Waves of Ascension

Here are somethings, that lightworkers everywhere should know about, for they pass through these, what I call waves of ascension, which can be some of the most challenging parts of your path. Just some characteristics of these waves that seem to wash over you, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, which are just so simple yet so difficult for the reasoning, intellectual aspects of us, as humans, that we are born with, for it struggles, fights, questions this ‘something” that seems to get to us and something that we have no control over. Oh there can be denial and unbalance for a while, but you lightworker, know this already, don’t you? So let us list down a few to watch for:

1. Ascension, comes in waves. It is not a single sweep of your spiritual feet into something grand and esoteric reality of multi dimensions. It simply is not that way and let no one tell you otherwise. Those AHA moments, which give you chills, revelations, profound knowledge, that zone where you feel completely connected with multidimensional part of you, comes and goes in linear time. It sort of comes and touches you for moments, now and then and then passes away and you feel suddenly “let down” as if spirit has suddenly left you, as if abandoned, back in a cold, calculating reality of 3 dimensions, suddenly you are back in physicality, suddenly there is hunger, feeling cold physically, needing warmth, shelter, doing the dishes and that connection, that grandness of you touching your multidimensional part, has just seemed to vanish into thin air. And here, most lightworkers will question “what just happened??? Where is that feeling?? Where did it go?? Did I do something wrong??” and this can be so isolating, so frustrating for the lightworker. Sometimes it can be debilitating and take the most profound healer, channeler, medium or any of the lightworkers in general to what they would like to term “the darkest places” within themselves. Bring bitter past memories back, terrible dreams, upset physical health, upset digestion, headaches, and all these and more physical symptoms unique to each one, and go through a period where they feel completely cut off from those moments where they were feeling so connected, loved and visiting divinity, in whatever form or way, that their vibration seemed to bring to them. Dear lightworker, know that in these moments, you are not in a dark place. It is simply a recalibration of you, all parts of you, mental, physical and emotional. Once you visit the divine and come back to the physical reality of 3 dimensions, your body and everything within it, has now got to recalibrate to that highest vibration that you just visited. So each time this happens to you and you cycle back and forth from the divine state back to 3D and going back to divine state again, know that you are recalibrating. Not visiting a dark place. You feel, in all appropriateness, that place as dark, for you have just visited light itself. Do you see??? Something like, let us say you were staying on planet mercury as a being. Now the sun you see in your day there, is far far more brighter than on earth. Coming from mercury back to earth, you would feel earth as a cold, dark place. Do you see this metaphor? It has to happen this way, for if it were to take you all the way, faster, or worse, in an instant, it would simply destroy your physical, corporeal structure completely. In other words, it will kill you, for your corporeal body, has to be calibrated to match taking in higher vibrations. All the older cellular memories of your Akash, need to be cleaned, removed, discharged or whatever words you wish to use. Do you understand? And yet, i will tell you, and you will know this, that when you are in those states, even this explanation will seem paltry, insufficient, and trite. I know this too. All you need to know, is, all is well, appropriate and this is the way of it. You are not sliding backwards, you are not in a dark place, you are simply recalibrating your entire self, starting from physical all the way up, being pulled up. So it is like waves on a beach on a rising tide. It comes, washes upon your feet first, then it rises and comes to your knees, and then waist, and then your trunk and chest until the day, you are completely immersed in it. Hold that analogy in your memory.

