The Discernment of Divinity

There are so many versions and stories floating around in spiritual circles, especially in these new energies, since everyone is so filled with creativity, ideas, dreams, visions, visitations from non-physical entities and the whole gamut of these, that we need to get behind the wheel, so to speak, of the energies behind all of these and how to navigate in these new waters that are upon us now. Especially in the circles of lightworkers, you will find an abundance of strange names, angels, guides, ETs, ascended masters and so on, added unto and sometimes mixed up with some known names from of the most ancient cultures of the planet like hinduism, buddhism and even the more recent schools of spirituality like christianity. If you call yourself a lightworker and have been in this journey of discovery for any length of time, you know what I speak of. And so let us watch the energies at play here and how to navigate around them.

Spirituality is changing, if you’ve noticed. This does not mean to say that relegion is outdated, but the new form of spirituality that is in its growing pains at the moment, will embrace the older concepts of relegion and make it wider in scope and more beatific in its appearance and feel. In the new emerging forms of spirituality, there are a group of people, who interest themselves and occupy themselves in the quest of knowing and exploring a subject or a whole range of subjects, all which could be framed within the scope of the new emerging spirituality itself. The older terms which were used in religion like saints, monks, priests, sages, rishis etc have become passe now and new terms like lightworker have emerged to replace them. Now how are lightworker different from the previous ones? Well most of them, if you ask them, would generally term it as “bringing light to the planet”. And the folks who call themselves lightworkers are increasing by the day, in every country around the world, talking to one another, connecting through websites, posting what is called channelling, where they have a direct communication path to the extra dimensional world, so to speak and give messages of hope, love, understanding, peace and what the shift is all about, as they see it from their vantage point.

In essence, even all the new channellings out there, are nothing exotic or special yet simply a communication channel with everything and anything non-physical, directly through intuitive communication path available to each of us, all the time. You can say, some are born with it and others cultivate it through practice and learning. And it doesn’t even matter what way or what form it comes to you in, for all is appropriate to the time, place and the human presented with it. Here, though, let us examine some energies behind all the misunderstandings that many lightworkers seem to be embedded in, for it seems to perpetuate itself from one to another and create a web of confusing concepts which seem to be lost in a maze of terminologies and grandiose ideas, painting fantasy landscapes and exotic promises of delivery from pain and suffering. A novice spiritual seeker or even a lay person, who is just beginning to “tune-in” to the new energies and wishing to discover a bit more, is all but more confused, when presented with all that is going around the internet in spiritual and lightworker circles. Instead of moving away from dogma and narrow framework of religion and singlemindedness of the perception of truth, a spiritual person instead would find themselves more mired in a field of terminologies, looking to do or accomplish some etheric abstract concepts all their lives. And so this becomes a spiritual conundrum in itself, does it not, so let us discuss some aspects of what we really search for here, namely, divinity itself.

1. Divinity is inherent in everything and everyone. It is not manufactured by some people or entities or even by any ascended master no matter how high their vibration or how profound their messages. Divinity, by definition itself, is something that is sacred, pure, loving, compassionate, an energy that pervades all and everything from the very ends of space and time and even beyond it. And so, one can choose, for example, any object, idol, concept or idea to exemplify, amplify and call it their own, since they find resonate with that aspect of divinity more, than others. And it is true and appropriate for them. Another person, maybe even their own mate, may choose some other aspsect, or maybe even find their essence of divinity, vibrate and resonate better within relegion itself, their churches, mosques, temples or monasteries. This too, is as appropriate and true for them, as much as your path is to you. Divinity is not duality. Divinity is Oneness. The beauty of divinity itself, is the very fact that both of you are equally unique, equally passionate in your search and discovery of your own divinity inside of you. If you keep your eyes on this energy, nothing will derail you off your balance and you can see everyone, with the same eyes of love, that divinity itself perceives all as. Do you feel this?

