Your Akash

Where have you been? What have you done on this planet, in all your past lives? What are you doing now, here, even reading this? What are you going to do in the future? And I don’t mean just future lives, but even tomorrow, where will you be, who will you meet, what is it that you are even supposed to do? Does that stranger on the street and their smile enamor you? Does all that anger and hatred and unbalance you see on your evening news, move your spirit to disturbance and ask the questions like why all this? Why can’t it be better? If there is a god indeed, why doesn’t he come and sort this mess out once and for all? Or even in your life? Why does not god give me this or that, or even abundance, health, home, a vacation, success and all the things that you would ask for? Sit with me a moment and soak this up. I do not expect you, for a second to understand any part of it, even feel anything about it, only to read and know a story, of you, of your own making and of your own path and just how lovely and perfect it is, just for you. I do not even question any belief system that you may be a part of, you maybe a moslem, a hindu, a christian, a buddhist or any one of the multitudes of religion or following on the planet, it does not matter. For it has nothing to do with who you call god or creator at all. It has to do with you and it is personal. It is as personal as that which is under your own skin. And if you can just believe and know the very last sentence itself, you would have got the entire message and you would never ever be the same again. And so here it is.

You are a multidimensional being. You are existing here, on this physical plane and at the same time, on many different planes all of the time. There is no beginning of you nor any end. You always were and always will be. This is perhaps a difficult concept for you to grasp in linearity, since, almost every religion on the planet believes in an after life without having a fore life. It is difficult for the human brain to turn the infinity in the forward direction and reverse it and turn it backwards and say that I was forever too. And that is ok and appropriate too. The linearity of this plane makes it so. And so imagine, with me, for a moment, that soup called you, which is here, inhabiting the physical plane and yet is on many other invisible planes. Planes that pass through the walls of your room, of the physical earth and all around you. Imagine that your field of influence is about 26 feet wide and that you float in this ball of your influence, everywhere you physically exist. Imagine also for a moment, that this is the immediate plane of influence and that your reach on other planes goes far beyond even that, to connect and influence many other human beings on the planet, even on other parts of the world, where you might have never been this life too. Like at thread of light, emanating from you and connecting to other souls on other parts of this world, who are living their lives. Now, hold this picture for a moment and we shall come back to this in the end.

Imagine for a moment a place beneath the earth. For simplicity, let us call it the womb of the earth. It is where all the collective energies of all humanity on the planet is residing all the time. Imagine this womb to be quantum, that is to say, there is no time inside this womb. That is to say, all past, all present and all future is all the time existing in this womb. It is where the quantum you, the timeless infinite you, along with the rest of the humanity’s you’s reside together, as energy, all of the time. Since there is no time in this womb, it is static and not dynamic. In this womb there is a quantum crystal just for you, which knows you, interacts with all of you, even while you are here on the physical plane only aware of nothing but your body, mind and emotion and nothing else, that quantum crystal, is like a recording machine just for you, and it is listening, learning and understanding and co-operating with everything that you do, while you live here on the planet, in this lifetime. After you pass over, you go back to this womb and see your entire lifetime through this crystal, leave your human energies here on the planet and go back to the source, your home, as a complete multidimensional being that you are. And then from that multidimensional state, you come back to your family called humanity here on earth once again, for, on that side of creation where there is no time or space, which is your home, you are nothing like the human you are now, reading this. You are everywhere, all the time. You have the mind and thought of the creator there. You feel and touch everything and everyone all the time, so everything makes sense to you each quantum second, if you wish to call it that. You could say you have all the answers there, all the time. There is no puzzle there in that dimension of existence. That is your true home. Time or space does not exist there. And so we said, you are everywhere, all of the time. It is not expected that you even imagine this, just read and know this. For it is not an intellectual comprehension that is needed here, it is a remembrance that is important. As you read too, even if you read it like a harry potter story, it will ring through your cells, your veins and your soul, the truth of this. For it is your truth. And it is time you know this.

