The Mirror Of Forgiveness

Become one with me yet again, for these few moments, for I cannot get you to understand anything intellectually here, but I promise, if you walk with me in steps and follow me here, with these words and if you allow it, everything will make sense to you and you can then walk out of this message, more empowered, stronger and more loved than ever before.

What does it mean to forgive another? There are so many texts, even every religion, every faith on the planet asks humans to learn to forgive. There are those, that even visit their houses of worship, just for that very energy of forgiveness to wash upon them even if just for those moments, become a bit lighter, a bit more light, more love shine into their hearts and their lives. Even the most hardened criminals or dictators the earth has seen, have come down to their knees at some poignant points in their lives, to beg, growel or ask for forgiveness or repentance of what they have done. So let us get behind the energy of forgiveness itself for a moment and see what it is. Indeed, what is one asking really, when one is asking for forgiveness? Is it to a who? Is it indeed even to another human or a set of humans that one asks of forgiveness? Or is it god or creator, in whatever name and form each wishes to, that one is asking for forgiveness? Whether it is god or creator or a human, the energy of forgiveness that pours out of the human heart is just the same here, do you feel that? Now be with that energy of forgiveness, here for a moment. Hold that energy, for it will become clearer, as we move along. Now, some have even called this energy as asking for grace, mercy, salvation, redemption and so many other words and yet you can feel, right now, that this energy you are holding, one of forgiveness is quite the same as all of those words, is it not? So you might wonder, why is it that the human is asking another (god or human or anything at all) for this energy? Is it, that the human himself or herself does not have it in them to move past, forgive and become lighter in the heart? Or is it that they are so encumbered and trapped in a circular logic, reasoning, the cause-and-effect, tit-for-tat, a-shot-arrow-never-comes-back type of vicious circles, that they feel helpless to get out of this perpetual cycles that seem to haunt them, sometimes for years and decades?! What if it is none of those things, and it is far more simpler and easy to just forgive anyone, as it is, to breathe air? Could it be this simple? What if you could become so powerful, that once you have this in your hands and heart, you can dish out forgiveness to any and all you know, in your own personal lives and not only that, but in each and everyone you would come across after reading this message, right down to the leaders of your state, the terrorist, or your noisy neighbor? And what if you could use this energy every day, to forgive everyday, all around you, just because it is pure, loving and above all, it leaves you content, light, free and unencumbered of any heaviness within you, so you sleep like a baby at night, with a divine smile of contentment and peace that surpasses any understanding? And what if this energy of forgiveness, just does not last for a day or an hour, but becomes permanently a part of you, so it is always available to you, all the time leaving you forever burden free inside? Would that be worth something to you?? Perhaps it is that energy that each and every human is really asking for, when they ask for forgiveness, is it not?

So how do we do this, you ask? First of all some basics. You cannot forgive with words. It simply cannot be done and you have to get out of this mode of using words for forgiveness. There is so much said everywhere about using this word or a set of words or endlessly praising god or any such thing and it is simply not the truth. For words are linear and forgiveness is not. They simply are of different energies and never match up. Havent you noticed, that when you say words to another human, asking for forgiveness, most times the other person does not feel anything at all? Worse, many times they are irritated or get angry by your very act of asking for forgiveness?? What does that yell to you? Stop doing that. For that is not possible. Next, forgiveness is not done, by asking another entity or god or creator or anything outside of you to do it. It never is, and never will be. For forgiveness is what you are engaged in, not anyone outside of you. Asking any external agency or force outside of your own essence for help in forgiving is as lame as asking someone else to chew, eat and swallow your food for you. If you have been doing that, stop that right away, for that, once again, as you very well know, has not worked for you now, has it?! Both of these being said, we have now arrived at a point, where words are unnecessary and others, not even what you would call god, can help you forgive. Well, then only one person remains here. You. Only you can forgive and not without words. Does that tell you something else? Yes, forgiveness is done energetically. As you held the energy of forgiveness in the first part of this message, where was this energy? It was within you. You felt the power of forgiveness. You felt the energy of the human asking for forgiveness, even the most hardened criminal, did you not? Forgiveness is done energetically. And since it is a part of you, your being, you can always use it, all the time, anywhere and there is no dependence on anything or anyone externally, really here, is it?

