Hidden in Full View

This is something that is so difficult to put in linear words, and yet let us attempt to walk with you, gentle sometimes, hard sometimes. And that is the usual way we learn everything in life is it not? So walk this journey of words with me and follow me here. And yet what is being spoken is beyond what your mind is trying to assimilate it. If you follow that, you are beginning to get what is really being told here. The message behind the words and not mere english language itself.

Have you seen, so many times, that something that you are looking for, let us say, your misplaced pen, and it is that last minute when you want to get out of the door, rushing for work or school, and you are scrambling for it, looking even in the vaguest of places, below your pillow for example! And after all the running around, you find it sitting right there on the table, in plain view, and you missed it all along. Just a simple everyday example of finding something that is hidden in full view. It was right there all along and yet you missed seeing it sitting right there. And so many of you have heard, that even finding your truth, your god, your core, your true self, your love is just quite that way. Every time you reach for that self help book, go through scores of them, spend your time going to all those spiritual groups, seminars, meditations, hours and hours of thinking, reflecting, pondering your purpose and meaning of life itself. Sometimes after something tragic in your life, sometimes after the death or loss of a loved one, sometimes after a loss of something you were seemingly very attached to, something that you thought you could not live without. Children do it even after a loss of a chocolate bar and you would laugh at that as a parent. And yet even you, as a parent would go through the very same emotion, in what you would be attached to and you lost, let us say your bank balance, your job, your successes, your property, your health or any number of things that you would have craved for, your benchmark of success and achievement, that you would claim to stand tall, in front of your family, friends and colleagues. Is the emotion not the very same, even though the object has just varied in scale? Are you watching that energy with me here?

So it does not become the question of what is being hidden in plain sight, but rather, of the energy of what could be hiding, when it was right there all along, is it not? For so many times, in your life, in those little moments that you sit and ponder, do you now see the crack that opens up and you see some aspect of your life that you have been trying to solve, some difficulty, some math problem that you were not able to get around with, some relationship issue you have been working on, some challenge at work that you have been trying to get your head around, or just about anything at all, and there comes that little truth, opening up to your consciousness, those little AHA moments, when you realize, the truth of that, when all along, it was just hidden in plain view, you could have seen it all along, just like that pen, and yet it always seemed to escape you, just like the pen did, when the pen did not move, it did not hide, it was right there, in front of you and yet hidden. Could it be possible, that I can discover everyday truths this way which would make my life so much more easier? I hear your frustration with this. Could it be, that I could have this connection 24/7 all of the time? Now would that be something! Knowing solutions even before the problem materializes before you? Finding that very answer, that was always there, you see it even before people around you do? And all you have is answers, answers and more answers. Could it be possible that you move from that mode of questions, questions and more questions to only answers, answers and more answers all of the time? And then you do not have to run around looking for answers to your puzzles of life itself, in every nook and corner that you can find? Could it be possible that it all, could be hiding, in full view, of you, where you walk and live, in everyday life, and you are still looking around for your misplaced pen while it sits there, just waiting for you to look at it?? Sit down for a moment, alone, with you and no disturbance, and ask yourself, what could this be? Is this possible? If so, how can I access this? More so, how do I constantly carry this type of energy around with me, each moment and never feel alone again?

along the same lines, there is another thing which we could bring to attention and expose the energies. It somehow relates to the topic, and yet it more than that. Have you ever wondered, what stops you from your own full bloom? Each one of you knows yourself the best. Your talents, your specialties, your place of power. What you are good at and something that you do most naturally. Something that you do not really have to spend much time, in honing the skills for, not much practice needed. And you know what I speak of. For it is individual to you, it is your real specialty. You are a natural born expert in that something. Some of you may have found this misplaced pen and some of you have never even thought or given much attention to it. And yet it is like the misplaced pen in some way is it not. For you find that you have it in you all along, and yet you ignored it, did not cultivate it or thought it was not important to do, was not a good career or that people around you, people you call family, friends etc will not like it, will not approve and so on, and completely left it locked in your shelf and forgot all about it. Like the misplaced pen. And so how many talents like that do you have hidden in plain sight of you? What are those hobbies in you, that could make you a millionaire, for there are millions out there who would admire you for it, and yet you are stuck in some old rut of a career, a job or a relationship that you are subscribing to, for the sake of social appearances, and then you find yourself begging and crying for millions, when all you had to do, was take up that pen, which is right there in front of you, waiting to be picked up for you and to write the destiny of your own life?

And you might have seen so many humans do this each day. You might meet a total stranger on the street, whose talents you perceive clearly too, they do too and yet they do not become it. Have you ever wondered why so many things are always in plain sight and many times we know of this, even intuitively and see it, yet ignore it and pass on? Is this fear? Sometimes yes, but not most of the time. Could it be, that the very thing you seek, your very power and presence is so awesome to you, that you are hesitant to claim it? Could it be such a paradox that your greatest love is also your greatest fear?? Could it be, that what you perceive as nothing, that simple cartoon, that you draw so well and your passion it is, but you do not regard it as anything significant, when it could be all you do for a living, and make millions and live happily and successfully and have all that you wanted from life?? Sit down today, quietly, and ask yourself, could it be, that I am afraid to claim my own grandness? Could it be that the very love I crave and expect to have in my life, I am most afraid of, when it actually comes in sight? If so, what really stops me from claiming my own majesty and power? Is it low self image, as many claim to be? It cannot be, for your power is yours and it is always there within you, and most of you, even a child, knows what they are good at and something that they like to do all the time too. There is not even an energy of boredom in there, is it not? When you are in your zone of becoming more and more, of what you are, there is no time hanging on you, no boredom, sometimes even no hunger or thirst. That is how powerful it is! Just you with you. There is no other really. Is there? Time to claim it. Time to just go for what you know is your majesty. There really is no step to take, no books to read, no manuals for success, except you with you. You are your own misplaced pen. Go claim it. It is hidden in full view. And yet you are with it every day and night. So how can you lose you? It is impossible is it not?