how so many of us out there, can just spend our entire lives, just chasing one thing, or doing one hobby or profession and still have endless questions or things to do, even when we are old and toothless, is it not? which brings us to a very interesting conundrum, which I leave you to ponder. Is it, that there are more questions than there are answers, or is it those answers that are drawing me towards those questions? I am not trying to make a chicken and egg situation here, but merely taking you around one of the energies of inquiry itself. Now have we so far, not asked so many questions about inquiry itself here, including this one??! And so it does not really matter how many depths or levels of inquiry are there really; but looking at the energy of inquiry itself, knowing that it is very profound in just this one aspect. One of the most profound things that we humans create on this planet, in terms of the energy that builds upon the crystalline, is inquiry. That energy itself propels all movement, scientific inventions, discoveries, defines all progress, all newer forms of living, sociology, culture etc that have come and gone on the planet, and will continue to do so. If you want to know the practicalness of the crystalline grid we have spoken of earlier, this is one singular aspect of human, that should yell out to you, that humans are constantly interacting, absorbing and moving through the crystalline, to the next question, and the next question. Answers are something that just happen along the way you know! Human only lives for questions. What is the next joy then? What do I do next? How can I do this better? And, as we just saw, it can be as simple and at the same time as profound, as just inquiry about one single thing for this lifetime itself and nothing else too. So you have an entire set of humans just doing that: focussing on one single thing and making it their own and doing that one thing all their lives, spending all resources, time, money, blood sweat and tears toiling away in this circle of endless inquiry and opening doors to more answers and more questions yet again. And then there are others, who are questioning just about everything all the time. These are not as much focussed on any one particular thing, but they have inquiry about everything and anything and as usual, endless questions about everything. And right there we have that classic model of jack-of-all and master-of-one scenarios playing out, but now we see, that it all is but a difference in the mode of inquiry and nothing else. But let us see how that has been and will continue to help the planet the way it is. This is esoteric, so become quantum for just a second then you can get back to 3 dimensional reasoning. Now, let us take all those that are spending their lives, doing the single thing questioning, the master-of-one type of people. Their line of inquiry, sets up answers and more questions, and profound understandings of the one thing they are pouring their consciousness into! And this makes room for more knowledge in humanity to be known and disseminated. Now that goes upon the crystalline and hence, collectively, in the humanity’s Akash, it is available for all souls to absorb, grow and learn more from the experience of all those souls who spend time mastering one singular aspect. Now let us take the jack-of-all people. These ones are inquiring more each hour, about every conceivable topic, every subject there is. And so these souls are creating a lateral spread of inquiry energy, that is to say, they are asking questions in all directions, and do they tie in, seemingly unrelated topics, subjects, into a common thread of an answer for example you might find such people, in everyday life, talking at a restaurant feverishly excited about some connection they made between that painting they did and the same aspect of that at work or something they read in a magazine advertisement. Seemingly unrelated aspects they seem to connect like dots within their consciousness, because they are not singular but lateral in their movement of inquiry. In simple terms, they are questioning in all directions. They are not looking for related aspects only, very unlike the inquiry of a master-of-one type. These types create new subjects of inquiry in humanity, they can create new concepts, new subjects, create unconventional thought and wisdom, for they integrate a lot of seemingly unrelated subjects and intertwine them into a greater understanding, which, by the way, once again goes into the crystalline and stays there for rest to know and learn from. Now, what does the jack-of-all and the master-of-one teach each other then, in this system, you might ask? Profound. One teaches other in ways that help each other. The master-of-one gives jack-of-all the power of focussed inquiry, to maintain a line of questioning for a period of time, so that some useful answers are obtained and the jack-of-all gives the master-of-one the power of lateral thought, thinking in unconventional ways, to break them out of a trap and make breakthroughs in whatever they are pursuing by putting thoughts in their head, perhaps they never thought of, perhaps even in their dreams. Now do you see, how one helps many and many help one? Could this be a possible explanation of how humanity progresses in leaps and bounds rather than a linear progression? And so this one aspect of inquiry, has the energy of self propagation which is the action energy, you might say, the very act of inquiry, leads to more inquiry.

