The Shift

People all over the planet are feeling this in some unexplainable way. Old souls are awakening to this in various proportions, of what is appropriate for their paths. Dreams. Funny physical symptoms like Literally waking up at 3 each morning, Sleep upsets, Colds, dizziness, vivid strangest dreams, inter dimensional awareness and communications with the other dimensions being opened up to many in various degrees, changelings and information presented therein by so many in various forms, names, entities etc and while we are on the subject, ET contactees with their own stories, books that seem to be getting more and more as each day passes on the stands. All these things going on with humans all over the planet, in all cultures and races. What is the shift? What indeed is happening, if at all any, on planet earth? Are these just a bunch of idealistic, “cuckoo-land fantasied people” or is there something real to this at all?? The so called common people are all just feeling it as time seems to be moving faster now than ever before. Days, weeks seem to just whiz by, although the clock seems to be going at its own pace and nothing apparently on the outside physical world seems to have changed much. Ofcourse, for those noticing in geosciences, medicine and astronomical fields, the planet is warming up faster, melting icecaps and producing more water in the oceans, more children are now being born who are gifted, talented, children with autism, aspergers, ADD/ADHD and all these unexplained “diseases or abnormalities” as they like to call them, even NASA is seeing more abnormal activity on the sun, the heliosphere, even other planets in the solar system warming up and like the rest, are just silent spectators to what is unravelling them, for even they have no real explanation to what is really taking place or what all this could really mean least of all, how all these events are even connected, if at all they are in some obtruse way. And as usual, those fans of hollywood, have gone ahead, made this profound thing, we call the shift, into a doom and gloom scenario, making even movies like 2012, which just seem to propagate that idea into the masses, creating unnecessary fear and apprehension in so many. But before I proceed to elaborate some aspects of the shift, I ask you to use your inner discernment engine to work overtime here and anywhere else on internet websites, folks claiming to know the truth of this are abound on the internet. Use discernment and your own intuition to guide you. Those are your best guides for navigating to the truth of this, even while you read what I am about to share what I know, about the shift. Remember, divinity and sacredness do not need a humans approval to hold their light. Light protects itself. Divinity protects itself. Always. By this very fact, truth, whatever it means to you, personally, in your life, will also present itself to you so trust in that knowing. Trust that you are here for purpose and the sacredness of being in joy and love no matter what anyone tells you otherwise and all things are appropriate for you where you are, physically and metaphorically in your life right now. Since the scope and magnitude of this shift itself is so vast and so unprecedented, it is impossible for one person to completely define it in any way at all, so I am just presenting some aspects here, although the breadth of discussion can run into volumes on each topic within the topic itself, so I urge you to read up whatever makes sense to you, research on the net about it and above all use your discernment in accepting it as a fact or fiction.

There is a shift happening upon this planet. This shift, if it has to make any sense at all, has to be understood with various aspects of it, and integrated into a coherent understanding rather than gathering a range of information, written in bits and pieces here and there, and trying to connect the dots. The shift has a physical implication for the planet, for everything living on the planet and more uniquely for the human beings that are on the planet. The shift has astrological implications, esoteric implications, physical consequences for us, life path changing implications for so many of us and also a very long range, permanent changing of all societies on earth now, all of which are intricately tied into one another and have to be understood as a single package. It is why we are enveloping all of these into one phrase called The Shift. So let us see various aspects of it and attempt to string it all together in the end.

