Opening Originality

It’s a fad to many. To speak of original thought, concept, even original ideas of fashion, art, poetry, paintings etc these days. A fad truly, for the concept of originality isn’t really present in any of them, but merely a rehashed version of something from the past of human history. Some would claim that it is impossible to indeed create something original, for we always have to borrow something from the past in order to create something of the future. Could this be it then? Let us explore.

First something simplistic. Originality, would by very definition of the word point to something that has not existed before. And so it is unique and unprecedented. It appears into reality as something that was not there before. And so first of all we have the term itself, which is relative, that is to say it exists within Time. Original, therefore is presented as a concept, idea just to compare it with a past timeline. Original then first has to be a concept or an idea, which then is further developed into anything further, be it a way of live, a law, a scientific application, maybe even organized religion or such. Original does not involve itself, with application of using already developed tools, such as the current living standards, practices, tools and techniques we already have at our disposal. For that would constitute what is called evolution. What we are today, as a human race, is a result of continuous evolution that has happened over course of millennia. So evolution is different from originality. Originality, as we are speaking of here for the purposes of this brief examination, is the creation of something unprecedented in the past. It is important to note that, for many confuse Evolution with Originality and therefore the claim that nothing original can be born, for we have to use the past to create the future. The tools are to be used, which were born of evolution, and yet we create something from them, which was never there in human civilization before. Like a light bulb for example. Like the creation of new art forms, as artistic form of expression itself, not just painting or poetry, but something that inherently did not exist before as even art. In this day and age of fantastic communication tools and the fifth landmark called the Internet; there is a tendency for humans to equally generate and share very powerful concepts, paradigms and ideas, which are all original thoughts. This is the engine of powerful creation of the future. If we take all the collective of blogs out there, and the ideas presented there, and crunch them with all the ideas presented by minds of the past, I am sure we will come up with a tremendous base of Original thought. This is good. For it is a catalyst for other minds. An inspiration perhaps. An urge to create more Original thoughts and concepts in all directions from science to spirituality and everything in between.

Now a step deeper. What about the origins of an Original thought? Where does this come from? Wherein lies this source of origins of any original thought itself? Every human reading this knows that this would transcend the realms of cognitive or reasoning faculty of the synapse. It does not come from the brain. It has to come from something “beyond” into the physical apparatus, called the neuron. And so it is an inner knowing of every human that this originality is always transcendent phenomena. Many shy to accept it, others fight the idea. But all are aware of it and know the source to be mysterious place. And yet this mysterious source of all that is Original, feels like a familiar place, for we all visit it, with what we call intuitive thought. It can come to a painter, who dreams of it. Or a poet who strings the words, using this mysterious infinite thesaurus, self-actualizing itself into a poetic words and expression. And so even as we use the same alphabets created before, same paints that we used before and same piano or violin that was invented before, we can compose an entirely different original masterpiece that is original and does not have a precedent in any aspect. Not style, not presentation, not idea, not note, not delivery or structure. So this realm of originality is using evolved tools, ideas, inventions to create something completely original which did not exist in the past timeline.

One step even more deeper. Where can we create originality which does not even use tools, ideas etc from the past? What would that originality look like then? That would be an area perhaps, where the idea or concept is giving birth to new tools itself. It would perhaps be a time in our human past, where wheel or a light bulb is developed. When that which we define as tools, itself is defined or brought into discovery via inventions. So one could say in this context, that Originality itself is an evolution of sorts, where inventions of today, becomes the toolset for tomorrow to building more inventions as tools which becomes more sophisticated original works and forms of tomorrow. Does originality then become the grassroots steps in the process of human evolution itself? 

Another step further. What gives birth to Originality which creates the Original itself? In other words, what gives birth to anything that is original? The transcendent aspect of life. Now that goes beyond all cognition and it is something to which one can only give pointers to. It is that which is not linear. It is lateral, inside, outside. It permeates everything and everyone and it is multidimensional. It is within you, outside of you, it permeates your being and everything you know and you do not know also. It is the very essence of you itself.