A new paradigm of Spirituality

And here we are going to bust some holy grail myths of those who would call themselves spiritual, esoteric, lightworkers, astrologers, psychics, and all the rest, who put themselves, within the scope of metaphysics, paranormal or whatever you may wish to call it. These are new paradigms, and whenever they are presented, they also carry with them, the energy of resistance, for the human mind is that way. Any change is treated with suspicion, an air of disbelief and most times, skepticism, even going to the extent of shunning the whole thing as a scam or a play of words. And so be ready for this, even you, who have been in these interest areas, for years, sometimes decades, and it would be actually harder for you to break your own concepts as old or outdated, for you have held these beliefs for so long, that it has become your second nature, you wake up with it each day, you teach it, you profess the do’s and don’ts of it to all you know, at various other websites and your own portals, and you know I am right. Let this just be, if nothing else, the release of that energy, which could, probably be your relief, from those concepts which might be your prison and your walls of limited understanding that you might in fact shatter.

Spirituality, as a general term, could be used for all esoteric sciences comprising of all studies, related to the things and forces or energies around us, which affect the spirit. Now this itself presuppose the very idea that human being has something called a spirit, although spirituality never attempts to get it quite correctly anywhere, in any faith or form. And all attempts to define it, label it, call it this or that are sacred and appropriate for the humans that do them, for it is not in the words or labels, but their mere act of seeking something they know intuitively, within themselves, their cells, that there is something beyond what they perceive as physical reality itself. And so the new spirituality will self define itself, not as something etheric, just esoteric and up in the air kind of doctrines, belief systems or a set of ideas and mythology, but the fact that everything and everyone is inherently spiritual. The man who goes to work each day, the woman who hangs her laundry to dry, the mother who feeds her child, the politician who gives speeches standing from the podium each one, each human, in each role, each moment and all other elements like trees, birds, air, water, earth, fire, all are, singularly as well as collectively nothing but spiritual. And so really, there is no need for any specific definition here at all, since all is inherently spiritual. And so in human context per se, all acts, all dramas, all beleifs, all doctrines, all terms and definitions, all sciences, and just about everything that humans have done, are doing and will do in future too are all acts of spirituality itself. Again, imagine if the earth had no human at all on it. Just grass and trees and rest of it. There would be no energy of humanity on it then, would it not? So there isnt any spiritual energy on the planet at all, you might say, and you would be right about that one. So the new paradigm of spirituality will exclude the energy of separation, classification and indoctrination of any and all sorts and become a more enveloping, accepting and a complete way of living, in the very act of doing so.

And here again, there are some myths to bust. So is spirituality an act or a belief system? That is to say is it a verb or a noun? Does a spiritual person have to do something, in order to be spiritual or called spiritual? There is a presupposition within those very statements, that if you want to call one person spiritual and another not, the energy of classification, and separation there and it already assumes the fact, that everything and everyone cannot and are not spiritual to start with. So the spiritual astute, who reads these words, has to be very careful, not to assume some answer already embedded within the question itself. It cannot be a trick question or a rhetorical one, for those aspects are for the intellectually curious ones who thrive on proving themselves superior to their brother or sister next to them, who, in fact might be leading a very profoundly spiritual life, even in the very act of serving across a fast food counter. Do you see how misleading it can be, for your mind, to lead you away from spirituality itself, as powerfully as you consciously choose to move toward it?? How do you, for example, assume, as a spiritual person, that, when you sit in an aircraft to go somewhere, that the pilot of the plane isn’t spiritual, could care less about what you or anyone believes about spirituality, is a complete atheist and only lives, what you would call a materialistic existence? Do you perhaps exclude the very air he breathes, you breathe and maybe just maybe, while you are in that plane together, at some point, you both are breathing each other’s breath? Do you see how the energy of exclusion can be evasive and very clever in disguising itself as a this or a that so quickly and put you in a limited perspective, where a spiritual person now considers the rest of them as a lesser person, a materialistic person or of lower consciousness? The new paradigm of spirituality would exclude the very idea of exclusion itself. And so, everything and everyone, everywhere, all the time, becomes spiritual, is it not? And so, this very concept moves the spiritual frame of reference from a narrow, indoctrinated, labelled, self-proclaimed, self-righteous individuals who call themselves spiritual and expands it to encompass all, everything, every place, each hour, day and second of your lives, does it not? Is it ok for you, this day, to learn of this? More importantly, do you see and feel the beauty that lies within it? Even more importantly, could you go, from this moment on, living like this, all the time? Suddenly, your whole world is spiritual. Everyone and everything is. Everything in your house, your cat or dog, your food, your grocery store, your child, the air you breathe, and you can go on and on, the list becomes an ever expansive one, does it not? Do you feel the truth of this? Now can you perhaps appreciate, how the masters that walked the planet were in joy all of the time? In Peace, all of the time? In love with all and everything, all of the time? Did they have such eyes to perceive this? More importantly, is this what made them masters in the first place?

