The Blessed Humanity

A mother with her sick or a hungry child knows of this. A human without a job or money knows of this. A child trying to grasp the difficult lesson at hand, knows of this. A leader of a country with the enormity of the problems that lay upon his lap waiting to be addressed, seen, solved, knows of this. The mullah in the mosque, giving the call of prayer every single time, through his life, knows of this. The terrorist, with a bomb strapped to his back, knowing this is his last meal, walking toward his death, knows of this. The scientist in his lab, working for years on a complex puzzle, knows of this. The surgeon, with a difficult tumor to remove, standing there with the scalpel in hand, deciding the first cut, knows of this. The athlete who is practicing to break that previous record of the triathlon, knows of this.

And so all those poignant points of human life, where the potential meets reality, is where each human knows this, feels this and feels it all appropriate and true. At those points where gender, race and all those social bindings become irrelevant and redundant, is where a human has always emerged as something bigger than what they thought they could possibly be or what they considered possible to manifest. And so you might ask, what is it that every single human inherently knows, takes action, moves toward that potential of his or her own becoming? And here is where it gets fuzzy for here is the zone where linearity meets the multidimensional. This is where the rub is, you might say. The duality aspects of survival and success meeting the multidimensional aspects of becoming the being, incrementally. So each day, wherever that day might be on the planet, the human wakes up, opens his or her eyes, to a new set of potentials, a new set of possibilities and a whole set of decisions to be made, even if all they consider, is a routine day. There is always that incremental change. And in that incremental change, creeps in more of the human being. In that incremental way, comes in more creative benevolence, more compassion and more love through the human on to the planet. To be aware of this each day is one thing and to carry on as if it was just another day, another routine and nothing has changed in my life; that approach is just duality and it is appropriate, true and there for a reason too. And yet, even in those very moments, there are opportunities for more poignant potentials that already exist, to emerge in the physical reality too. So all the human is really doing is activating an opportunity, you might say. And yet, in a collective sense, this becomes such a complex puzzle, for each human becomes a part and parcel of a poignant potential of another human, somewhere, somehow, does it not? The boundaries between the energy of the action of one human and another now start to disappear, for it all interlocks with one another, moving, morphing with one another, one in service to another, making room for another, helping another, in a most profound dance of love and compassion that can only be viewed with divine eyes and nothing else. And so does it not make sense to you, that both multidimensional part and the duality parts of each human are in fact working together all the time? Also for this to happen in duality in a synchronous dance of each potential being reached, every single time, in exactly the way it should, all of the time, does it not make sense, that the multidimensional parts of each human on the planet must be communicating, talking and agreeing with one another all the time? After all, nothing in physical reality can manifest by itself, considering there is always the multidimensional aspect of each human there is. Where and how does this exist? We have spoken of this in another message about Gaia and her womb in which all the energies of humanity, past, present and future exist. For we are here, in physical form, to manifest, whatever needs to be, with Gaia’s unconditional cooperation, love and support, for Gaia herself, learns from humanity. This learning is, has been and will always be a continuous process. This continuity is what drives each human out of the bed each day, and to go out there, and do something, no matter what it is. And the human may in his or her duality, think and reason, that they are doing this or that for goals, success, family, being happy, being creative and so on, and yet, the collective of gaia and humanity is all one here, in a multidimensional sense and even in physical as we take on Gaia bodies that we call our physical bodies and move around, push energies around us, humans with humans, humans with Gaia and everything upon her. And so the question then becomes, who is teaching and who is learning here, does it not? In the traditional model, it is always teacher who teaches and students who learn. Ask every teacher there is and has been, all will tell you that the teacher learns more, incrementally, each time they teach the same subject, even that which they have taught for years or decades. Sometimes, they even tie it to their own life and things begin to make more sense to them now, than before, even if the very subject they were teaching was pure mathematics and the solution they got from it was their relationship to another human in their lives. So the teacher is always a student of the entire collective of students they teach too and it all really happens together. And so Gaia and humanity are both teaching and learning together in this soup called the planet. And so are the rest of life upon Gaia. You cant imagine the complexity of this reality. You can only appreciate it, is it not? You can honor and respect it, is it not?

And so humanity is blessed. It has always been, will always be. And Gaia, like the rest of humanity are always in constant cooperation with one another becoming more of individuals and collective, in every moment that unfolds upon itself. Humanity is blessed in moving energies, meeting potentials that enhance the individual and collective learning, of moving into sacredness of becoming more multidimensional, as the energies push forward. That very act of you getting up from the bed each morning and moving into action, is known by humanity, known by Gaia at both your multidimensional levels of existence. And yet, your 3 dimensional parts are seeing them as routine, boring perhaps, challenging perhaps, oh-I-have-to-get-through-this-day perhaps, always in ideas of success, failure and achievements perhaps and all those are appropriate in duality, survival mode. And so each human in humanity, has a “routine” part and a “not so routine” part you might say, at every moment here on earth. So blessed is the human that goes to work. Blessed is the human who feeds another from their breasts, blessed is the human who looks for the divine in their own ways in various buildings, books or within their hearts, blessed is human who craves success, runs from failure, churns in the energies of love, hate, passion, joy, laughter, tears for all are pushing and pulling energies which are far greater than the sum of parts for even Gaia is participating in all this joyfully, feeding you, clothing you, holding you upright on her, providing you tools for shelter so that this profound humanity can move the energies upon her. So you become a part of this great, complex system do you not? And yet your individuality, your next move, your next action, feeling become very vital, very profoundly important piece of this movement, does it not? Blessed is the human that constantly questions, for each is trying to solve the duality itself in their lives. Blessed is the human that lives in quiet acceptance and in servitude. Go from this place, knowing your magnificence, your importance in the big picture itself and knowing that no matter what you do here, it is all a part of collective of the rest of humanity and Gaia herself and it is all appropriate and necessary. So what would be your next action, knowing this to be true? What potentials would you choose to activate and move the energies and humans around where you are? For when there is an extremely large menu of choices, paradoxically it becomes a quandry to make a choice of selection of the dish you wish to taste, does it not? So know, that any choice is really appropriate for you, for this time, and the next moment of you, is not only your choice, but the energy of entire humanity and Gaia, pulling you towards that very potential.