2. Another aspect is one, of asking, well what about others, who are not into spirituality, or religion and could not care less about anything of that nature? They are not into any esoterics, any metaphysics or anything along those lines. What about them? And how do we embrace all that part of humanity into the very scope of divinity? Here, most spiritual people and lightworkers find themselves stymied quite a lot of times, for then the duality aspect chases their minds and they get trapped in it quite easily. The Duality thinking of the Divine and the Non-Divine. And it ties in perfectly with the older religious ideology, of god and devil, of light and dark and so on. You would have found this constantly talked of in all spiritual circles, of how light must win and dark must be conquered etc. It is as if, even here, just like the physical world of humans, there is a battle going on, the dichotomy of fighting for peace! Did we not just take our human perceptions into the divine here? Do you see the energy of perpetuation of duality here? If everything in your world is divine and has a purpose, then even those who are not believing anything of this writing and could care less, even they are within the scope and boundaries of divinity itself, is it not? It is as simple as the sun in the sky. Some choose to see and acknowledge its presence daily, give gratitude and honor for its presence and its gifts of warmth, and others, will just take it for granted and move around in their limited perceptions of ambition, their little wants and desires for this dress, that vacation, that home, this partner etc etc, and looking at the sun and appreciate it once in a while, does not occur to them at all. And yet, the sun shines on all of us, does it not? In that simplest metaphor, divinity is like that. It does not require you to do this or that, to be this or that or even to acknowledge it or praise it or worship it, or kneel before it or fast for its pleasure or face certain directions, wear certain clothes, go certain places, achieve a goal etc. Do you feel the energy behind how we have embedded human aspects, into something divine? And so whenever you feel drawn towards something even non-spiritual, by the very definitions of the so called spiritual people, what is happening is that is what resonates with you, your are drawn to it, you like to explore and enjoy it more, or it maybe even a person you are attracted to. Your own growth and learning will be profound in there for you. It is perfect just the way it is for you too, in as much as the most profound healer will be compelled to embrace a holistic form of healing to know, practice and exercise. So, for the spiritual minded ones, do not fall into the trap of duality once again, when all along you are trying to get out of it. Dont end up from one duality game into another, only with different terms and conditions. Do you get the energy of this? Instead, make it a quest to integrate. To find that piece of the jigsaw puzzle that fits perfectly to integrate these humans, who are non-spiritual by your standards, into a whole picture of how they too fit perfectly just as you are. After all, where would the holistic healer find the business, without the non spiritual person finding that imbalance that you seek to correct?

3. And then there is the part where one wonders, how is it that I decide what works for me or what is divine path for me to take or who or what is indeed really true? The truth part of it. There are two things here. First being, that assumption that there is one truth and only one truth. It is an assumption buried in the questioning itself. Question like, where is the truth? This assumes, does it not, the very “THE” in that question assumes that it is singular. Many wars have been fought, many mothers lost their children, in the disagreements for this One Truth concept. Well, if there is one truth and many faiths, then who is right, for then, there is a dichotomy there itself isn’t it? If there is one truth and 10,000 relegions and faiths in the world, we have a problem then! One truth will lead you to a region, that only one can be right. This makes everyone else wrong. And then duality starts all over again! The moment we get into the one truth concept, we lose the other truths that might be out there. What is your truth need not be my truth. And yet, both are truths, since both exist isnt it? Can you call truth as something that exists? If so, than there are 7 billion truths on the planet already. Each one unique and beautiful too. If only we could accept and live that way each day, what would this world look like?? Hold that thought. The second part being, your own intuition and feeling about what is divine for you and what is not. In saying, that your own truth is unique and what others follow are their own truths, all that then remains, is for you to follow your own path. Follow your bliss as they say. What you embrace with a feeling of joy and love is what is right for you. You may change it tomorrow and then that will be your truth for tomorrow. You say wait a minute. How can that be?? My truth can change even with me? Ofcourse it can. Why do you assume your truth has to be fixed thing for your entire life? Was there an assumption there too? Do you see how many assumptions you make even in asking the questions you do?? To give you a simple example, right upto this moment of reading this, how many truths that you called truths, have you changed in your life so far? Probably you cannot even count them. Since childhood, you made something true, then made it false and something else took its place. Maybe years later, you even found that what you thought earlier was false was in fact the truth too. And your own truths like this keep on morphing and changing is it not? Well what is the real truth then?? Do you see how you can still look for that One truth? And how difficult it can be for you to accept everything as true in your life and everyone elses truths as their truths, each day of their lives too?

Reflect on the above three and watch the energies which are buried in there. It is in the very questions that you seek answers to which have energy of duality embedded, your biases embedded which would seek to make wrong and right, claim egoistic rights over certain truths, making someone else wrong and all such ego games. Watch your own energies in there. These are the older energies of separation and duality that we will individually and collectively remove from the very fabric of humanity. Can you imagine how the planet will be like, just embracing the above 3 concepts? Most importantly, can you start just by looking at these each day?

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  1. So much of what you write here, has been something I have been practicing in my life – without knowing the why or the how of it. I have just followed my intuition… followed what has felt “right” to me. I am glad to know that I am not alone in my thinking, that I am not alone in my practice.

    I tip my hat to you sir.


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