2. Each time you recalibrate and come out of it, you feel like another person, you even feel like you have a new set of guides or angels as you call them. They are not new or other guides, it is simply another higher you, coming to match what you have become now. It is more clearer, more higher and your vibrations are different now. Your emotions are new, your wisdom is refreshed, your sensing is different and you see a slightly bigger picture than before. It is an incremental shift in all of your being. You might even get some old physical symptoms of pain or an older physical disturbance that you might have had in childhood or in early years. This explains those bitter nightmares that you suddenly get at nights. Those upset sleep patterns, waking up in the middle of the night, each night, mood swings etc. And even those patterns change with each wave that sweeps upon you. So in place of panicking or running amuck with these, know that your growth is happening in these moments. The frustrating aspect, the human aspect of it, is what makes you question it, know more about it in an effort to control it. Control something that is quite uncontrollable by your brain or reasoning aspects. When you feel this change, a slightly newer you, step back. Connect to the new you. Watch it. Just say to yourself ” Oh… so this is the new me and what it looks like” and it will help you a lot to have this approach. You are then learning to cooperate with this new you that has stepped into view, so to speak. You are then learning to absorb, learn a bit more, understand a bit more, in that reasoning, physical, emotional part of you, this new you that has stepped in. The quickest way and also the most joyous way that you can move through this process is to stand back, or sit back and watch it unfold. Take cognizance of it with your 3 dimensional parts. Becoming aware of it is all that is needed. Nothing more. No matter how much your mind or emotions perceive it as a dark place to be in, all you are doing then, is watching it. It exists by your side. You then, do not, for the lack of better phrase “get sucked into it”. This kind of awareness, puts you in charge of it and you get better and better at it, with practice. Trust you. And nothing else or no one else. You knows you the best. And the bigger, angelic you is recalibrating the physical 3 dimensional you. And so if its you with you, who or what really is there to mistrust, is it not?

3. What can I do when I am in these “dumper modes” you ask? what is the best thing to do?? Oh the frustrations of that moment for a lightworker around who no one understands or even has a concept of what they are going through is enormous is it not?? If only I could talk to someone who is going through these things and can understand what really is happening!! you cry out within! I hear you! I really do! And you are blessed beyond what those walking around you, not knowing any concept or remotely feeling what you are feeling inside out are. Now you can do any number of things in this darkness mode that you feel you are in, but let me share some hints, something perhaps might give you more ideas of your own wherever you are, in the social context of you, your country, your life where you live with your family, children etc. These are not some rules or a manual, but simply somethings, practical in nature, which will help you, in such times. Reading good books is one. Pick up a good book and read, it helps a lot to give the mind something to chew on, rather than keep on questioning what is happening multidimensionally, for your mind does not have the equipment to comprehend what is going on, ever. Go for a walk in nature, or swim in the sea or pool, exercise, be with a good friend who has a pleasant demeanor and one who is cheerful most of the time. All these will also help you to just be and let be with the process itself. Reconnect to all those things which the old self used to enjoy and see if that still feels good. If it does, follow it and use it. Maybe watch a movie. Maybe go out and mate with an older lover. Maybe just restart an old hobby like playing a musical instrument or blogging or listening to music will do. Reconnecting with other lightworker friends or mates that you know will do. Just about any older habits of you will do, ones that make you happy. And here is a caution there, some of you might feel that you don’t quite reconnect with something that used to give you joy earlier and that is ok. Nothing to be worried about there. All you have to do is connect to those parts of you, which enjoyed doing or being certain way. Reconnect to that. It is your way of telling your body and your self, that it is ok. It is your way of giving happiness to yourself, a gift unto yourself, of all that you have ever been, and saying it is ok to be happy. Just be happy, no matter whatever else is going on. Another thing that usually helps a lot is doing the so called mundane things, chores like cleaning your home, washing the clothes, doing the dishes, ironing clothes, getting your home redecorated, getting new scented candles and lighting them up, new perfumes for you, new clothes perhaps, trying out new dishes at home perhaps and all these physical things are very grounding and keep you more centered within a fluctuating environment of ascension itself. Try this. I am sure it will help you immensely. You can even go beyond this, with your own ideas, for I am sure you have so many, a creative genius that each of you are! At all costs, give your mind something to do if its overactive or give your heart something to feel joy, if its going down in depression. This is all that you have to keep an eye on. These two aspects. Know that it is simply, recalibration and you are going to have lots more of it coming, a lot more waves washing upon you, a lot more tides and ebbs coming your way, again and again, so become good at handling these states and you will, with practice you can get really good at it. It does not bother you so much once you are in control of your own awareness you see?