The planetary shift and human physical aspects. The magnetic grid of the planet has shifted. It has realigned. Even the strength and the gauss of it are fluctuating and weakening in strength, as measured now. Now, because all living things, including humans who are living upon the planet are affecting and are affected in turn by the magnetic fields of the earth, since we are bathed inside out all the time of it, this means, it also affects our own biological fields created by our own DNA. Due to the movement of the magnetic grid of the planet, its core and its alignment, the way sun and its radiation now affects the magnetics of the planet and in turn, us, is also different from what it used to for millenniums together before. In other words, all the range of effects, physical, mental, emotional all levels are being affected. So it is not just a planetary surface isolated phenomena, as you might have guessed, but it never was anyway. We are very integrated with physical earth, its seasons, climatic shifts, all through ages, so in that context the unique aspect of the magnetic grid alteration has an unprecedented effect on entire humanity and each human life upon earth. If the field around the very DNA in each of our cells is altered, it would obviously have a very far ranging set of effects on humans. And all humans are feeling this shift and are shifting accordingly with the planet itself. Look at the weather. And all its erratic patterns, storms, droughts on the planet now. They are seemingly erratic and most of them are very severe than ever before. This is because the planet itself, physically, is moving to adjust to the new magnetics. The water and the land masses upon the planet are shifting to accommodate the new alignments of the magnetics, since the magnetic fields affect each molecule on the planet itself. Humanity on the other hand, individually, are responding in various degrees, although they all are in the same envelope of energies around them. Since all of them are in the same field and receiving the same energy shifts of the alignments the alteration is the same in all. And yet, some are more sensitive and responsive to these subtle and sometimes not so subtle shifts within them, be it physical, mental or emotional. This explains all the range of symptoms that we briefly talked about earlier, symptoms like anxiety, restlessness, sudden temporary loss of memory, ringing in the ears more often, sense of balance loss, dizziness, sleep patterns, illnesses and change in metabolism, food preferences, body temperature fluctuations, hormones and blood characteristics fluctuating and so many others. As you can imagine, all these obviously will create mood swings, emotional upsets and unbalance, dream pattern and REM sleep alteration, the changes and fluctuations in the biorythmns of the body and a whole range of implications to the human being, in moderation or extremity, depending on the individual makeup of the person. These in itself are very vast in scope and breadth and so unique and unprecedented for each human, that there is currently, on the planet, no science which can successfully explain all these effects in a succinct and scientific way. And even our scientific brothers and sisters are also in this very shift too, so know, that there are no explanations or reasons really possible to describe the complete effects of the physical shift and where it will all eventually settle, for it is still in process and not yet settled in fully as of the moment of writing this.

The esoteric aspects are in there too, as expected, for esoterics, as even the esoteric people might like to claim as special or extraordinary, are in fact very much normal and within even the scientific explanation of forces, energies etc. But we are not there yet. Not as a collective race. We have not learnt to embrace spirituality within science. Science is yet to even recognize consciousness as something that does exist, even though the scientists themselves are a consciousness, but be that as it may, the shift affects all branches of esoterics too. The magnetic grid shift and planetary alignments, have even shifted astrology itself. You might not even be the same astrological sign that you were born into. Have a check. Could be interesting! The meditations, healing modalities which used to work earlier very well, may not do so, due to these shifts occurring now. It might seem like tuning into a radio station which is continually moving off of its peg. The extra dimensional sense that hereto were only gifts of a few isolated ones, is becoming more commonplace in humans. Is it any surprise that all the children since the late 80s are all very different than us, our generation was. Their DNA structure vibrates differently than ours used to. This isn’t something like learning a new tune. This is something like learning another form of music and communication. Those of us who were born before 80s are moving through this shift in a more confused state, for the transition is dramatic and with very far reaching implications, which we do not even have a concept of. While these children who are born in this shift, are more in tune, for lack of better terminology, with the shifting fields than we are. And so this translates, in a wider arena to a social as well as a generation wide conundrum, does it not? It is the older paradigms, older energies, buried within our very DNA, which is trying to match the shifts, while the new generation is coming in more conceptual, various gifts of cognition, learning, recognition of extra dimensional knowledge, past life memories vivid and clear which leads them to spout profound wisdom from their buried memories of other lives they have lived on the planet, and so many of them you can read on the internet. This conundrum is so wide and yet in its simplicity it can be categorized as old energy and new energy of human consciousness on the planet. And in this regard, there is something important to be discussed here.