The second energy of an inquiry is creation. To create something out of thin air, seemingly. Again, if you look around you, even where you sit, just look at each object around you, it is the result of the inquiry of some human, somewhere, somehow and what you see is only a result of that inquiry. All creativity itself is centered around the energy of inquiry is it not? So you might just sit there, look around you right now, and just wonder maybe, what it is that prompted that human there, when he or she conceived of it for the very first time! So many of you have even thought of that very last sentence so many times. Right from a simple pen, to the leaning tower of pisa for example, you might have wondered, how did a person conceive of this?!! You could say, it stems from that act of inquiry itself, but again, the question then becomes a more profound one here: Who is doing the answering?? If all humans are doing is inquiring, where are the answers coming from? That is the creativity part of the human, that is being tapped into. The source, as each of you knows is intuitive, it is within each of you, is there all the time to be tapped. It isn’t physical at all, for if it was, there would be nothing left to create from a finite set of things is it not. Then we are talking about a static universe where nothing new happens, ever. And since this is not the evidence around you, you might safely postulate, that everything has to come from an infinite creative well within the human itself. Not naming or getting caught up with terminologies here, even that is so beautiful, just knowing, that there is the possibility, always the possibility of new, more, better, fresh. A fresh idea, a new thought, a new way of being all if you want to put it, is all there collectively as a soup of potentials in you, each of you waiting, ready to be tapped into, explored, become. What is it that I can do then, to tap this? Well, infinite as it is, this creative energy becomes an active component of your living, only in the energy of inquiry, for as we just discussed, the energy of inquiry is one that would wake up the sleeping potential within you at all times. And because we are singular in our approach, we select only one thing we want to do, and move with that. Even that is ok, for even in that one thing, there are again infinite inquiries you could do, as we just saw. So your potential even in the one thing you might choose to do is really, infinite. And so you pick a point, make a selection from this menu of you, and start the inquiry process. What is it you wish to do? Where is it you wish to go? What is it you wish to accomplish? And so on. What that sets up is you, going inside you, and wake up the sleeping set of potentials and make them active. What is the process that happens when you do that, you ask? Well, your intent of inquiry about whatever you wish to move into, sets up your creativity aspects to go out and pick things that you need, people that you need to meet, places you need to go to for your infinite databank of creativity, knows, the answers you need, which best suit you, your personality, your powers, your best happiness potentials too, even for that moment. So it is, you could say, self intelligent and conscious in itself, and knows what to do and where to go, what to select. What do you have to do? Set up the inquiry and follow your instincts. Could it be this simple? In its essence? Yes. But all depends upon how much energy you put in it, to activate it. The energy of your inquiry itself. So what are the questions you still have not asked? What could be, indeed the next question itself? Isn’t that in itself too a question? Have you questioned about this too? After all, you can even inquire about what you have not inquired about yet!

The third energy of an inquiry is joy. You might inquire about anything, create anything at all, but to what end, what is the real energy that moves both those very aspects, you might ask? It is the seeking of joy. Humans do anything at all, only to seek joy. This is the only catalyst that moves any potential to any reality, really speaking. There simply is nothing else. If, as we have talked before of potentials, there are infinite set of potentials that you can move to, discover or become, what is that attractor, that drives this in the first place? It is joy. Too simple? Yes. And that is why it hides in plain sight. You have heard all this from the masters, prophets to the CEOs of corporations, institutions, they all really “get” only one thing from whatever they do, or move towards it. The experience of joy. It can even be the joy of asking questions itself and nothing more too. Nothing wrong with that aspect too. Joy is a state of being, not of doing. It is a potential and a reality at the same time, so it is, once again a circular, infinite concept in itself. That is to say, joy does not require any conditions, or actualities to happen, before one can be joyful. You could be joyful just sitting reading this, or me as I type this. Or you could go out and do any number of things, accomplish life goals, make your own setups and targets yourself to feel joy at some future date or feel joy while you are on the way too. It is all really always there and can yet be a potential in the future too. In that sense, joy is all along the way and in destination too. And so joy really becomes the infinite present moment of now does it not. It becomes an experience and not an inquiry. Haven’t you noticed yourself and all humans you know, never question anything when they are in joy. Pure joy. No one does. No one, for example pauses to ask, why is it that I am joyful?! Others may ask that of them, but the one in joy has no questions. You could say in that reasoning, that joy is infact the end to all questions. Joy, you could say, is the only logical answer too. For it is here, now, in the present moment, as well as in the next moment that has not happened yet. But in the very next moment that will happen too, since joy is there, what is it that I must do, to activate it, and make it mine, you ask? Well as long as you are asking, the universe has to answer you. The system is that way, always has been. And so living this thing we call life, in corporeal form, in the everyday things we do, we now see a circular system of each one of us, activating, moving and becoming ourselves, redefining ourselves, all of which starts and is pushed forward with the energy of inquiry. Without that energy pushing and pulling upon you, it is all really static, and for lack of better words “boring” for the human being. Next time you find another human saying ” I am bored”, you know they are not asking the next question, and so you could ask them a simple one, like “what is it you are not asking yet?” for that very question sets up their questioning engine and they move. You cannot really move anyone. They have to do it all by themselves. For they have the complete system with them, carry them wherever they go, all the time. The system is one which activates itself. And it starts by inquiry.

Once again, what are you then, not asking this moment? Or what will you ask, once you leave? What was this message really all about? Is it about you? Is it about how you were created? Is it about love? Is it about creativity? Or is it just about inquiry? Most of all, what is the question, even this complete message has still not asked?

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