Belief and Knowing

This is something that not only every lightworker should be aware of all the time, but each and every one reading this or will ever read this should be aware of and practice it in every single day, as often as possible and if its a bit of a stretch, see it each possible moment of existence between your physical reality to your multidimensional self, both of which are always with you, all the time.

Let us start to expose what the energies of a belief truly is. Some have said, a belief is nothing more than a constant set of thoughts, thought over and over again and reinforced to such an extent, that it now becomes the truth of the human being. And so it assumes, that any concept or idea, no matter a fact or fiction, can be made into a belief system of a human or an entire set of humans. And that is true to the extents of mind, of 3 dimensions and all psychology which is nothing but the realms of physical reality and one which is bound by mental studies. Is this not, how all the religions of the world are created? Is this not how texts are written and fed to little children over and over, to create generations of humans living within a fabricated constructs and fiction, fairy tales, humanized concepts of heaven and hell, reward and punishment, wars and peace even in heaven and so forth. And this was old energy. Old energy has had all kinds of belief systems upon the planet, doesnt matter where you go on the planet, each has their own versions of it. And the systems, doctrines and texts which have all been fabricated by men and women throughout the old energy, have been built around messages of love, compassion, truths all given by prophets, masters, saints who have all touched their multidimensional self in their civilizations. And so a beautiful, pure message of the master, the saint, the prophet, is adulterated by the limited mentalized concepts of control and domination by a few astute individuals in each culture, each race. Most of you know this, even as you read this. Many of you, sense this awakening happening all around, each country, where young people, even older generation are beginning to shift their perceptions, beliefs, and questioning it all. This questioning is part of the shifting of old energy to the new, where something larger, more encompassing, is flooding each and every one of the 7 billion humans on this planet. A belief system is old energy. No longer will any of your belief work for you, not because it is outdated. Not because whatever has been your faith, religion is untrue, but the human is evolving to an extent where they perceive truth directly, and not via a system of words, language or any single master or prophet. Can you imagine such a vast change?

Knowing. What is knowing? Knowing is not in the scope of your mental frame of conceptualized thinking or thought process. Knowing is not in the purview of your 5 physical senses either. Knowing is what many in metaphysics and even medical sciences have put a label on, calling it “the sixth sense”. Let us move past labeling and into the examination of the energies behind what we call knowing. Knowing permeates your very being. Knowing being multidimensional, is everywhere in you, around you. It is one of the reasons, one cannot place a physical location in you, for where your knowing comes from. Sometimes it seems to come from outside of your physical body, sometimes from within your body and yet, so many even in spiritual circles, struggle to grasp this, would like to place a location, a chakra of the human body or here or there. This is an attitude of constructing a mental construct around knowing, so they themselves can put it into a box. And this is normal too, for the mind in 3 dimensions, used to labels, putting intellectual ideas, words, language is prone to such a habit, is it not? Even a pure, multidimensional feeling of love, has been put into so many boxes, that you have so many loves, types of loves, love for this and love for that and 1000s of books written on each. Ironical isnt it, that all of them have no way of getting that feeling of love within you, but only mere dry words and language and at the end of the day, you are left more confused, feeling more alone, feeling more farther from truth than you have ever been, although you have been reading about love?? Why is that, you ask? It is because love is multidimensional, it can only be felt, known and not explained in words or any language. And yet you can feel that love, from your favorite poet even in those words. How is that? Is it in the words? Or is it that I am one with the poet in those very moments, feeling all he or she felt. Its a quantum state you are in and both you and poet are one. If you get to be in such a state, you are one with another heart, that energy, of that poet, whose energy is still on the planet, on the crystalline grid, eventhough the poet no longer is here in the physical. Do you now understand how is it, that we enjoy all the music masterpieces of music, the mozarts, the da vincis of the planet? Knowing is like that. You know within and without. It cannot be located, given a placeholder in space and time, for it is spaceless and timeless. And so eventhough I may suggest you do not use your mind to compartmentalize, singularize or try to understand love, joy, laughter, sadness, tears you would still do it anyway, for the mind, is never comfortable with something happening in reality, that it cannot wrap itself around. Know that this too is normal and there is no judgement or criticism of any human or approach here. It is just an expose of the energy behind the mind vis a vie the energy of knowing. Knowing is the new energy. Humans all across the globe, everywhere, common men and women, are feeling this knowing enveloping them. They get ideas suddenly, inspirational, profound, answers to challenges in their lives that they are trying to solve for a long time just occur to them out of nowhere, maybe even in the middle of the night, their capacity to love, to see the drama in their lives so that they can see compassion for another human who might be going through the same thing they are, all of this and so much more, is happening, right now on the planet. To ordinary men and women. While doing their daily chores, laundry, dishes, work, play etc. It has no source, no place, no book, no prophet, no institution that provides it to them. They seem to just know, just “get it” in their own way, for whatever is unique, individual and perfect for them and only they know how to use it in the context of their own lives. Do you feel this? Do you see how knowing goes far beyond what mental linear approach can ever conceive of? And is it not good news that the whole planet is awakening to their own inner knowing and are breaking through old energy called belief?

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