We have discussed bits and pieces of this in earlier messages, but it is important to tie them a bit more, so it makes more sense here in the context of the shift. There are old souls on this planet who have come and gone so many times, you can say they have more experience of having lived many lives in many cultures here on the planet. And a simple look at the population on the planet now, as compared to earlier times, should tell you, that there are new souls arriving here, taking birth, from different places too. The new ones are arriving more in tune with the newer energy upon the planet and that is why so many in the new generation are very confused with what transpires here “traditionally”. They bring in the fresh approach needed to live and grow in times ahead. This is good news. But let us talk of the old souls here, who are still here and have far more experience than the new ones have. And the old souls, being connected to so many other souls on the planet, at an esoteric level, have a wider network, if you will of the scope in which they would affect and are being affected by, since they are already connected to so many, at a soul level. How many cultures have you been born in, what all have you learnt? To give you a hint, how many types of food are you attracted to? Is it the food of another culture, that you have never lived in, that you like a lot too? Perhaps you have been there sometime earlier then. So an old soul, has the energetic tentacles, all over the place, you might imagine with so many other humans, who are actually living here, but without any conscious connection to them. This explains, why so many are meeting what has been called soul mates, twin souls and all manner of connections that some feel they have with another, seemingly total strangers, and even from a totally different culture too. This goes deeper than just making it into a dating site promotion or a fad or a buzz word that youngsters use you know. This explains all the synchronicities that are bringing total strangers to contact with one another, to maybe accomplish tasks, create new projects, work together to some purpose and so on. These kind of associations will become more commonplace, be it in any field of science, human or social sciences, engineering, medical or just about any field of knowledge you can imagine. It is almost as if a call from other dimensions have come in to pull together humanity itself, and make all these people meet, connect and work together to build bridges between the old and the new energies of the shift. People are feeling compelled to go stay in a different place, move to different relationships, travel to far off lands, drawn to different things in their lives which they have never thought of, suddenly take up art, music or new career perhaps. I am giving you these examples, just so you appreciate the fact, that the shift is not all esoteric or about the mayan calendar and a bunch of hill billes of spiritual circles, making things up in the name of 2012 or things as such. The shift is real. It is happening now. And some of what I just described are the actual effects of it on the ground, with us humans, living our daily lives. And so the old souls are sensing these energy shifts very strongly, and their sensitivity is ever on an increasing scale ramping up. And the new ones are coming in, with the energy of the shift itself and are more ready to move forward but without the experience needed here. So eventually, when the children of the new generation become young adults, ready to take charge of their lives, of their societies where they are born, they will meet the old energies head on and seemingly there would be chaos of sorts, between these two generations, in every country, the likes of which the planet has not ever seen. You are beginning to see it even in places like the middle east countries, where the youngsters are taking charge of their own countries from hard dictators who ruled with an iron fist for decades. I have just given you the esoterics of it and as you can appreciate, this is far more complex process as it unfolds all over. For it is very unique to a country or a culture of how these shifts will affect the old and the new generations within them. There really is no single rule or a blanket law that applies to all people, everywhere in this shift process.

Let us see some deeper aspects of the energy of this shift. This is esoteric. The energy of this shift is bringing about the balance of energies on this planet. The planet has long been mired in masculine energies of mind, separation, control and subjugation. And all the kings, popes, governments, religious heads and everything around your history, education that you have been taught, all centers around this very pyramid structure of hierarchy and control of human beings. All along it has been like this. This pyramid structure of domination, control, separation and manipulation to have a few at the top controlling the many at the bottom, has been propagated throughout the known history. That is changing now. The rules are different now. This is being balanced by the shift itself. The shift is bringing about a harmonizing feminine energy balance aspect to these masculine energy bias that was held in humanity for millennia together. As you can imagine, the scope of this in itself is huge. What would happen, if all the men “went soft”, for a simple example? Or all the women now are beginning to get pretty masculine, controlling their lives and are becoming more sharper, career oriented, successful businesswomen, politicians, lawyers etc all over the planet, for another example? Do you see how esoterics, now come to everyday lives here? The movement of harmonizing energies within each individual is also profound. It will change the way humans perceive one another. It would break all stereotypes of man and woman kind of approach and bring in more studies of male and female aspects as energies rather than, as a fixed, immovable structure that one is stuck in, simply because one is living as a particular gender. This balancing will alter everything that we today know as “normal” living conditions, it will change forever our social sciences and the way one country associates with another. It will change governments, politics forever. And I could go on, discussion on every possible area of humanity where this balancing energy will touch. But just, for a moment, sit with this concept. Think and feel about where and how it will affect you in your personal lives? Perhaps your children? Perhaps the current events as you watch them unfold. Perhaps the weather. The shift is all around, inside of you, on the very ground you walk on, affecting everyone you know, everyone you do not even personally know too. It is an unprecedented time we live in.

My suggestion? Be gentle with yourself to begin with. Pamper yourself, love yourself more in the grandeur that you truly are. Do your research, learn and grow from there. Get out of drama in your lives. Take good care of yourself. The shift will really take care of itself. As I said earlier, divinity, takes care of itself. You are not here to worry about how the divine does things or how they will all come to you. Take care of you and your children. Although keep a cautious foot in the larger world out there, just to know the pulse of it all, and yet be centered in your own happiness, and know that all unrest, skirmishes, economic unbalance, power structure collapses, all protests and just everything happening all around in various countries, perhaps your own, is just a process of cleanup and rebalancing.