When you see the entire picture, you decide to come back to earth, yet again, in a physical form, for you cannot be in that place of pure compassion, all knowingness, and not participate. So you do. And when you come in, you come back to the womb of creation, back to that quantum crystal which is you, activate it and come back to the planet in another physical body, maybe another race, maybe another gender even. But while you do this, you take everything which you have learnt, those energies, those memories from that quantum crystal and bring it back with you. Let us call these energies, the memories of the things you have learnt, your epiphanies, your realizations, in every and all that you lived called your life, as your Akash. You bring your Akash back with you, and as we said, maybe in a different body, different race or gender this time around. And you continue living your life. As you live your life this time around, that quantum crystal in the womb, is listening, learning and adding unto your crystal more and more realizations, learning, everything that you do in this new life that you are leading on earth. And when you die, you once again repeat the same process yet again. And this goes on cyclical.

Now, you might say, everything I have done, then, is stored in that quantum crystal in that womb within the earth. What else is in that womb? Well the quantum gaia is there too. Alongwith the rest of the humanity too. So in this sense quantum gaia and quantum you and the quantum 7 billion odd, all are at the same time, in a timeless manner all together there, in a continuous system of learning, growing and experience at all times, past, present and future. And there are a fixed number of quantum crystals in this womb. That means there are crystals which are not even activated by the energies yet. That means, those crystals are expecting souls to arrive and activate them in our linear future and yet they already exist now, at this very moment you are reading this. How is this possible? Now that is complex, but I shall leave you with a hint on that one and here it is. If the earth and humans on it are evolving all the time and moving into greater knowing, consciousness all the time, there must be a time, when the process is complete, even in linear time, does not matter how many 1000s of years in the future that is going to be, correct? When its all done and dusted and we are all finished with whatever we are here on the planet to do, right? And that is the reason that everything is known and complete in the womb of creation. For the womb itself is timeless and exists in a quantum state with all the energies of all humanity, past, present and future, at the same time. The only thing that happens is, new souls come in and activate the crystals that are already there and start their path here on earth. And so there are crystals there, with your energy, crystals there which are freshly activated and crystals which have been active for a very long time, who we call Old souls. And this is why the influence of old souls on this planet is far greater than the rest of the soul energies present in the womb, for there is far greater learning, wisdom of 1000s of lifetimes, lived here, that are already in that crystal, for each old soul, vibrating with wisdom, understanding, love and compassion of living on earth as a physical being, with so much of experience.

Now you might say, just with this fantasy story itself, another aspect also comes to mind. Is there anyway, for the souls, old and younger to know what they have lived and created here, while being in physical? And the answer is yes. It is in your DNA, embedded within each of the 100 trillion of them, right from your head to your little toe. And so your DNA has a quantum field around it, which is in constant touch with that crystal which is yours, in the womb of gaia. So you can say, gaia, your crystal and you in physical, are all the time, in constant communication, in touch and learning from your experiences here on earth. Everywhere you walk, gaia knows you, where you are, what you are doing and why you are doing it. And yet, you have free will choice in all matters, with your life, your path and what you wish to do, learn, accomplish, know and absorb as your truth, even while you are here. Time, therefore, becomes irrelevant does it not, for your DNA, just like your crystal within gaia is quantum and timeless. The goal is already accomplished, by all of humanity, in some linear timescale. So what is there to do? you might ask? Well, all that is not known is what you would do next? That is the missing part. What you do next, determines, how quickly we are going to reach the goalpost of entire humanity too. And if you are an old soul, you have a bigger footprint here, and so what you do has a far greater effect here. It is like comparing something like a firecracker to a nuke. The old soul has a far more impact on where this planet is headed, energetically, in terms of consciousness as a collective. For whatever we are creating here, each of our individual life, has a sum total of an energetic quotient, which your crystal registers within gaia.

All this story is fine, but what is then your next step then? You might ask, if you are even reading this far. The secret to unlock all your learnt wisdom is in your DNA, available with you, all the time. It is your Akash. Your energy. It belongs to you. You can claim healing from it, Your wealth from it, your prosperity from it, your dreams from it. And yet it cannot be done in a linear way, for the energies are quantum. And so you have to trust your intuition, innate and your intent here and work with them every opportunity you can, to access this storehouse of energy and information that was you. Just this much is enough for your learning now. But we shall leave you with a thought.

We have said that the womb, your crystal there, and your DNA all are quantum in nature. No past, present or future. That means you are living all of them right now. Whats more, that means, that you are living even your probable future life now too. So what goodies from your future life, can you bring back into your present life and claim it fully?