The Silent Lightworker

Lightworkers, here is a direct one for you. Is this a message from spirit? Is it from god? Is it from you? Or is it from me? Or is it from all of us? Is it from the play of words of an intellectual mind, good at mixing words? Or is it the defiance of your very mind that reads the linearity of the words itself? You decide.

Who would you call a lightworker? Let us first speak of this. For it carries within it, the who, which in itself is a bias of 3 dimensions, is it not? But be that as it may, let us watch the humanity for a time being. If you call yourself a lightworker, dont you automatically take it for truth, that the other is not? Or only a select few are? You may work with the crystal, plot charts and predict futures by astrology, you may communicate with guides, angels and spirits, you may be answering your own call to divinity in one or more than one ways. Or so you think. But even in that premise, you are working through a puzzle of your own life, are you not? Now, if you are such a lightworker, what is it, in you, that tends to exclude you from the rest? Are you considering yourself one of the gifted few, who are into some exalted form of thinking, belief systems and esoteric sciences, which the rest of humanity, who you call are not lightworkers, dont know anything about such and could care less, are floundering in disbelief, pain and suffering, drama, ego games, going into battle with one another? And so in your premise then, there are two kinds of people on the planet, one set are the lightworkers and the rest are, well, the rest of them, to make it short. Do you perceive the separatism that you wish to remove from the world, which you, even adopting a higher vibration, are promulgating, by your very premise of belief? Duality has still the firm hold upon you does it not? And there are so many lightworkers, who promote themselves as a this or a that, which is fine in itself, and yet would tend to make other lightworkers wrong or discredit them, walk away from them, and in extreme cases, even have an argument, a fight, a battle of lightworkers, if you will. Some have given themselves even the credentials of a warrior of light. What is wrong with this picture? Do you see?? Does this sound like war for peace to you, that very thing you walked away from so many years ago? You did listen to your inner calling, moved toward it, and yet somewhere along the line, you met some other souls like yourself, who are working their way, in their own way, to their inner calling, and are moving in their own directions of discovery and growth, just as you are. So, in your own grandiose way, starting today, can you accept, that even all who call themselves lightworkers are as beatific, pure, sacred, loving and compassionate as you are, in your best moments? If you can allow that, do you not see, how much more grandiose it can make you, much more than you could be? If you can, you can walk away from this message, more enhanced, enabled and with far more energies of creativity, than you came with, since you held up all that energy within you, in unnecessary senses of separation and duality, which is now available to you for real use.

There is another aspect of this too. Now this is between you and the rest of humanity, as you would see it. The non-lightworker humanity at large, you might say. The mother who feeds her child from her own breast, the little homeless child hungry, without shelter, on the side of the road, those unknown villages, tribes, where even the modern society has not touched, those labourers who toil in the heat of the desert and sands to extract crude oil from earth so you could drive that fancy car you have, that simple worker who goes to the factory floor just to feed his children each day, those engineers who are working in a plant in the middle of nowhere so they can manufacture cement for your houses, those farmers who are tilling the lands to plant seeds that would become your food someday, those workers in mills who sit in front of noisy weaving machines through nightshifts to bring you that piece of clothing you wear and all of those people who have brought you everything, even this monitor you are reading this message on, where do you fit all of these people in the scheme of things?? So you put yourself on the throne of spiritual kingdom, as a king or a queen and all these mere mortals are here to service and take care of you, so that you could bring light of wisdom and love to the planet? Do you see how paltry and petty even you could get in those very assumptions? Or does this essence escape you completely still? Would you still call yourself more grandiose than that carpenter or a plumber who come to your home to fix things? Does the unbalance of that person who cuts across you while driving, or your mother or mate, who you feel is anything but spiritual is poking you, calling you a weirdo or nuts, or your boss who is an irritant in your face each day at work, still pressing your buttons? Yes, I know what you mean, you say, and yet why are all these appearing again and again?? Well look past your own duality and theirs as well. It is a place to begin. As long as you keep seeing bodies, eyes, noses, physical beauties, or handicaps or material things like career, ambition, need to appear successful before your own ego and the rest you call your family, friends or even other lightworkers, you are propagating and pushing duality forward yet again, do you see? The distraction of the 3 dimensions is powerful and yet you have to stay in it and navigate through these waters. How do you do it?

It is more simple than you imagine. And yet, again, the simplicity of it will make you feel that it cannot be that easy. And yet I say to you, it is. The profundity in the simplicity of it, is one of the secrets of life, that is hidden in plain-sight. Practice it and try. It is all I ask of you. See each, each day, each moment, with the same frailties as you do. They are trying to solve the same puzzle as you do. They cry their own silent tears at night, sometimes and begging and pleading with their god to get them out of the pain, the struggle or whatever issues they face in where they live and how they live. Let alone 7 billion people on the planet, do you honestly think, that you even really know your own spouse, children or your parents and siblings or what they really feel in the private parts of themselves? Do you really even know them? You could say it is impossible to even know them, for humans are very dynamic and changing all the time. They keep creating and destroying ideas, beliefs, attitudes all the time. So the brother or the sister I knew or grew up with, isnt the same at all today. And if this is the case, are your eyes looking at them that way or giving credit to this fact? And there you look at those very people who press your buttons and out comes the same feeling of hate, that recollection of drama between you, anger maybe, jealousy maybe and all your spirituality flies out of the window, does it not? Let me give you an easier way. Make them you. You give them your eyes for that moment. Make them see through you for that moment. And yet you say, no no that wont work, I tried that. You know why? Do you love what you see in the mirror each day? Do you? Honestly do you? Not in an egotistical way, not in a pompous way, not wearing the latest hair gel or the perfume you got from the duty free, no. Do you see the god in your own eyes? Then it is easy to give those eyes to everyone and anyone, around you too. And so it all circles back and comes to you is it not? Did the masters of every culture not say this very fact?? Love yourself first. You cannot profess love for humanity, love for those around you, let alone 7 billion people, unless you can love what you see in the mirror and smile, cry, laugh looking at that and yet, even in that act, not see you, but something beyond that physical face too. Now you are trying a quantum experience and it is nothing like you can even imagine. This is not an esoteric, imagined, woo-woo stuff as many of you would like to call it. This is real. It is about as real as it can get. It is you with you. Wouldnt it be worthwhile even knowing who you are at least, before you die? Try this. Practice this till you start “getting it” really. There are no more words, nothing more to add, since everything else, is an experience and a knowing, not a belief system, not a doctrine, nothing to join, nothing to buy, no one to pray to, just you with you. If you can start this process, and practice it, you would know truly, what it is to be a lightworker in essence. There are no steps, no lists, no do’s and don’ts here. None at all. And so we stop here. Pause for the sacredness that is you, to go from this place a bit more enhanced, more in control and do what you truly came here to do.

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