Now, let us say, you put this into practice. Each day, each second as you walk away from this reading. Once you start encompassing everything and exclude the energy of exclusion, you may find a dichotomy in the beginning itself. As you include and include more and more things, ideas, people, places, belief systems as all spiritual, a new door begins to open, which goes in an ever increasing rate of profundity within you. Your own mastery begins to open up for you. As you keep opening more doors, more one appear and you joyfully accept and move with them, in directions or places you never imagined could be or even that you had them all along inside of you to start with. More realizations, more epiphanies more subtle truths that eluded you all the time before. For example, you might start including the very energy of exclusion too. Why not? After all if inclusion is paramount, the every energy of exclusion that you see and perceive in people around you, in ideas, current events etc all are to be included too isnt it? Ofcourse. And so it becomes something like your savings in the bank. The more you add unto it, the more you see your bank balance growing, the more you add further and further into it and more you are happy to see more possibilities that you could do with all that money you have now, and it propels you to further add more money to your account and it goes on in a positively self perpetuating way, which knows no limits and boundaries at all. So mysterious and unexplainable is this love that is self balancing, self growing and self effacing at the same time, that it is beyond all mental grasp, for the mind seeks to separate, classify, quantify and call things names. And yet, you can use your very mind, to question your own mind, and see the folly of it all. Questions that carry assumed answers within themselves, something like a detective questioning a criminal in ways, that are leading to a presupposed answer, rather than being open to what is and what arrives.

The new paradigm of spirituality is one which encompasses all and everything, without any exclusion or omission. It would be a healing, bonding, enveloping energy within all of humanity and going further from humanity to the rest of the planet. This would include all esoteric sciences which enhance human living standards, health and happiness as a focus, for in the very knowing that all of us participate here as a collective, the new paradigm will recognize and live within the scope, that one affects all and all affect one. The new paradigm of spirituality will accept and teach this, to all of humanity. There would be those who are forerunners in this area. This will be eventually taught in all schools and universities of the planet, as a state of being, living from the heart and not the head and bringing in a unified consciousness through enhancements of inherent talents that are buried in each human, to the benefit and joy of individual as well as the collective. It is the approach and direction of perception of human in this paradigm which will be taught by common people, teachers, builders of new earth, who would be doing the plainspeaking, simple words, everyday things and ideas, but without the energy of duality, survival instincts, separation and limited perception of trying to be unique and separate from the rest of the herd. Spirituality will no longer be a fad or a buzz word, but a silent presence, a song that is sung through the human being, from all their quantum parts and to the collective. The new energies are building this, through the crystalline grid itself, and you shall see more of this unfold. Go from this reading, knowing all along, that everything you felt all along, as something wrong within humanity, life as you see around you, is changing itself. That energy has shifted. There is a new paradigm of spirituality unfolding around you. All around you. I dare you to go and see this each day.

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  1. Indeed , spirituality encompasses everything, including quantum science. It is refreshing to read that someone is aware of the crystalline grid. Earth is ascending and people are slowly awakening. Perhaps, you are one of those who see 11:11 often? 🙂


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