For this next part, you have to become even more quantum, so it might be an exercise for some of you and for many others, this would come naturally. There is no judgement in this, just a relative level of vibration that you carry, that is all. Forgiveness cannot be done singularly. You cannot stand in isolation, consider that person or human or a set of humans separate from you or different from you and stand at the same time in the energy of forgiveness. It simply is not possible that way, for forgiveness is quantum and it is not located in one place or with one human. It can never be. It pervades everywhere, in much the same way, love does. And it is a natural state of your being and therefore, always available for you to stay within. The energy of forgiveness comes embedded within the energy of unity and oneness. What this means in simple terms, is that you have to get yourself, energetically, internally, within your heart, to a state, where you feel one with the other person’s heart, who you ask forgiveness for. How do I do this? For one, you have to know, and you do actually, that all hearts are really one and there is no real separation between your heart and that of the other person who you ask for forgiveness or who you want to forgive. You know this. Each of you do. No matter how heartless or cruel or inconsiderate or rude or imbecile or evil you think that other person is, deep inside, even as you read this, you know so well, that even that person is just another heart, which feels, desires and moves himself or herself in the direction of their own joy. Anyone seeking joy, must have a heart, is it not? Does it really have to be any more complicated than such a simple litmus test here? Or do you really need volumes of text or any guru or spirituality to tell who is heartless and who is not and spend endless hours in verbal linearity or ramblings of the mind to figure this out? So you all you need to do is, two hearts, just hearts, you and the other person, become as one. You can do this anyway you choose, but I shall present a little exercise here, very hesitatingly, for humans tend to make a doctrine out of everything and this is not what is meant here. And yet, what tops the list, is to be make you permanently enabled with the energy of forgiveness, so you never feel burdened or heavy ever again in your entire life, so I shall give it here. Again, you can try whatever works best for you, for you are unique and special in your approach, but the seed is the same. As long as you are in unity with the other person, this is easy to achieve.

Find a quiet place. Close your eyes. Imagine for a moment, your heart and the other person’s heart standing facing one another. Not as physical, but as two balls of light, just for the sake of removing any physicality, for imagining the other person’s face or physicality maybe powerfully distracting in the beginning, but you can do it with their face too, as you get good at this. And now, to bring in the energy of forgiveness, unity is essential. And so forgiveness is both ways, always. If you are asking for forgiveness, ask the other heart, to forgive you, in the same energy as it would ask you for forgiveness. This is easy for anyone to do, for it is like asking the other person to taste the same food you are tasting. All you have to do is make the offering of your plate, and the other will get the same taste you do in your mouth. So when asking for forgiveness, ask to be forgiven, in the same way, that they would ask for forgiveness to you or anyone else in their lives. What does not matter is, who is it they would be asking their forgiveness for. What does matter is that energy of their heart, which asks for forgiveness to whoever they wish to ask at any time past, present or future, to come into this space of the two of your hearts, here and now. And the other heart knows this energy so well, for it knows what is it to ask for forgiveness. And so, in that very act of you, asking the other heart, to forgive you, in the exact same way, as they would ask another of forgiveness, you have invoked the energy of forgiveness between you both and have become one energy. There is unity here. Suddenly, the separation of the two is gone and all the veil of heaviness of duality, ego, the hurt and pain, the anger, the jealousy, the temper and all that burden just dissolves before you two hearts, and all that remains is love and compassion. And so suddenly, do you not see and feel here, that it does not matter whether you are the one asking for forgiveness or one who is seeking to forgive, for the energy of forgiveness is the same between two hearts. The same heart that asks for forgiveness to another can ask in the same feeling and energy as the one that asks to forgive. For each heart is the same. And that is your permanent victory over all your challenges to forgive. Now, if you are really getting this energy, can you now forgive even groups of hearts, for one, or two or many, all human hearts are the same are they not? All of them seek joy do they not? Can you take this away with you permanently and live within this energy, make it your own, most importantly, just use it each and every day with all you know and wish to either forgive or be forgiven from and never have to go to bed each day, with any heaviness or pain or guilt or shame ever. Ever. Take back your glory and purity of just being the loving, compassionate you, once again. Do not be surprised, once you start using this, if you have miraculous physical healing too, for what is your emotional healing, could well be translating itself in physical, for we are all multidimensional beings in the end, are we not?