4. Many of you have physical illnesses, chronic ones, like diabetes, blood pressure and so on. And you maybe wondering if all this will miraculously pass away with ascension. Many of you may be regularly going to a physician for any of the physical illness checkup etc before now hoping that it would pass away. Many others of you might be going to the new energy healers, reiki practitioners perhaps or any number of new energy healing ways that are cropping up all over now. How do you wade through this maze, you might ask? What do I trust and what not, you might ask? There is only one simple answer to this. Use your intuition. Listen to you. You are in command of you and no one else. Do not be hypnotized or brainwashed by friends, other lightworkers of what worked for them and go ahead and try this and that and perhaps waste a lot of time, energy and your effort in gambling for something that might not even happen and then later sit back in disappointment and tell spirit, this did not work and perhaps I am not loved as much as I thought I was! Eat, drink whatever you feel like. Go with your intuition. If you feel like going to the doctor because you have an infected throat or stomach, do that. What makes you think, for instance, that the modern medical science is also not a gift of god?? Are you missing something there entirely? What is the need of the hour, is the need of the hour, no two ways about it, is there? If you feel your health is going down, do not expect a miraculous healing just in an instant. Don’t you feel that is rather trite and bordering on childishness?? Go to the doctor, take pills, antibiotics if you must. Even they are part of the bigger picture here and do not exclude them from your life and get absorbed into all sorts of conspiracy theories or fear based tactics that many people who want to sell new age medicines or things that would give you energy etc would want you to fool with. Use your own intuition. Your own intuition is your best guide in your health. If you feel like going and having that hamburger with fries, go ahead and have it. Your body is telling you to have that food is it not? Why fight such innate wisdom that you carry. If you feel like sleeping, sleep, rest. If you feel like suddenly becoming a vegetarian, go for it. Go with the flow of your body. It has innate wisdom and it knows what it wants you to take in. The more of innate you listen to and learn from, the more you will find you are happier and more calm and in command than the time, when you just listened to a whole bunch of people who would tell you this is right, that is adulterated, or this food is unholy or bad and this is the right thing for you to eat in spiritual terms. Trust your innate. What worked for your best lightworker friend, may not at all work for you. What is appropriate for another may be totally inappropriate for you even in food. This is ok. There is nothing right or wrong about any of this. If you want to know what is best for you in terms of food, medicine etc, just go with your innate knowing. It maybe that checkup you need from the doctor, that medicine for blood pressure or diabetes or that infection you need to be rid of, go and get it. Go with your taste. What do you feel like eating, and not what you think you should be eating for good health. If you feel like eating meat and you say I must become a vegan for that is appropriate for spiritual life, good luck, for your body is going to protest and not like what you are doing and would probably make you more unhappy and sad in the process of it. Do you see how you can disobey your own body all the time? There are so many who have this all backwards. You cannot simply learn from anyone else, no matter how spiritual or realized they are, which your body already does not know better. For it is your body and it knows you the best. Not them. Trust you. Not others.

It is a very fine line you walk. An invisible thread of your own being that you hold and walk this path, dear lightworker. Most times, you may feel there is none around you that quite knows you or understands what you are going through in all of this. And sometimes it feels very lonely and trouble some in this too. I feel you. I feel your pain in this. It is a delicate balance that we must hold and walk, most times, alone and invisible in our surroundings physically. But does it not feel good to know, right here, right now, that you have a friend who knows, somewhere, somehow, of what you feel each day? Someone, maybe in a totally different culture, race is still going through the exact same symptoms that you are, where you sit and is able to talk to you this way, give you loving messages of truth and beauty of you? Take comfort in that. Take comfort that you are not alone and there are millions of us in various cultures, countries who are going through their own processes of awakening and are learning of the ways of the lightworker, maybe even learning of the very term lightworker for the first time! We are all in this together, all of us lightworkers. There is no better or worse. There is simply no precedent to this even in human history. This is the first time such a thing has ever happened. So let us all walk together, hold hands and make this a pleasant one. One with trust, one with love and compassion with everyone. Above all with our own selves.